Chapter 1467 For the mountain and sea nine phoenix

Chapter 1467 For the sake of the mountains and seas, the nine phoenixes

“In fact, the seven generations should know that the mountains and the sea were targeted. It is entirely because of the abilities of the nine phoenixes. For the holy land, the nine phoenixes must be removed. If the seven generations are ready, the heavenly pardon will reappears. “

above the city Pei Yu eyes fell on a man’s black robe, whispered:” so, get ready.

“people really think, seven generations as the main shrine of the most prominent disciples and loved one, and now have to Soldiers in the holy land meet each other and turn their heads into enemies. After

Taotian finished speaking, another young man walked slowly into Pei Yucheng’s study.

Looking at the incoming person, Pei Yucheng didn’t say a word

. With a smile on his mouth, the young man bent towards Pei Yucheng.

“Shen Hai, you were once also a disciple of the Holy Land. You should be aware of the power of the Holy Land.” “Monumental looked towards the deep sea.

Deep sea was also a disciple of the Holy Land back then, and he left the Holy Land with Pei Yucheng and became a member of Heavenly Pardon.

” For a hundred years, and the Holy Lord of this generation is the strongest person deservedly, no one knows what level of evolution it has reached.

When Tianshen reached the fourth generation, he was almost uprooted by the Holy Land. Seven generations should know this point best. “

Since the fourth generation of God’s Forgiveness, the power of God’s Forgiveness has been enough to affect the entire evolutionary world, and this kind of power regards balance as the sacred place of everything, and it is not allowed. Since then, the Holy Land has used most of its power to destroy it. Tian Amnesty.

And Pei Yucheng was also a member of the Holy Land Extermination Group, but Pei Yucheng did not agree with the methods of the Holy Land very much.

Pei Yucheng had a great friendship with the Six Generations of Tian Amnesty, although he was forced to encircle and suppress the Six Generations of Tian Amnesty, eventually But he also rescued him in time.

Pei Yucheng’s behavior was tantamount to betraying the holy land. Since then, Pei Yucheng has not returned to the holy land, but instead has become a God’s forgiveness for seven generations.

“Monstrous, do you think that over the years, why the Seven Generations couldn’t bear it? Tian She was silent for so many years, just to avoid the pursuit of the Holy Land and to recharge.” The man said.

“It’s for the mountain and sea nine phoenix.” The sky is thoughtful.

“Like the Seven Generations, Jiufeng was once a member of the Holy Land and the most beloved disciple of the Lord of the Holy Land. However, everyone is innocent, and Jiufeng has an extremely special ability that allows the evolutionary to break through the limit. It can repair the sequelae caused by evolution by evolution. These abilities can be used properly, just like creating a god.”

“Jiufeng is the wife of the seven generations. Since this is the case… the holy land is not to be feared, as long as Jiufeng is willing to help the seven generations,” It won’t be long before the seven generations’ abilities will surpass all evolvers.” An inexplicable luster flashed in the monstrous eyes.

“Unfortunately, Jiufeng has lost his memory, and the Seventh generation will not force Jiufeng to remember the past. I understand the thoughts of the Seventh generation. As long as the holy land stops, the Seventh generation only wants to live a stable and stable life with Jiufeng.” Shen Hai smiled and watched. Take a look at Pei Yucheng.

“Unless the holy land can’t find the nine phoenixes of the mountains and the sea, but recently it has not been peaceful. Xiao Ji has leaked the information of the nine phoenixes. I am afraid that the evolvers all over the world already know that they want to guard the wife of the seven generations. , I’m afraid it will not be easy.” Heotian said lightly.

“Xiao Ji?”

After the deep touched his chin, thought for a moment and said: “Xiao Ji I have some understanding of this man …… was once a mountain and sea, and its great ambition, who has been an attempt to control the entire evolution of the world.