Chapter 1468 Save her life

Chapter 1468 Protecting Her Life When

Xiao Ji abandoned his power and joined the mountains and seas, but also deliberately approached Jiufeng, and wanted to use Jiufeng’s power to repair his body that was gradually unable to support due to evolution. Fortunately, Xiao Ji failed If you succeed, the consequences will be disastrous. “

That’s weird. Since Xiao Ji has such a purpose, why should he disclose the affairs of his wife of seven generations? He should know the consequences. All evolutionaries will snatch the wife of seven generations regardless of means. What are the benefits. “The monstrous face is full of weird.

“This is interesting, but I don’t know Xiao Ji, I only know that this person is cruel and has a deep evolutionary level. “

Shen Haidao . “In that case…” A flash of cold light flashed in the monstrous eyes, “Seven generations, it is better to kill Xiao Ji first, and uproot his power, or digest and swallow it.” “

Pei Yu city has been silent not language, and so monstrous finish, this faint opening:” Do not make enemies. “

” Why? “Thou Tian didn’t understand.

“Truth, at this stage, the biggest threat is not Xiao Ji, but the Holy Land. No matter how strong Xiao Ji is, compared with the Holy Land, it is also heaven and earth. “



Xiao Ji sits in a wheelchair and reads computer information casually.

“Big Brother, why do you do this, do you know the consequences… If you push Sister Yan out like this, she will definitely die!” “Xiao Ze ate the apple in his hand, looked at Xiao Ji, spitting out the stars.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Ji was stunned first, and then turned off the computer.

“Big Brother, you speak, I believe you have nothing wrong with Sister Yan . ” , Even if Sister Yan loses her memory and can’t help you repair your body, you won’t be ashamed to become angry. Push her into the flames… and if you want to kill her, it will be easy at all. Xiao Ze saw that Xiao Ji didn’t speak, and continued.

“You, think I’m wrong.” “Xiao Ji pushed the wheelchair and stared at the chattering Xiao Ze.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Ze nodded repeatedly, and hurriedly said, “Where is that wrong? That’s a big mistake. You see, Sister Yan had lost her memory and became an ordinary person and led an ordinary life. How good is that? Trouble…”

“So, you think the Holy Land Lord is very stupid. There was no news of Mu Yan before me. Instead, the Lord of the Holy Land learned everything after I leaked Mu Yan’s news.” Xiao Ji said.

After listening to Xiao Ji’s words, Xiao Ze thought for a while, and said: “What do you mean? Isn’t that the case?”

“You think, such a video is invisible to the Lord of the Holy Land.” After

Xiao Ji finished speaking, he threw the phone to the phone. Xiao Ze.

A segment of the video about Lin Yan is shown on the mobile video, which also includes the ironclad fact that Wang Jingyang is an evolutionary.

This video was recorded by a little fat man who ran at night and was later posted on the Internet, but for some reason, it did not appear on the Internet. Instead, it circulated in the circle of evolutionary people.

“The Mu family… have already been dispatched, do you think the Holy Land will not know it.” Xiao Ji sneered.

“This…” Xiao Ze frowned slightly.

“What I did was not to harm Mu Yan, but to save her life. At least, this would bring a lot of resistance to the Lord of the Holy Land. He wanted to catch Mu Yan and it was not easy. “Xiao Ji said.

“Brother, what do you mean is that the Lord of the Holy Land has long known the fact that Sister Yan is not dead, and has not yet come to China… You leaked the whereabouts of Sister Yan…”

Before Xiao Ze finished speaking, Xiao Ji : “the evolution of the whole world who want to borrow the power of Mu smoke …… and these are evolutionary, not easily let her take the main holy sites.”

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