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Dear My Deer


On the graduation day of a secondary Santa educational institution, Lucas, who signed a Rudolph contract with the cute little deer, will reunite with his deer three years before graduation from a senior Santa educational institution. strange. It must have been a cute little deer that I signed for, but is my deer something a little big?

↓ My flower deer must have been like this!
(In the main text) A baby deer curled up small enough to be invisible unless you carefully looked at it in a corner where sunlight could not be reached. Without getting too close in front of the bush, I sat still there. Even in the dark, the big eyes of the deer are bright. I made eye contact and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Hello? I am Lucas.”

I wonder if I’m not interested in me who suddenly appeared, my ears fluttering above the bush. Slowly extended one hand toward the child.

“Nice to meet you. What is your name?”

The moist tip of the nose touched my finger, pressed in front of the bush. He waited patiently, reaching out his hand, until he was relieved. The exhalation through the tip of my finger tickles.
I waited to smell enough and then bit my hand toward my body. After a while, the bushes sway and a small, really small, cute baby deer walks out. As soon as I left the bush, I was amazed to see if my leg had loosened or staggered, reflexively grabbed it in my arms. I thought I was going to get scared and struggle to run away because I suddenly caught him. The deer buried her head on my chest and rubbed it when spraying.

↓… Who are you? (In the main text)

Just looking at it at a glance, it seemed that it was almost 2m tall. The presence alone was full of overbearing. The type that doesn’t fit well with the timid me. First of all, those huge horns are burdensome. Unlike a flower deer, it has a strong branch that is wide like a webbed and is quite thick. Wow. Awesome. Just looking at the horns seems to get me sick. If you look at your face separately, your skin is white and your eyes look very beautiful. But the moment she meets her body covered with those great horns and tight muscles, even her beautiful face changes with force. Wow. Who’s Rudolph is so great?

Associated Names: 디어 마이 디어
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL), Yaoi
Year: N/A
Status: Volume 4, Special Side Story (Completed)

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