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Lost Attendees


Wen Yan knew that Xiao He already had a fiancé, but she still tried her best with him. Xiao He knew that the motives of Wen Yan were not pure, but he couldn’t help but enter her game. Xiao He black eyes are indifferent: “Wen Yan, have you thought about it, what do you want?” Wen Yan red lips lightly said: “Think about it, I want you.”

The two hunters test each other with the most lingering attitude, and invite you to enter the game in the name of love. Those who enter the game are fascinated, the fog is lifted, the conspiracy is exposed, and the truth is revealed. Can the players in the game escape the fateful arrangement and break the obstacles of fate?

Yu Yu was recently asked by her father to work in the family company, and was arranged to follow her father on a business trip abroad. She only returned to China today and rushed to the hospital when she learned that Wen Yan was in poor health. When I arrived at the entrance of the hospital, it was unlucky that I ran into Shen Liangsheng,

Lost attendees
Associated Names: 入局者迷
Walnut Bun
Genres: love, novel, romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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