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Presumptuous in Mr. He’s arms


The first budding love Jiang Ji encountered was Jiang Rong, but when she smashed his engagement banquet and caught up with his good brother, she became a “bad person” in the population.
I thought it was each taking what they needed, but I didn’t expect it to be the dependence of each other as a substitute. She has guessed many times that he has no heart, because men with thin lips have always been the most affectionate. But she did not expect that many years ago, she had harbored his heart.

Jiang Ji thought he would see the man’s appearance clearly, but he didn’t expect him to wear a plastic hood on his head, making his teeth grin particularly scary. She shrank back in shock, her face gradually red and swollen because she had just been beaten. “Really.” The man murmured, then the corners of his mouth raised. “So what?

Presumptuous in Mr. He’s arms
Associated Names: εœ¨θ΄Ίζ€»ηš„ζ€€ι‡Œζ”Ύθ‚†
Genres: marriage, love, romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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