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The Mountain Spirit in the Dream


Once upon a time, a leader named Jang Eun-won lived in a tiled house in the village below Mt.
One day, Eun-won fell asleep while climbing a mountain and saw a pine tree with a stake in her dream. Eun-won, who had pity on the tree, woke up and wandered deep in Jingangsan Mountain.
Eun-won, who has a good heart and finally met the tree she saw in her dreams, pulled the wooden stake and returned home.

But after that day, wouldn’t you have a nightmare with a bizarre voice?
Eun-won, who was suffering from nightmares every day, went back to the mountain to find out why, my God!

“Lily! Do you still remember me? Nari has saved me.”
“Remember and not.”

When I was a child, I met my benefactor who helped me get lost in the mountains.

“This is Eunwon’s nightmare. … … I will help you avoid dreaming that in the future.”

Strangely, after meeting Jingang, the benefactor, I no longer have nightmares, but what else is this?

“My name is not a cat! Call me Hongmyo.”

I even met Hongmyo, the talking cat.
New events unfolding against the backdrop of Jingangsan Mountain.
What happens to Eunwon?

The mountain spirit in the dream
Associated Names: 꿈속의 산신령
Genres: Bl, romance
Year: N/A
Status: 782

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