Chapter 1- Chapter 3 Palm pet

[Foreword A child who hurts is like a treasure]

My hometown is Hualien. It is a beautiful place with beautiful mountains and rivers. Unfortunately, I haven’t visited too many attractions in such a beautiful place.

In the past, due to studying and tutoring, I would only go back for the New Year every year. I would come back within a few days. Although I had a lot of time to go back after graduating from university, no one could take me with me because everyone had a job. I run everywhere, so at most I just wander around the city and night markets. No matter how far away I go, I spend more time at Grandma’s house.

But staying at home is also good, that is, I can order food every day!

Grandma’s cooking skills can be said to be the best in the family. When she was still physically strong, she cooked her New Year’s Eve dinners by herself, especially the radish soup and long-term dishes. Breadfruit soup is also unforgettable.

And in Mr. Shangxun’s “Palm Pet”, what impressed me the most was the grandmother of the heroine Tong Fuyue, Xiao Zhong. She is a reborn person. After experiencing the hardships in her previous life, she decided to make changes in this life, and the most important thing is One thing is to fend off all disasters for her most beloved granddaughter and enjoy a stable life.

Xiao Zhong gave all the good things to Tong Fuyue, but did not cultivate her into a little greenhouse flower that knows no evil in the world. Instead, she used one story after another to let her know the intrigue in the back house and train her vision and reaction.

Not only that, Xiao Zhong also took great pains to choose the marriage for Tong Fuyue. It can be said that although the marriage is not the most prominent, the life is the best.

Of course, marriage does not only depend on the elders to promote success, but also requires the efforts of the husband and wife. As for whether Tong Fuyue can be held in the hand and loved for a lifetime, please continue to pull down and read the story!

【Chapter One Grandma’s Plans】

In October of the third year of the Ming Dynasty, the big trees in the yard were still like Jiamu and green onions.

Since the news from Jinling that his aunt Tong Qin died of illness, Lin Anbo’s wife Xiaozhong has been bedridden.

Lin’an Bo Tong Jing had long since left the matter. He avoided Taoism when Emperor Xuanming was the prince. Tong Zhi, the elder son, could only send the second master Tong Zhou to take the man Ding Tong Wei, Tong Hu, and Tong Qi to Jinling for the funeral of his aunt. Explain that Wen Jinglan, the only daughter born to her sister, will be taken back to Bo’s residence to take care of her.

Early in the morning, the family members of the Bofu family gathered in the main courtyard to greet the little Zhong family. The family members of the children were surrounded by jingle bells, and the ladies and ladies of the wealthy family seemed to be walking out of the painting.

Xiao Zhong’s is already much better, but the color of his lips is slightly lighter, but he looks better in apricot yellow. “Let’s go back, there are people here to serve me, don’t all have to gather here, go all the way.”

Daimei frowned and I saw pity, the little Zhong family, who was nearly fifty years old, was even more tender than his two daughters-in-laws . .

The elder wife Murong and the second wife Chang looked at each other, and looked away.

I had known that Zhong’s family had a good-looking, handsome men and women in full house. At that time, Tong Jing asked to marry the eldest daughter of Zhong’s family and gave birth to two sons and one daughter. When Zhong was seriously ill, he begged Tong Jing to continue marrying her youngest sister Zhong Lingwan.

The Zhong family was naturally happy. They didn’t want to break this good relationship. Tong Jing only agreed with Zhong Lingwan at a glance. One year after his wife’s bereavement, he welcomed him in and became a heir. From then on, no concubines were born in the prefecture.

It’s not that Xiao Zhong is so powerful and can control the backyard, but her beauty, as long as she sits there quietly, it will bloom like a peerless peony, which makes Tong Jing unable to move her eyes and naturally looks down on other women. Tong Qingmin, the third son of the concubine, was still pregnant by a Tongfang when Yuan Pei was seriously ill.

It is a pity that Xiao Zhong’s beauty is not good enough, and he never gave birth to a boy and a half daughter. Tong Zhi smoothly asks to be named the princely son.

Palm Pets Chapter 2

Tong Fuyue came in with a white porcelain medicine cup and said, “Grandma, it’s time to take the medicine.”

Murong served Xiao Zhong’s medicine with the best of filial piety. Chang gave her warm water to rinse her mouth, and their daughters and daughter-in-laws under their knees were also busy comforting Xiao Zhong. He must take care of his body and not be overly sad.

“Well, I know you are all filial.” Xiao Zhong smiled faintly, but there was still a misty melancholy in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows. “Qin’er and Saburo have been held by my knees since they were young, and they are more filial than their own. Now, Qin’er is one step ahead of my old lady, teach me how to not be sad?” He said that his eyes were red again, and he was eager to weep.

The female relatives were busy again to comfort them.

Chang had already become a grandmother, and I was really tired of Xiao Zhong’s soft and weak appearance. However, even though Tong Jing was in Taoist temple, he often sent his confidant back to the mansion. Xiao Zhong fell ill, and Tong Jing quietly came back to visit at night. It was early in the morning that he rushed back to Taoist temple again. He didn’t see any comments on the death of his daughter, but only saw that he cared about Xiao Zhong’s illness.

The patriarch of the Tong family attaches great importance to the young Zhong family, so who among the juniors dare not be filial?

Xiao Zhong is the aunt of Tong Zhi, Tong Zhou, and Tong Qin, only ten years older than Tong Zhi. The elder son knows how to avoid suspicion, and the burden of filial piety falls on the daughter-in-law and grand-daughter-in-law, but it is just a cutscene.

With so many servants, there is no need for the daughter-in-law to decoct the medicine. Even the fifth girl, Tong Fuyue, sits aside and stares at the maid decoction.

“Although Qin’er is a married woman, she is a female compatriot with Shizi and Erlang. She has a deep sibling relationship. She is gone. Shizi and Erlang don’t know how sad they are. How can you wear red and green and beaded all over your head?” Xiao Zhong She wiped the corners of her eyes with a kerchief, and coughed slightly, “Jinglan will come to the house soon, we can’t hurt her!”

The female family members were embarrassed for a while. Who would serve as a filial piety for a married woman ?

But to the juniors, Tong Qin is an aunt and grandmother, so it’s not wrong to dress plainly in front of Wen Jinglan’s cousin.

Murong clan hurriedly said, “My mother is still thinking about it.” As long as it doesn’t involve own interests, everything is easy to discuss.

Chang Clan glanced at Tong Fuyue’s green uniform, with only a magnolia hairpin with a jade head and silver body on her head, and a pair of fish-shaped jade skirts around her waist. She smiled and said: “I’m still a mother who can teach people. , Fuyue was raised by your side, and

she really knows how to be polite and sensible.” Tong Fuyue knew that her second aunt was hating her again, so she couldn’t say anything, she smiled quietly and obediently.

The little Zhong clan said unceremoniously, “How can it be bad for the child I raised?” The

mother-in-law has been in bed for many days, and they are still in the mood to dress gorgeously and contend with each other, saying filial piety, and deceive ghosts, but no one wants to tear it. It’s just a shabby face.


Clan smiled and said, “I don’t know where my mother wants Jing Lan to live? I have a good plan.” Xiao Zhong said, “I am old and afraid of loneliness. Now, pack it out and live with Jinglan’s child. I have pity for her without her mother, so you should take more care of

her.” “It’s all about the mother.” The Murong clan doesn’t matter.

In her eyes, Tong Qin’s fate is good, but fate is poor. Fortunately, his fate is due to Lin’an Bo Holy Family who married the number one scholar Gong Wen Si Dao when Zheng Nong, but Fu Bo cannot give birth to a son. He is only better than Xiao Zhong. The prostitute Wen Jinglan, and the rest are all concubines.

When the female relatives were about to retire, a maid outside rushed into the house, and Mother Cui greeted them.

“What’s the matter?” Grandma Cui recognized at a glance that this was Chun Ying in Murong’s house. It’s unruly, how can the upper house in the courtyard be a place where you can run around.

Palm Pets Chapter 3

Chunying jumped anxiously and stared at the mistress: “The princess’s mansion sent someone to report, saying that the aunt and grandma are going to have a miscarriage. Let the wife go there quickly.”

“Why?” Murong’s face changed drastically. , Hurriedly walked out, but forgot to retire to her mother-in-law.

“Ouch-” Chang sighed exaggeratedly, “The luck of the grandchildren of the sister-in-law’s family is really unsatisfactory. I have three grandchildren and one granddaughter. Don’t say the grandson of the sister-in-law’s family does not have any grandchildren. It’s been a second miscarriage, so how can the princess Kunyi sit still?”

Dafang’s wife Shi’s face was uncertain, and she flicked her sleeves and led the third and sixth girls away.

“This …… This Shi temper is too big,” Chang’s stare and said: “the door a year but not pregnant, but also to listen to my aunt said the two do really ignoring the elders, Xiaodujichang.”

Said go, She is happy, her temper is so hard that she can discredit the big room.

Chang’s eldest daughter-in-law, Miao, is an excellent responder, and hurriedly said, “Mother, don’t be angry. The three younger siblings are ignorant. It is her fault. Mother shouldn’t anger her own body for the fault of others.”

Miao Yi When he walked in, he gave birth to the eldest grandson of Tong’s family. Last year, he gave birth to the eldest granddaughter.

Ever since Chang’s second daughter-in-law Huang gave birth to twin sons, she was full of confidence in speaking. “I think the third siblings cannot give birth to a son by themselves, so when they hear that the children and grandchildren are not going well, they become angry and become angry. Do you still dare to talk back to your mother?”

“She dare to disrespect the elders?” Chang Shi sneered, “He was born in two generations of historians. If I am not upright, how dare I impeach a hundred officials and pick up the current affairs?” The

second girl Tong Wanyue wondered. “Mother, my eldest sister has a miscarriage, so I can help myself. What do you mean when the eldest princess can’t sit still?” The

fourth girl, Tong Xingzhu, also waited with gleaming eyes.

Chang said, “Princess Kunyi is very temperamental. She didn’t allow concubine to be concubine. She only gave birth to Zhou Jun and an only son. Can you not hurry to hug the grandson? The mother-in-law said, she was going to be a grandson, so she gave it to us. Aunt’s grandmother’s four years, but aunt’s grandmother’s miscarriage time and time again, the eldest princess is ready to give Zhou Jun a concubine. If this child is not from the Tong girl’s belly, can your aunt be at ease?”

Tong Wanyue looked at him. I can’t believe it, “I can’t… I can’t send my concubine to be a concubine, right?”

Chang Shi sneered, “It’s hard to tell. It is right for the concubine to sacrifice for the concubine…”

Xiaozhong suddenly shouted, “Shut up!” The

triumphant Chang clan trembled, and then he realized that he hadn’t left the main courtyard yet.

Xiao Zhong would not save her face, and said with a cold face, “I think you are the one who has no respect, and speaks a lot in front of me! Dafang is a little slower on his heirs, so as an aunt, you don’t have to be merciful. , In turn, a bitter ridicule, don’t you consider yourself to be Tong’s family?”

“Mother, I’m not…” Chang Shi was not convinced, and she didn’t go outside to make fun of the big room.

“Shut up! I think you have been in a good time for a long time, and you want to go to heaven with your bones fluttering!” Xiao Zhong didn’t care about giving Chang Clan a child, but directly scolded her in front of her daughter-in-law and daughter, “I’m not dead yet, uncle The master is still alive, so who dares to send Tong’s granddaughter out to be a concubine, teach others to look down upon the Amber Mansion, and go back to her family with the letter of resignation!”

Chang’s face was ugly, and he didn’t dare to talk back. When she wanted to come, the only function of raising the concubine with delicious food was to send it out to warm the bed for the nobles, and to find a future for her children.