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Chapter 1333 I heard that you are broken in love

Lin Yan was really tangled to death.

It’s not to see, it’s not to not.

If you watched it, what if Xiao Ji said something that shouldn’t be said to cheat her?

If you don’t look at it, doesn’t it seem that she seems to be very guilty of conscience, obviously there is nothing to do, it seems that something is going on, then she is not too wronged?


dont see?

In the current situation, seeing is dead, and not seeing is dead!

Xiao Ji, your uncle! It’s so easy for me to get out of the order. If you scare my boyfriend away, see if I don’t drive you to death!

At this moment, Pei Yucheng, who has completely read Lin Yan’s complicated mental process, said: “…”

Just when Lin Yan was about to tangled into twists, Pei Yucheng said: “Well, that’s not necessary. Xiaoyan, I The trust in you is not that fragile.”

Lin Yan just remembered what he was thinking now, Pei Yucheng knew everything clearly, and immediately wished that he could leave the body directly with his soul.

“Then what… That fellow Xiao Ji has a problem with his brain, he likes to talk nonsense, I’m afraid he would make you angry with nonsense again.” Lin Yan said.

“Well, don’t watch it then.” Pei Yucheng said, unconditionally respecting Lin Yan’s wishes.

Lin Yan couldn’t help but think of Pei Yucheng in his dream.

Such an extreme and terrifying person…How could it be Pei Yucheng who is gentle and gentle…

In her heart, Pei Yucheng is simply gentle itself. She has never seen someone more gentle, restrained and affectionate than Pei Yucheng, so perfect that she can hardly pick it up. Her fault, except for the time when she was about to break up, Pei Yucheng’s loss of control… it was indeed a bit like the person in the dream…

Capturing Lin Yan’s thoughts, Pei Yucheng, who was not always affected by anything, was a rare occurrence A trace of panic, like an extreme fear of being discovered something secret.

Lin Yan was struggling at the moment, so he didn’t notice Pei Yucheng’s expression.

After thinking about it for a while, Lin Yan decided to open it and take a look. Pei Yucheng can read her thoughts at this moment. What is she afraid of? Anyway, she has a clear conscience.

“It’s okay, take a look and see what he said.” Lin Yan said.

The mobile phone belongs to Lin Yan, and Lin Yan decides to read the information, and Pei Yucheng clicks on it as she wants.

Almost as soon as Pei Yucheng clicked on the message, Lin Yan regretted it.

Because she saw the content of Xiao Ji’s message—

[I heard that you are broken in love? ]

Lin smoke: “…… ???”

This man is not sick!

Pei Yucheng: “…”

“Is this guy’s brain crushed by the wheel of the car???” Lin Yan almost died of anger, and quickly asked Pei Yucheng to reply to her, “You help me reply to him, my boyfriend and I are very good , Ask him where he heard the rumors.”

Pei Yucheng replied according to Lin Yan’s meaning.

Soon Xiao Ji’s message replied: [Wang Jingyang. ]

Lin smoke: “……”

Xiao Ji this guy who’d sell very fast ……

Wang Jingyang said she was falling out of love? Was he infected by Xiao Ji?

This time, without Lin Yan speaking, Pei Yucheng replied directly according to Lin Yan’s meaning: [Wang Jingyang said I was broken in love? ]

Xiao Ji: [He said you are in a bad mood. ]

Lin smoke do not know what to say, she was in a bad mood will certainly be falling out of love? This logic is really enough…

Seeing Lin Yan speechless, Pei Yucheng said, “May I answer for you?”

Lin Yan no longer wants to communicate with Xiao Ji, “You go back, you go back…”

So Pei Yucheng took Lin Yan’s phone and replied: [So? ]

Xiao Ji: [So naturally I am here to comfort you. Remember to drink plenty of hot water. ]

Pei Yucheng: “…”

Lin Yan: “…”

I really…thank you…

Wang Jingyang: Xiao Ji, let me go, I can’t take it, I’m tired.

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