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Chapter 1334 instead of buying a hot drink

Lin Yan was full of black lines, his body suddenly regained control, it was Pei Yucheng’s consciousness that had left.

Lin Yan just breathed a sigh of relief when the phone suddenly heard a reminder: [Alipay arrives at 1888 yuan. ]

Pei Yucheng transferred it to her.

Lin Yan glanced in the direction of the study confusedly, and then sent Pei Yucheng a WeChat inquiry: “Um, why did you suddenly transfer money to me?”

Pei Yucheng replied: [Take it to buy hot water. ]

Lin smoke: “…… !!!”

obviously also a drink of hot water, you Chou Chou people!

How could it sound so sweet, so sweet!

Why is the gap between people so big?

Lin Yan collected the money happily, and then did not forget to call Wang Jingyang to question.

Lin Yan: “Wang Jingyang!!!”

“Why, it’s so disturbing at night!” Wang Jingyang’s lazy voice came from the other end of the phone.

Lin Yan

broke his head and covered his face, “You are ashamed to say! It was you who chewed your tongue at Xiao Ji’s side and told him that I was broken in love?” Wang Jingyang’s voice became clearer, “What the hell? When did I say that you were broken in love? I just said that you are in a bad mood, let him have time to comfort and comfort you!”

Lin Yan said more and more angry: “Relief ass! He cursed me if he didn’t say anything, and asked me if I was broken in love, and I still have the face to say myself. It was here to comfort me! The worst thing was that Pei Yucheng was right next to me when he sent the message. Did he have an

enemy with me?” Wang Jingyang coughed slightly, “Uh, then he was also kind, no matter what, Didn’t he call to comfort you?”

Lin Yan smiled slightly: “Hehe, then he can really comfort people.”

“Cough, then how did he… comfort you?” Wang Jingyang is inexplicably not so good. Premonition.

Hei Han Wen Nuan can’t do simple things like that, right?

Lin Yan: “Send me a message in the middle of the night and let me drink more hot water.”

Wang Jingyang: “…”

Hehe, he was probably blind at the beginning, so he would let Xiao Ji, an idiot, pry the corner…

Wang Jingyang With the last glimmer of hope, Lin Yan asked: “Pei Yucheng was there at the time, so what did he say? Can’t you misunderstand anything?” In

case Pei Yucheng loses his mind under jealousy and does something that makes Lin Yan disgusted, that’s it. Not bad.

Lin Yan snorted, “Of course he trusted me unconditionally, oh yes, he also asked me to drink more hot water, but he transferred me 1888 yuan and asked me to buy hot water to drink.”

Wang Jingyang: “…”

Forget it, let’s break up.

This guy Xiao Ji and Pei Yucheng are simply not of the same magnitude!

After Lin Yan and Wang Jingyang had vomited, they walked to the door of Pei Yucheng’s study and knocked on the door.

Pei Yucheng: “Please come in.”

Pei Yucheng sat at the desk, saw Lin Yan, raised his head, “Are you in a better mood?”

Lin Yan scratched his head and walked over, “Thank you…that…Xiao Ji thing…you Wouldn’t you be angry?”

Even if she had nothing to do with Xiao Ji, but this guy ran up to do something if nothing happened, no matter who changed, he would be emotional.

Pei Yucheng: “To tell the truth?”

Lin Yan nodded, “Of course I have to tell the truth.” In the

dim light, Pei Yucheng’s eyes fell slightly, “The truth is, it is indeed a bit angry.” At

this moment, Pei Yucheng’s eyes were dark. It’s shocking.

Lin Yan suddenly became a little nervous and was about to explain, but Pei Yucheng suddenly took her hand, took her into his arms, and put his head on the girl’s shoulder very lightly.

Before Lin Yan could explain and comfort him, he sighed and said in a low voice, “But don’t worry, I’m fine, I will coax myself well.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Pei Yucheng’s words sounded Lin Yan’s heart. There was a sudden shock.

This man would never show his anger in front of her. Even if he was jealous, he would coax himself well before she comforted him…

You can feel the EQ gap between Pei Yucheng and Xiao Ji:

Xiao Ji: Drink plenty of hot water.

Pei Yucheng: Take this 1888 yuan to buy hot water to drink.

Between Xiao Ji and Pei Yucheng, there is probably a difference of ten Lu Tingxiao…

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