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Chapter 1335 Shameless Competing for Favor

Finally ushered in the world’s third league this day.

In order to cooperate with Lin Yan’s game, Zhao Hongling spared her time for the game.

Knowing that Lin Yan wanted to concentrate on the game, Zhao Hongling also handled it in a low-key manner, and did not announce that Lin Yan would participate in the global league.

Since the venue of the global league this time is in China, it has attracted more attention than in previous years, and the pressure on the Chinese racers is also particularly great.

The day before the game, several players had been forced to retire due to excessive pressure and stress reactions.

Every year in large-scale events of this level, there are racers who have been brushed off before they go on the field because of insufficient psychological quality.

Ling Yang naturally assumed the duties of the captain, responsible for coordinating all the team members and accepting interviews with reporters. No one at the scene raised any objections, and Lin Yan, the nominal captain, became a decoration.

The global third league is divided into three groups of A, B, and C by drawing lots to compete at the same time. After the game, the data of the three groups are counted, and the final ranking is based on the completion time of the racers.

Lin Yan was placed in Group C. She deliberately took a closer look at the list of matches until she was sure that none of her apprentices had participated in the third league in the world, and she was relieved.

For them, the level of the third league is too low, even Sun Shuoran will not participate in the global third league, foreign strong teams generally leave the third league opportunities to the newcomers in the team to gain experience.

Before the game started, Lin Yan and a group of apprentices were chatting in full swing.

Bear Child-Butcher: Master, I heard that you are going to the Novice Village to abuse food!

In your name-Anaconda: silently give wax to the little ghosts of this third league in the world.

Bear Child-Butcher: Ah ah ah ah ah! I knew I had kicked that stinky kid from the team and went to the competition by myself. I haven’t ran with the master for a long time!

In your name-Python: Yesterday I already talked to the manager, the third league, I want to play.

Bear Child-Butcher: Lang Mana, you shameless! Then I have to go to the manager, why let you play and not let me play!

Sun Shuoran said incredulously: Uh, Brother Lang, did your manager really agree to let you play?

In your name-Python: The manager asked me if I was sick.

Sun Shuoran:…

Bear Child-Butcher:…The

second child K made a contemptuous sneer: Can you two point your face?

In your name-Anaconda: Why am I shameless? Can you shameless if I am shameless? You think I don’t know your little dark and careful thinking, every day thinking about how to get rid of me and the third child in a good position, I tell you there is no way!

Sun Shuoran: Well, three brothers, stop arguing. How could the manager let you participate in this level of competition! It is impossible for the three of you to have a chance to play until the first league in the world. However, I am different. I am not as strong as you guys. I will be able to play in the second league. Maybe then I will be able to get a team with the master!

Sun Shuoran said happily, he was the weakest among Lin Yan’s apprentices, and he didn’t expect to have such an unexpected joy.

Looking at Sun Shuoran’s proud look, the other three people were so angry that they wanted to give him a mixed three.

K: Oh, big brother, third brother, why don’t you kill this kid first?

In your name-Python: I agree, this kid is upset.

Bear Child-Butcher: I agree too.

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Sun Shuoran: Ah! Master, help @Yeva! They actually bullied your favorite little apprentice!

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