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Chapter 1336 See You In The Final

The game was about to begin. Ling Yang called all the team members for a meeting to guide them in the game strategy. All kinds of high-level terms were proficiently spoken from Ling Yang’s mouth. The players were all admired and convinced, and could not wait for a word. Write down every sentence.

Lin Yan’s ears of this kind of thing are similar to how a doctoral student listens to a kindergarten teacher teaching children to sing nursery rhymes. When she was bored, she started a group chat with a few apprentices.

When Lin Yan started a group chat, he saw the chat records of several apprentices, and his face was speechless.

Yeva: …

Seeing Lin Yan, who hadn’t been online for a long time, appeared, the group suddenly exploded.

Langman, King, Butcher, Sun Shuoran: Master! ! !

Sun Shuoran: Master! You finally showed up! Just take care of them! They all bully me!

Bear Child-Butcher: Master, don’t listen to his nonsense. We are helping you clean up the door. As far as this kid’s level, against your apprentice’s name, is simply discrediting your reputation.

In your name-Anaconda: Master, since you are ready to return to the track, why not go back to WZ, Master, do you want us?

Lin Yan saw this sentence, recalling the scene of fighting together with everyone back then, and his expression was stunned for a moment.

After a while, Lin Yan slowly replied: It’s not that I don’t want to go back, but someone doesn’t want me to go back.

Although the direct reason for her withdrawal at the time was that Lin Shuya gave her medicine, there was a greater force behind this matter, a force that even her master could not fight against.

Back then, she appeared out of nowhere, and everyone did not expect that she was like a sharp blade, breaking the original interest structure.

Too many people want her to disappear.

There is another most important reason…

Yeva: Besides, I was originally a Chinese.

Back then, she would become a racing driver, most of the reasons were still forced, because she urgently needed money to pay for Lin Shuya’s medical expenses.

And this time, she was fighting for China and also for herself.

She will return to her arena with her own efforts.

Lin Yan looked at the phone screen, with a smile of relief on the corner of his mouth, and replied: Although I can’t continue to be in the same team, I will always meet, and I will see you in the finals.

Lin Yan’s phrase “see you in the final” instantly ignited the hearts of several people.

In your name-Python: Don’t worry, Master, I will never let you down. See you at the top of the game.

Bear Child-Butcher: See you in the finals, Master!

K: See you in the final.

Sun Shuoran: Master, master, and me, I will work hard!

Yeva: Well, come on.

Lin Yan looked at a few apprentices, thinking that he hadn’t heard from them in the past few years, and hadn’t taken care of them at all. It was inevitable that he felt a little sad, so he took advantage of this free time to teach them some of his research during this period of time.

Especially for the madman Langman, she has started to sprout again in the past few years, and she has to be beaten.

Lin Yan was sending a message quietly in the corner, Su Cai’s sharp reprimanding voice suddenly came in her ears—

“Lin Yan, are you listening! The game is about to come, and God Yang deliberately took precious time to guide us , But you don’t know to cherish it. At this time, you’re still playing on your mobile phone. You are a waste of qualifications for the third league in the world!”

As a substitute for the first team, Su Cai is not qualified to play, so he is very particular about Lin Yan. In response, righteous indignation said, “Do you know how precious the qualifications for the global league are? To waste a place is to waste the opportunity of a Chinese racing team to enter the highest international event! If you don’t want to race, you might as well leave the race as soon as possible and let it out. !”

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