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Chapter 1337 She Doesn’t Have That Qualification

Lin Yan was originally in the corner sending a voice message to Lang Mang and the others. He still put his hand on the record button because he was interrupted by Su Cai and accidentally loosened it. When he opened his hand, he directly recorded the dispute between her, Su Cai, and this team member and sent it to the group.

Lin Yan frowned, hurriedly looking for the withdrawal button, ready to withdraw.

However, Langman’s speed was so fast that he seemed to have clicked on and heard that paragraph, and immediately sent a voice call invitation. Lin Yan, who was about to withdraw, directly clicked on the connection button.

In the next second, Lang Mang’s voice came from Lin Yan’s mobile phone–

“What rubbish, I dare to say that my master is wasting the quota! If my master is a waste of quota for participating in the competition! Then everyone here is a waste station. It’s a waste of air in the arena!

Do you know who my master is? Do you know my master’s record? My master can crush you with one hand! What kind of shit Yang, dare to teach my master, dare Playing with my master on the same track, he deserves it too!?”

Langman’s combat effectiveness is indeed well-deserved, and a group of people are directly stupid by Langman.

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched and hung up the voice call.

For a while, everyone was stunned there, the air was dead, and the scene was a little embarrassing.

It took a long time for Su Cai to react, her arms crossed her chest, and she laughed out loud, “No, Lin Yan, you still accept apprentices at your level. Who gave you the courage? But, what kind of courage is it? There are some kind of apprentices of the masters who have a mouth full of dung, which is too unqualified!”

Lin Yan heard the words, a touch of oppressive coldness appeared in his always careless eyes. He glanced at Su Cai and said lightly: “Miss Su, my apprentice, usually speaking is a little informal, but he has never This is true for people who have no quality.”

Lin Yan’s words clearly meant that Su Cai had no quality, and Su Cai was immediately angry, “Lin Yan, who do you say is unqualified! It just won a few small domestic competitions. It might be too rampant. If you accept an apprentice who doesn’t know anything, even God Yang would not

look at him !” Ling Yang glanced at the crowd impatiently, and yelled: “Okay, don’t make any noise. “

Ling Yang said, giving Lin Yan a condescending look. He never put Lin Yan in his eyes, but he just heard the apprentice in Lin Yan’s phone just now, and he did get a little angry right now.

Since his debut, no one in the Chinese racing circle has worshipped him as a myth. No one has ever dared to speak to him in such a contemptuous tone.

Ling Yang coldly snorted: “The younger generation is really inferior to the next generation, and the whole circle has made a mist…”

Su Cai quickly echoed: “That is, I can’t even respect the older generations. I know how many people ask God Yang for guidance. Didn’t you have a chance?”

Lin Yan glanced at Su Cai with distancing eyebrows, and added unhurriedly, “Oh yes, I forgot to say, I didn’t listen to Captain Ling’s guidance. It’s not that I disrespect him. , Simply because… there is no need to waste this time. He wants to teach me, he might not be qualified yet.”

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