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Chapter 1357 Xiao Yao Is Not Without A Chance

good to eat?

Upon hearing this, Wang Jingyang cast an unbelievable look at Lin Yantou.

He always thought that she was a joke when she was an actor, and now he knows that she is really suitable for this career, she is simply talented.

“Really?” Pei Yucheng seemed a little unconfident.

“Of course it is. Ask them if you don’t believe me!” Lin Yan stabbed Wang Jingyang in the arm.

Wang Jingyang sneered again and again, and was about to speak, when the instep under the table hurt, he could only reluctantly

say, “It’s delicious.” Why didn’t he see that this dead girl had the potential to faint?

Talking about love is so fascinating!

Baihe naturally didn’t dare not listen to Lin Yan’s words: “It’s…very delicious…”

Pei Yutang also immediately echoed: “Of course my brother did delicious!”

Pei Li looked at the table full of dishes, and thought of himself. The simple dishes I made before are really pale in comparison.

The little guy was in a low mood and took a sip.

After finally getting Wang Jingyang and Bai He done, Pei Yutang didn’t have to worry about it, but Lin Yan forgot about Pei Li.

Seeing that Pei Li also clamped the chopsticks she just clamped the ribs, Lin Yan suddenly changed his expression, and it was over…

Pei Yucheng was sitting on the table, Lin Yan had no time to stop Xiao Li at the moment, so he could only wait to be caught. expose.

Lin Yan was extremely anxious and held his forehead helplessly.

As a result, in the next second, she actually saw Pei Li swallowing that piece of ribs blankly, without any painful expression.

Lin Yan was dumbfounded, and subconsciously asked, “Little Li, how does it taste?”

Pei Li raised his head: “It’s okay.”

The expression seemed to say that the taste was really good, so he was a little unconvinced. .

Looking at Pei Li’s expression, Lin Yan began to doubt her sense of taste, until she picked up a piece and tasted it again, and found that it was still the same unpalatable.

Bae actually said the taste is okay?

Lin Yan was full of suspicion, but he finally concealed it.

Wang Jingyang originally planned to eat Lin Yan to ruin his family, but when he tasted the fifth bite, he couldn’t take it anymore.

Fortunately, the rice can still be eaten. In order to get rid of the oozing taste in his mouth, he stuffed three bowls of rice… While he was going to serve the rice with Xiaoli

, Lin Yan asked the little guy quietly, “Little Li, do you really think it’s delicious?”

Xiaoli’s expression seemed to be envious, and she whispered, “My sister thinks it is delicious, but Xiaoli thinks it is delicious.”

How could he not tell, mother It was deliberately said that it was delicious, and even to make the man happy, a table of people co-operated and coaxed him.

Lin Yan didn’t expect this to be the case. He was a little surprised, but he didn’t expect the little guy to say this to her deliberately.

This child is not only well-behaved, but also has such a high EQ! The genes are too good. 1 In the end, a meal was finally over.

As soon as he left Yunjian Water Village, Wang Jingyang called Xiao Ji.

Wang Jingyang: “Hey, buddy, tell you the good news, do you want to listen?”

Xiao Ji: “Tell me.”

Wang Jingyang heartily encouraged: “I had a meal tonight, and then suddenly I found out that you It’s not without a chance, come on, buddy!”

I didn’t expect Pei Yucheng’s culinary skills to be so terrible. In comparison, Xiao Yao’s low EQ seemed nothing.

Xiao Ji: “…?”

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