Chapter 1469 Mom wants to kill me too

Chapter 1469 Mom wants to kill me too,

Xiao Ji looked at her legs, and then said blankly: “Everything I do naturally has my meaning.”

Whether she is Lin Yan, she is Regardless of Mu Yan, whether she is the goddess of the holy land or the young lady of the Mu family, she always bears her mission. At this last time, it may be the end of life, or it may be the time for order to shatter and reorganize.

“Pei Yucheng, I still underestimate you.”

After a long time, Xiao Ji’s mouth rose slightly, with a faint smile on his face.

“Pei Yucheng?” After

hearing the sound, Xiao Ze was taken aback, looking at his elder brother Xiao Ji without knowing why, and asked: “What happened to Pei Yucheng?”

Xiao Ji didn’t answer Xiao Ze’s question, just glanced at Xiao Ze, and immediately said that he was serious. He opened his mouth and said: “Ozawa.”

As Xiao Ji’s voice fell, Xiao Ze looked weird. Since childhood, his eldest brother has never called him that way.

For some reason, Xiao Ze always felt that Xiao Ji’s words and deeds were a bit abnormal today.

“Big Brother, what’s the matter?” Xiao Ze asked aloud, puzzled.

Xiao Ji looked at Xiao Ze and seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t say a word.

Yunjian Water Village.

Lin Yan did not know when he appeared in the manor.

After seeing Lin Yan, Pei Yucheng frowned subconsciously.

Pei Li was surprised, and the little guy immediately ran towards Lin Yan.

Pei Yucheng wanted to hold Pei Li, but Pei Li’s speed was too fast, and he ran to Lin Yan’s side in the blink of an eye.

Looking at Pei Li in front of him, Lin Yan’s eyes were dull.

In the next second, the dagger that appeared in Lin Yan’s hands at some point instantly pierced Pei Li’s neck.

Just listen to a “pounce”.

The dagger pierced Pei Li’s neck.

Pei Li’s eyes widened in disbelief, and his pupils were shrinking.

Pei Gan, who followed behind, also stunned in place: “Mom…” Before

Lin Yan could do anything else, Pei Yucheng’s left pupil turned slightly and was controlled by Pei Yucheng’s mental power. Keep acting.

“Why… Mom is doing this to me… Mom… also wants to kill me…”

Pei Li took a step back, cut off the dagger that pierced his neck with his fingers, and immediately pulled it out.

Unbelievably, almost at a speed visible to the naked eye, the wound on Pei Li’s neck was quickly repaired, as if that fatal knife did not cause any harm to Pei Li at all.

Looking at his son, Pei Yucheng was not surprised by Pei Li’s ability, as if he had already been used to it.

Pei Li is an immortal body.

No physical attack can cause damage to Pei Li, and even today’s Pei Li is immune to most mental attacks.

If Peili has enough time to grow, his evolutionary path will be unlimited.

As Pei Li’s father, Pei Yucheng naturally knew Pei Li’s abilities.

And this part of the ability, I am afraid that most of it comes from Lin Yan’s genetic inheritance.

However, at this moment, Pei Yucheng has no intention of fanning Pei Li’s evolutionary ability, and even Pei Yucheng can feel that Pei Li is gradually losing control of his emotions.

Although Pei Li’s abilities can be described as immortal, he has fatal flaws since he was a child, and it is easy to lose control.

After Pei Li loses his emotional control, his body will no longer be controlled by his own mind. Coupled with Pei Li’s terrible evolutionary ability, it will be a terrible disaster.

Otherwise, Pei Li will not have the title of “Big Demon”.

“Everyone wants to kill me… even my mother… also wants me to die…”

At this moment, Pei Yucheng saw that Pei Li’s face was gradually distorted, and even a terrible smile that was completely incompatible with his own age hung on the corner of his mouth.

Completely plunged into a state of madness.