Chapter 1470 Pei Li’s inner world

Chapter 1470 Pei Li’s Inner World

Pei Li’s state of being almost crazy, Pei Yucheng has never seen it once. In the years when Pei Li was placed in the Pei family, Pei Li was at most just ordinary emotions out of control.

The current Pei Li seems to have been greatly stimulated, almost completely losing his heart, and the terrible evolutionary coercion is soaring. With Pei as the center, there are hurricanes visible to the naked eye.

In just a moment, most of the entire Yunjian Water Village was destroyed.

Lin Yan still stood sluggishly on the spot, like a walking dead body.


Like a wild beast’s anger, Pei Li stared at Lin Yan.

However, no matter how angry Pei Li was, he still did not attack Lin Yan.

But even so, Lin Yan couldn’t bear the pressure of Pei Li’s evolutionary power, and his body was like a solitary boat in the ocean.

“Little Li.”

Suddenly, Pei Yucheng’s voice filled Pei Li’s ears as if it were magical.

Pei Yucheng’s spiritual power immediately entered Pei Li’s inner world.

But Pei Li’s inner world made Pei Yucheng also start to move.

The original beautiful pictures were broken like mirrors.

Soon, in Pei Li’s world, there were violent winds and heavy rains, and the surroundings were shattered.

The little guy was naked, squatting down in the heavy rain, and letting the harsh environment destroy him.

Seeing Pei Li’s body trembling violently, Pei Yucheng couldn’t tell what it was like.

Even Pei Yucheng could feel the helplessness and despair of this world.

I can’t imagine how Pei Li’s inner world could be so desperate, how cruel this kind of inner world is.

Pei Li’s past is also recurring in this inner world.

Since birth, he has not had a mother, and his father is often not by his side. When Pei was bullied, everyone wanted to stay away from him. Even if Pei lowered his posture and abandoned his dignity, he couldn’t integrate into it, lonely and helpless. He has already filled his heart.

Finally, he lost control for the first time in Pei’s house, showing an unmatched terrifying evolutionary power.

He was severely punished and locked up in a small black house for several months. The clan members became increasingly disgusted and indifferent to

him … He missed his mother, but he had never seen his mother. He missed his father, but his father was extremely harsh. .

Helplessness and loneliness turned into fear and despair at this moment.

Pei Yucheng looked at the trembling Pei Li in the torrential rain, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Today, Pei Li’s favorite mother actually wants to kill him.

This kind of despair, Pei Yucheng felt in Pei Li’s inner world, and even Pei Yucheng was a little suffocated.

Pei Yucheng couldn’t imagine that Pei Li had been silently enduring such unspeakable pain for a long time.

But today, Lin Yan’s abnormality, like a fuse, completely collapsed Pei Li’s inner world.

He can tolerate the past, but he can’t accept the fact that his favorite mother wants to get rid of him by herself.

When Pei Yucheng was stunned, the little boy who was originally helpless and pitiful, shivering in the violent storm, had his body changed, his face became more hideous and terrifying, as if an ancient beast was about to be born.

Pei Yucheng knows that this is a precursor to the collapse of Pei Li’s inner world. Once Pei Li in his inner world becomes a beast, the real Pei Li will disappear forever, and he will become a truly inhumane demon. Unable to return.

In the next second, Pei Yucheng’s tall figure appeared beside Pei Li, gently stroking Pei Li’s hair.