Chapter 7 On The Road

Zhou Zishu clicked on the sleeping point of the young Zhang Chengling, only for fear that he could not turn around for a while, so he calmed down, and didn’t use much strength, so after the weird guest walked in, it took a while. Woke up.

He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the roof of the ruined temple for a while, as if his soul was out of his body. Before yesterday, he was still the young master of the Zhang family who was favored by thousands of people-even if he taught him to read. Mr.’s shook his head and said that this son is stubborn, because the wall of dung cannot be defiled. Even if the master who taught him martial arts nodded his head face to face, he always felt that he could not get on the wall in mud-his life was still very happy.

The clothes come to open their hands, the meal comes to open their mouths, the mother-in-law and the old mother are waiting behind in a room. The book is not very good, but there is no shortage of overnight to add fragrance and red sleeves. There is a small servant behind him all day long to flatter, although Zhang Chengling also knows What’s going on with him still doesn’t prevent him from occasionally enjoying the airy feeling in such compliments. So it grows to fourteen five in a honeypot.

But overnight, there was nothing.

Home is gone, parents are gone, relatives and friends are gone, his world suddenly turned upside down, panic but at a loss.

Zhou Zishu knocked his teeth and had two hands for farting, but he didn’t comfort people, so he sat silently. Zhang Chengling was stunned for a while, and two lines of tears shed silently in both eyes.

While listening, Wen Kexing asked Gu Xiang, “Who is that little thing?”

Gu Xiang said: “I heard it was Zhang Yusen’s son.”

Wen Kexing nodded, his face was plain, as if the three words Zhang Yusen were floating clouds in his heart. After a while, he asked: “The Zhang family heard that they are so poor that they have money left. Has Yusen’s son become this kind of virtue? Did he ran away from home and didn’t bring enough money, or was he lost and couldn’t find his way home?”

Gu Xiang whispered: “I heard that the Zhang Family was murdered the night before, and the door was destroyed. It is estimated that the city is full of wind and rain right now. Master, you went out and fooled around last night so much that you never heard of it.”

Wen Kexing thought for a while, and felt that it made sense, so he nodded: “No wonder people are dead.”

He went to look at Zhou Zishu again and asked Gu Xiang, “Then what does he do?”

Gu Xiang sneered and said, “The kid called Huazi Zhou Xu. He received two dollars from people yesterday, so he sold himself to the kid and wanted to send him to Taihu Lake.”

Wen Kexing opened his eyes slightly, pondered for a while with a serious expression, and said to Gu Xiang: “Then he must be a beauty, and you can’t be wrong. Only a beauty can be so stupid in the world.”

Gu Xiang was accustomed to pretending not to hear, and Zhou Zishu couldn’t figure out the depth of this person, so he followed suit.

He looked down at Zhang Chengling, who was still crying silently. He was a little annoyed. He wondered what was wrong with this bastard, so he gently kicked him with his toes and coughed: “Zhang Young master, if you are well rested, get up and clean up. It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. There may be many chasing soldiers waiting to cut you out. Zhou is entrusted by others to send you at least with arms and legs. To Taihu Lake.”

Zhang Ling eyes slowly in a circle, and Ning Zhu, his hands to his face, and curled himself became a big shrimp, burst into tears. When he cried, Zhou Zishu felt a pain in his brain, and said he wanted to scold him, but he still felt unbearable. When a child coaxed, he wouldn’t be able to. He sat in silence for a while, and then suddenly stood up. Get up and walk outside the door.

He originally intended to look at the Buddha statue that was slapped out by his palm. He always felt that he needed to accumulate his virtues, so he blasphemed the Buddha. It was not very good. He was thinking of some way to put the Buddha back. Who knows Zhang Chengling thought When he was about to leave, he rolled, got up quickly and rushed forward, hugged Zhou Zishu’s legs, and said anxiously: “Uncle Zhou, Uncle Zhou, don’t…you don’t go, I… I……”

He Chouchouyeye appearance, very poor, and although Zhou Zi Shu meet by chance, but now in addition to rely on no other person, simply save the Zhou Zi Shu as life in general living Buddha.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him blankly, and said faintly: “The man has gold under his knees. Didn’t your father teach you?”

Zhang Chengling was stunned for a moment, and suddenly blessed his soul. He wiped his face vigorously, his nose and tears were rubbed on his sleeves, and said: “Baitian and Dijun and his parents are righteous and righteous. Uncle Zhou is a great benefactor. Let Chengling worship you as a teacher! “

While Wen Kexing and Gu Xiang watched with relish, Gu Xiang also commented in a low voice: “Hey, a silly kid who was so silly yesterday, why is this clever?”

Zhou Zishu had to say: “You get up first.”

Zhang Chengling stubbornly said: “If the master doesn’t agree, I won’t get up! If I can’t repay the grievances, why do I, Zhang Chengling?! Master…”

Zhou Zishu was too lazy to listen to his rhetoric anymore, grabbed him by the shoulder and picked him up like a chicken, then he just picked him up from the ground, and laughed at himself: “I am a waste person who is about to live a day. What can I do? Teach you, I heard that the hero Zhao Jing in Taihu is an old friend of your father. I will send you there without asking, naturally someone will line up to teach you kung fu to help you get revenge.”

Then he turned around and put his power in his palms, picked up the big Buddha statue, walked to the incense table, pushed hard, and then pushed it back to its original position, muttering “crime and sin” in his mouth, clasping his hands together, and worshiping unscrupulously After two times, he looked back at the dazed Zhang Chengling, and said, “If you can get up, you can leave. Don’t you want to get revenge? You have to go find Daxia Zhao quickly . I will take you out to find some food.”

After he said nothing, he stretched his waist and smiled at Gu Xiang, ignoring Wen Kexing, turning around and walking out, regardless of whether Zhang Chengling followed or not.

Zhang Chengling stood aggrieved for a while, and found that this person had really left, so he had to rush out in a hurry.

Wen Kexing rubbed his chin with his finger, looked at the back of the two people with interest for a moment, then stood up with a slap on his thigh, and said to Gu Xiang: “Go, go to Taihu Lake, and follow them.”

Gu Xiang took the hippie smile on his face and pondered for a while before he whispered: “Master, according to that Zhang Chengling, it was the Qingzhuling demons who slaughtered at the Zhangjia Miemen yesterday, and the hanged ghost Xue Fang was also there.”

Wen Kexing glanced at her lightly and said, “Well, so what?”

Gu Xiang was taken aback. Seeing Wen Kexing had already walked out, he hurriedly followed, and said with a serious face: “The hanged ghost is obviously a fake. I killed him yesterday. The master…has already known something? “

“Axiang.” Wen Kexing glanced at her, his eyes seemed to draw people in.

Gu Xiang immediately lowered his head and whispered, “Yes, the slave and maidservant are too much.”

At that moment, the girl who was not afraid of fear turned pale, and her expression was clearly fearful. Wen Kexing took a deep look at her, then turned his gaze with satisfaction, and continued to move forward. Gu Xiang still silently followed not far behind him.

Just listen to Wen Ke’s actions and say to himself: “We follow the person surnamed Zhou, I must be pretty good, he must be a beauty, follow this road, there will always be able to pull out his fox tail, Xiang, you don’t believe it, we can bet.”

Therefore, Zhou Zishu must not be peaceful anymore.

With Zhang Chengling, it was as if he had brought an invincible stinky fart. Another group of chasing people was sent this night, and he regretted playing with the two pieces of money in his hands.

He left five percent skill, a skill in capability, which some people they do not do nothing to him, just distributed to them Sanqiu nail in the body, when there is bad energy, then they do not impatient during the day to night shift did not toss aside cope chase At the same time, he was on guard against the two masters and servants who followed him behind him inexplicably that day.

If only Zhou Zishu was the only one, it would be easy to get rid of them, but it was always a small burden. Besides, Wen Kexing didn’t know how to be sacred, and he was actually quite capable. He dumped them several times, but it took less than a long time. , And then I can see Wen Kexing’s face that makes him desperate to punch.

Zhou Zishu silently dragged the corpse of the man in black who was trying to sneak out, then returned to the room and sat down in the dark place to adjust his breath again. Zhang Chengling was unaware, still slumbering, dreaming. It’s a pleasure to take him with him these few days, but I don’t feel that this young man has any undesirable habit of a young master. The child who was crying like that made of water at the beginning seems to be suddenly forced to grow up. Adult.

No matter how slowly he drove, he never said anything, Zhou Zishu said nothing, he was very honest, but his mouthful “Master” couldn’t change it.

If you can’t change it, you can’t change it. Zhou Zishu thought to himself, anyway, if he throws him to Zhao’s house in Taihu Lake, he will leave by himself. He has planned well where he should travel. There are still three mountains and five great lakes to see. , I will not go to the north. There is an old friend in southern Xinjiang who hasn’t had time to visit, so he has to go to Xiahuangquan to say hello to him and ask for a drink…

Suddenly, the boy on the bed was sweating and struggling. He almost came here every night. On the surface, he was all right. He focused on taking revenge and cheered up, but the memory of that night was always like a nightmare. Like a shadow, Zhou Zishu sighed and pushed him to wake up.

Zhang Chengling yelled and sat up, staring blankly for a long while before reacting, turned to Zhou Zishu, and whispered, “Uncle Zhou…I didn’t mean it.”

He was at a young age. Although his eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, they were still pure and inexplicably pure, which made Zhou Zishu suddenly think of a person buried in his memory.

There used to be… the person who wanted to wander around with him.

They couldn’t help but froze.

Zhang Chengling said carefully: “Uncle Zhou, I didn’t mean to wake you up, I just dreamed of my father…” His lips trembled and became pale , “Or…or I won’t sleep anymore?”

Zhou Zishu patted him on the shoulder, and subconsciously said softly, “Why don’t you sleep, and I will call you if you have nightmares.”

Zhang Chengling responded in a low voice, slipping back into the quilt, still pulling Zhou Zishu’s sleeve with his fingers subconsciously.

Zhou Zishu took a meaningful look at the pulled sleeve, Zhang Chengling smiled weirdly, then curled his fingers back.

At this moment, someone seemed to be plucking the strings not far away. Zhang Chengling felt that the sound was like thunder blowing in his ears. The internal organs trembled, and then it turned out to be a drama. Pain, snorted, and clutched his chest desperately——

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