Chapter 9 In the Forest

Zhao Jing of Taihu Lake, known as Qiushan Swordsman, is a generation of famous knights.

Before Zhou Zishu arrived in Taihu Lake, he still looked forward to seeing this famous martial arts residence with his own eyes, and in the future, he would have a glimpse of the true face of martial arts, especially when he heard that the only son of the head of Huashan, the young hero Yu Tianjie, The owner of Broken Sword Villa Mu Yunge, one-eyed man Jiang Che and others were also in the Zhao family.

The identities and backgrounds of these people are as treasured in Zhou Zishu’s mind-in order to prevent those who violate the taboo by martial arts , there is a separate warehouse in the skylight, and all the people who have been named in the world in the past 50 years, life and big events are all included.

For example, Zhou Zishu knew that the chivalrous Qiushan swordsman Zhao Jing was expelled from his home when he was young, so he was impoverished. In order to reward money, he did almost the same thing as the charming voice Qin Song. He changed back after he was twenty-seven. His real name is Zhao Jing, who took the only daughter of the Feng family in Taihu Lake, made her fortune by crony, and secretly hunted down those insiders who knew his past, and then the Zhao family recognized him again.

For example, Yu Tianjie, the most famous young hero at the moment, is said to have had an affair with a girl named Ermei, and then she abandoned her and told the girl to take a three-month-old fetus and commit suicide in the room. Of course, that girl’s love Deep meaning, never confessed who the adulterer is.

Zhou Zishu knew the faces of these people, so he became more interested, and Zhang Chengling couldn’t help but begged, so he stayed at Zhao’s house overnight.

No matter what Zhao Jing has done, he really has some heroic demeanor right now, and he has not looked down upon Zhou Zishu because of his swaying and shabby honour. After all, he has some knowledge. After hearing Zhang Chengling’s cry, he knew The journey was difficult, so Zhou Zishu naturally became suspicious.

On the same day, the two of them were arranged to stay. After bathing, changing clothes, and having enough food and drink, Zhao Jing called Zhang Chengling to the study to listen to him explain in detail what happened.

Zhang Chengling was a child and finally saw his relatives. Naturally, he knew nothing about many things. Zhao Jing was terrified when he heard it. After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t help asking: “Then… what kind of person is that Daxia Zhou? Do you know the details?”

Zhang Chengling honestly recounted what happened in that deserted temple.

Zhao Jing narrowed his eyes, stroked his beard, and then asked Zhang Chengling to go down to rest after a few more words of comfort.

However, after more than ten days of getting along, Zhou Zishu also understood the child Zhang Chengling somewhat. He knew that although he was spoiled to grow up, he was a little frustrated, but he was also a good boy. He had a good heart and was able to endure hardship. It is estimated that Zhao Jing’s old fox would be called to talk, and he could sell himself cleanly in a few words-and he probably didn’t realize it himself.

I smiled secretly in my heart-whether Zhou Xu or Zhou Zishu was invisible all these years. Or the well-informed and well-connected people faintly know that there is such a group of people called “Skylight”, but no one knows who the leader of the skylight is.

It is “Master Zhou”, but it is just a small military commander who is responsible for the dispatch of the Ouchi guards. In the eyes of those big people, it is a role worthy of fawning but not in the eyes.

Sure enough, starting early the next morning, Zhou Zishu suddenly became the first freshly baked sweet pastry in Zhaojiazhuang, Taihu Lake, and there was an endless stream of visitors without leaving the small yard where he lived.

He had no choice but to start a welcoming and sending to local business——

Oh, Zhao Daxia, admiration for a long time, it is a blessing to see the truth and three lives, it is better to see…Where do you learn from? Cough, it’s just an unknown person.

Oh, Qian Daxia, admiration for a long time, it is fortunate to see the truth, but it is better to see… In the next beggar, is there anyone who is not born, no, no, not a gang of beggars, where can they be able to climb a gang of beggars? No name…

Oh, Sun Daxia, admiring for a long time, it is a blessing to see the truth for three lives, it is better to see … you have never heard of it, it should be no name, nothing to mention.

Oh, Li Daxia, long admiration for a long time, it is fortunate to see the truth and three lives, it is better to see…No, no, I don’t have any personal relations with that Li Daxia. There has never been, but only an unknown person, not enough to talk about it, not enough to talk about it.

By the evening, Zhou Zishu’s face was already a little stiff with a smile, and he rubbed it for a while before rubbing it back. He deeply felt that if this continued, he might be in danger of stroke, so he planned to leave.

In terms of the degree of perseverance in inquiring about other people’s household matters, the heroes of the rivers and lakes are actually very similar to those of the elders in the market. They can’t wait to cut their heads and drill them in the door, blinking with fiery eyes, and have to see through where you are in human skin .

The one who said that I came from the Eight Great Schools, and whoever is my master, that one can say, oh, long admiration, the uncle master and the respected master had a good relationship in the early years, which is considered a relationship.

Otherwise, it’s a non-my race, and what kind of character it is that needs long-term investigation.

It was night, the phase of the moon was falling, and the midnight was ten minutes. Zhou Zishu opened his eyes quickly. He was already lying down before it was dark. At this moment, the Qiqiao Sanqiu nails began to attack. It is not serious. I don’t care much anymore.

He got up, hesitated, and felt that it was rude to leave without saying goodbye, so he left two notes, one to Zhang Chengling, and wrote: The green mountains will not change the green waters. After finishing writing, I felt quite proud, and found that I was becoming more and more quack-like, and then rolled out another one, leaving Zhao Jing a sentence: Thank you for your hospitality.

Pressing under the teapot, he floated on the roof.

A little civet cat on the roof was walking silently along the tiles. It only felt a shadow flashing in front of it. It paused vigilantly, looked around with its big eyes, but it saw everything. He tilted his head in confusion, and then ran towards the kitchen.

Zhou Zishu left the Zhaojia Villa quietly, thinking that no one was alarmed, who knew that in the small wood less than a mile outside Zhaojiazhuang, there was a person who seemed to have expected it, and he was already there waiting for him.

Zhou Zishu turned into two big heads at a glance. Wen Kexing smiled and clasped his fists. “Hey, Brother Zhou, it’s a coincidence. It seems that you and I are very close to each other. We have met several times under the moon. “

Zhou Zishu also smiled and said, “It’s a coincidence, Brother Wen.”

Xindao-What a ghost, a plague god.

He tilted his head, but did not see Gu Xiang, so he smiled and asked, “Why don’t you see Girl Gu?”

Wen Kexing said very directly: “That girl is in the way, and her feet are slow. With her in the way, I’m afraid I won’t see your fascinating…big man.”

Zhou Zishu’s face condensed with a smile, staring at Wen Kexing, for a long while, before he said: “If you are a big man, what about Changming Mountain ancient monk, Nanhai Guanyin Temple Poison King, Qingzhuling ghost master?”

Wen Kexing gave him a meaningful look and said: “The ancient monk does not ask about world affairs, but only seeks to cultivate immortals. The Poison King is said to have entered the rivers and lakes, and his appearance is hard to find. The ghost master has never seen it before, only knows that it is a hidden head and exposed tail… Whether it’s a person or not.

Then the two smiled at each other conceited.

Zhou Zishu was the first to look away and said: “Zhou is just a passerby, why should you all stare at me?”

Wen Kexing seemed to meet an old friend by chance in daylight, and said slowly and leisurely: “Since this is the case, the scenery of Taihu Lake is well-known far and wide, why wouldn’t Brother Zhou stay at Zhao’s house for a while? Why bother to hurry. ?”

Zhou Zishu said: “I have already experienced the scenery of Taihu Lake, so I won’t be bothered. I am afraid that Zhao Daxia is a lot of trouble. Zhou is a small person who has no great skills and has no relationship with Zhao Daxia, but the favor of two dollars is not guilty. Live and die with them.”

He paused and added another sentence: “I am escorting Young Master Zhang Xiao, but he is only doing good deeds. I will be content if I see the King of Hades a hundred years later and suffer less cramps.”

“Accumulate virtue and do good.” Wen Kexing repeated, nodding in agreement, “Yes, Brother Zhou is really like-minded with me, and those who are like-minded with Wen are all beauties. This shows…”

When Zhou Zishu heard “this is visible” from his mouth, he felt that a neurite on his temple was jumping out, and he was about to interrupt. Suddenly, a scream came from a distance in the forest behind Wen Kexing. .

The two paused at the same time.

Afterwards, I saw Wen Kexing pointing behind him and asking: “Look, like-minded people, the opportunity to accumulate virtue and do good is here again.”

Zhou Zishu hesitated, after all he flew away in the direction where the sound came from, and said helplessly: “Brother Wen, eye disease is a major issue, and it’s reasonable to find a doctor early.”

Wen Kexing followed closely, and Zhou Zishu’s light work had almost reached the point where there was no trace in the snow. However, this man seemed to keep a distance of about three feet from him without any effort. Ordinary people usually don’t speak at this time, in case they lose their true qi, but he doesn’t care about it. “Yes, Brother Zhou is right. If there is a chance, he must visit a few famous doctors and heal them well. At age, the look in his eyes gets worse, and he hasn’t been able to see the flaws in Brother Zhou’s face until now, ashamed and ashamed.”

Zhou Zishu desperately wanted him to never need those “bad eyes” again.

Just think about it, confidants don’t know each other, the reason and self-control of the former head of the skylight would never do such an unreliable thing.

The two walked extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye they entered the deep forest, and then saw a corpse.

The man was actually wearing a night walker, but the mask on his face had fallen to one side, his eyes wide open, and his death was very hideous. Zhou Zishu felt that this person was very familiar from a distance, so he leaned down, looked carefully, and couldn’t help but frown, “Isn’t this…the Broken Sword Villa Master Mu Daxia?”

During the day, he was still talking nonsense for half an hour in his room. He did not expect to be a night owl like him at night, and unfortunately became a dead night owl.

Wen Kexing also leaned forward, rubbed his chin with interest, and asked: “Moonnight, night clothes, is it possible…”

Zhou Zishu turned around and prepared to listen to his high-level theory.

Just listen to Wen Kexing’s exposition: “This Villa Master Mu came out to pick flowers?”

Zhou Zishu turned around blankly, consciously concentrating.

There was no blood on Mu Yunge’s body, but his lips were a little blue. Zhou Zishu thought about it, and gently opened his shirt, only to see a black palm print on his chest.

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