A gentle villain is suspicious


She reincarnated as Cirina, the older sister of the heroine in Rofan’s novel.
It was a role that only rolled like a dog for the family and was killed by a villain.
So I decided to tweak the original.
In the direction of getting acquainted with the villain and rehabilitating him.

“Lina, I do everything you ask.”

Good. After several failures, he became friendly with the villain,
He also seems to have become perfectly good.
I think I saved my life, so I left to make money
I came back as a successful spirit person.

“Don’t be too kind. … To me too.”
“I don’t do it with other people.”

Dessian, the villain in the novel, smiled sweetly.

“I will only do it for you.”

My sweet and sweet friend is somewhat suspicious.

“I ask again. Use me.”
“… I, you?”
‘Use it?’
Citrina looked at him. Then his red lips gently drew a line.
Looking at Citrina, she whispered as if Dessian recounted.
“Use me, whatever you want.”
With those words, Dessian reached out. He slowly trimmed the hair flowing down in front of Citrina’s ears. It felt like his fingertips painted over Cirina’s hair little by little.
The hands I reached were cold, creepy.
“instead… … .”
A whisper flowed through Desisian’s teeth.
“Do not use anyone other than me.”

A gentle villain is suspicious
Associated Names: 상냥한 악당이 수상하다
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 127 (Completed)

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