Angelic Lady


Angela was my friend.

She wanted to do anything to her, whom she considered more precious than her family, and eventually turned Angela, a low-ranking noble from the countryside, into a flower of the monk socialite. But what came back was betrayal. She sold me and my family to become the Crown Prince.

“… Did I have to do this?”
“I wanted you to be unhappy. I wanted to take all of your life.”

But when I thought I had died under the guillotine, I was surprisingly back in the past.

“Ah, hello. My name is Angela Vito… … .”
“You are Angela! Nice to meet you. Everyone was waiting for you.”

She smiled brightly and held her hands together.

Angelic lady
Associated Names: 엔젤릭 레이디
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 182 (complete)

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