When she started her career as a criminal police officer for the sake of her father’s legacy, Bai Xue didn’t think she had any difficulties she couldn’t overcome until she met Xiao Geyan. This evildoer who can sweep the entertainment industry with just a face and body, but has to eat with his head, and with his perverse personality, he has become the most mysterious (arrogant) and secret (jiao) wizard in the field of criminology. I am not afraid of complicated and heavy words, but I am afraid that no matter how big an unsolved case is, it is destined not to become a problem in front of Xiao Geyan. But Xiao Geyan was Bai Xue’s biggest problem. Want to know how to express your dislike of this “dogskin plaster” in embarrassment and politeness without being beaten to death by his fans? Waiting online, very anxious!

Associated Names: 案生情愫
Genres: romance, Love, City
Year: N/A
Status: 34

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