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Chapter 1358 This is coaxing

After Wang Jingyang said this sentence, he suddenly thought of something, his face suddenly changed, and he said with a heavy tone, “Forget it, man. You just pretend that I didn’t say what I just said. I guess you are completely hopeless.”

Pei Yucheng The cooking is unpalatable, and the goddamn girl is still eating so happy. If she doesn’t really love him, she won’t be able to convince herself!

How deep is this love to let it go?

The most important thing is that with Lin Yan’s temperament who loves money like life, she was willing to spend such a large amount of money on that man. Thinking of this, the money she earned back tonight is not good.

Wang Jingyang despaired: “It’s over! It’s over!”

Xiao Ji: “…?”

… In the evening, Lin Yan put Xiaoli to sleep, and then cleaned up the dishes with Pei Yucheng.

Halfway through cleaning, Pei Yucheng suddenly stared at her.

“Um, what’s the matter?” Lin Yan was puzzled.

After a long while, Pei Yucheng said: “Really delicious?”

“Of course! Is your newly invented method? It is indeed a rapid improvement, and you can compete with restaurant chefs. I really didn’t expect your talent to be so high! Amazing! !” Lin Yan gave a thumbs up.

Pei Yucheng looked at Lin Yan with probing eyes, but Lin Yan’s face was sincere and there was no flaw in his face.

Pei Yucheng sighed slightly and sat down on the dining chair beside her.

In the next second, Lin Yan saw Pei Yucheng’s body soften and suddenly collapsed on the table.

Lin Yan had no time to exclaim, she body had already lost control. by! bad!

She forgot to play like this!

Before Lin Yan could react, Pei Yucheng’s consciousness had already possessed her body. Before Lin Yan could stop it, Pei Yucheng had already picked up the dishes on the table and begin to eat.

Lin Yan: “…I’ve said it’s not mine, hey!”

Pei Yucheng coughed as soon as he caught it in his mouth, and forcibly swallowed chopsticks meat, apparently surprised by his growing cooking skills.

“Um, are you okay! Hurry up! Drink some water!” Lin Yan’s consciousness hurriedly reminded.

Pei Yucheng did not drink water, but frowned and continued to taste every dish on the table with Lin Yan’s body.

For Pei Yucheng, who has always had no sense of taste, this process is probably more painful than no sense of taste…Lin Yan has no way to stop at this moment, only seeing that Pei Yucheng has tasted every dish.

“Cough cough, what? At least…at least the rice tastes good…” Lin Yan said with a rack of brains.

“Why lie to me?” Pei Yucheng’s tone was a bit lonely.

Lin Yan didn’t know how to comfort him, “In fact, it’s really good. The food is good in terms of color and fragrance, and you at least account for the difference in color and fragrance! It’s really very good.”

Pei Yucheng was silent, still did not speak. It seemed to have been hit hard, “Don’t lie to me next time.”

Lin Yan sighed, then chuckled, helplessly said: “My dear, how can I lie to you, this is not a lie, this is…ah…”

“Huh…” Pei Yucheng’s tone seemed startled.

“Yeah! I’m not lying to you, I’m coaxing you. You said last time that even if you are angry, you will coax yourself well. I don’t think this is okay. Doesn’t it seem that your girlfriend is very unprofessional? So I…I really want to coax you too!” Lin Yan spoke gently to Pei Yucheng with consciousness in his mind.

At the moment when Lin Yan’s voice fell, her body returned to normal, and she followed closely and was forced into a warm embrace…

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