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Chapter 1390 Another small three and small four appeared

“In addition to being my apprentice, Xiao Yao is also the big boss of our team.”

Lin Yanqiang endured his heartache and stopped mentioning compensation. After speaking, he introduced Xiao Yao to Xiao Yao. Several other people said, “These are my apprentices, Langman, King, Butcher, Sun Shuoran. Yunxuan, you don’t need me to introduce you. Mi Xiu, are you my apprentice.”

Xiao Yao nodded and greeted everyone, “Long Yang Da Ming “

Lin Yan looked at Xiao Yao’s calm reaction, and suddenly felt something was wrong, “Wait, boss, you knew it a long time ago?”

Although Xiao Yao has poor driving skills, he knows everything about the racing circle very well and he must know Lang Mang. A few of them, but Xiaoyao was not surprised at all when he knew Langman and they were her apprentices.

Xiao Yao said with a flushed face, “I just knew it.”

Lin Yan: “…” Does this guy think she looks like a stupid?

I always feel that Xiao Yao knows more than she thought…

“Master! Are you sure there is nothing to hide from me! Don’t come up with another little one!” Sun Shuoran jumped over and squeezed to Lin Yan. , Complaining with tears.

Lin Yan hurriedly said, “What little three and four! Nothing, no more, this time there is really nothing to hide from you! Believe me, okay!”

Sun Shuoran was skeptical, barely accepting Lin Yan’s guarantee.

The fifth junior brother Yun Xuan is indeed very talented, and the sixth junior brother Xiao boss relies on money. Apart from these two reasons, there should be no other reason for the master to make an exception to accept apprentices.

Sun Shuoran was wronged, “Well, master, I will trust you again, don’t hurt my heart again…” The

butcher patted his chest, “I believe in the master.”

Langman: “Me too. Believe.”

King glanced at the three of them and chose to be silent.

When Sun Shuoran saw this, he immediately picked something up, “Second, why don’t you speak! You don’t believe the master?”

King raised his eyebrows and looked behind the people, “I want to believe…”

“Second, you What do you mean! Talking yin and yang is weird! Are you…” Sun Shuoran said, looking in the direction of King’s gaze.

As a result, the words were not finished, the next second he stared wide-eyed and froze in place.

I saw a low-key black family car parked outside the track, and a very handsome man got out of the car. The man was wearing a comfortable-looking casual outfit with a pair of glasses on his face. It looked gentle and harmless. Standing by the car in the night, his eyes focused on the master.

Next to the man was a five or six-year-old boy who looked like a porcelain doll, staring straight at the master.

Sun Shuoran immediately looked at the big and small, and then at his own master, covering his little heart with heartache.

“Master…Master…you…Master, you just vowed that there are no small three and small four……”

As a result, good fellow, in the next second, this small three and small four appeared in front of you! ?

It’s just that the age of this junior is a little too young?

Has such a young kid started teaching driving?

Lin Yan didn’t expect Pei Yucheng and Xiaoli to come here, he was also stunned, and he didn’t react for a while.

The butcher and the wave python soon discovered the existence of this big and small.

The butcher was also stunned, and subconsciously watched the two men speak, “Uh, Master, these two are… Seventh Junior Brother and Eighth Junior Brother?”

Langman: “The eighth Junior Brother’s age…isn’t it too young?”

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