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Chapter 1391 He is my boyfriend

King, “Boss, you don’t understand, this is to teach the apprentice to grab the doll.” After

King finished speaking, his eyes narrowed, he looked at the man in front of him up and down, and touched his chin. “It seems that this Seventh Junior Brother should be relying on his face?”

Lin Yan glared at King and the others, “Shut up to me.” At this

moment, she finally reacted, and ran to Pei Yucheng and Xiao with a leap. Li approached, “Why are you here?”

Pei Yucheng looked at his son aside, “Xiao Li was worried about you, so I had to take him over.”

Pei Li looked

at his father in shock, “…” He has been at home. Waiting for mom to come home obediently, didn’t you want to trouble mom at all, okay?

Isn’t it that he pretended to be calm all night, and finally got up from the sofa and ran out of the door?

Before leaving, he threw him a sentence to follow if he wanted to see his mother, and he got into the car.

“Sorry baby, something was delayed, and I forgot to tell you.” Lin Yan apologized quickly and hugged the little guy.

Pei Li originally wanted to refute, but when he heard Lin Yan’s baby, and finally saw his mother, she was held in her arms, and all the unpleasantness disappeared.

Humph, just work with him temporarily.

Sun Shuoran, who was completely ignored by the side, wailed loudly, “Master! Master, did you not give me an explanation? You lied to me again! Didn’t you say that there are no minors? What are these?”

Wait, Is it his illusion?

Why do you inexplicably feel that the looks and expressions of the Seventh Junior Brother and the Eighth Junior Brother are so similar? It was carved out of a mold…

Lin Yan’s face turned dark, “What a little boy! What nonsense!”

Sun Shuoran was distraught, “Aren’t these two new apprentices of yours?”

Butcher: “Not Seventh Junior Brother and Eighth Junior Brother? That’s…?”

Lin Yan coughed lightly, took Pei Yucheng’s hand, and explained, “They said that only two new apprentices were recruited. This is not your Seventh Junior Brother, is it? I…boyfriend.”

Sun Shuoran, Butcher, Langman, King: “Boyfriend!?” The

four of them heard Lin Yan’s answer, and they were more shocked than they heard that Lin Yan had recruited a new apprentice.

Sun Shuoran was dumbfounded: “So, this is not my junior, but my senior?”

Langman: “Fourth, your Chinese is too bad. You should be called Master.”

Butcher: “Master?”

King: “Hi Master.”

Lin Yan He glanced at a few people warningly and told them not to talk nonsense, and then turned to introduce a few people to Pei Yucheng: “The apprentices I took when I was abroad…”

Pei Yucheng seemed to have never expected Lin Yan to directly Introducing his identity to them, his expression looked a little surprised.

Before, she couldn’t wait to completely isolate her life and the people around her from him, for fear of getting half a deal with him…

Pei Yucheng quickly returned to nature and said hello to a few people, “Thank you for taking care of Xiaoyan abroad. “

The expression of Pei Li on the side was even more shocked than Pei Yucheng.

He was shocked that when his father saw so many opposite sexes around his mother and seemed to have a close relationship with her, his reaction would be so calm.

When he suddenly went out late at night, his face was terrible, and he thought it would be the same again.

“Uh, sir, oh no, sir, it’s not right, sir… sir… you are too polite!” Sun Shuoran hadn’t reacted yet, lowered his voice to Lin Yan’s ear and said, “No! Master, you are so kind!” Have a boyfriend? Aren’t you not close to men?”

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