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Chapter 1392 Master, Is This Your Son?

Chapter 1392 Fu, is this your son?

Lin Yanbai glanced at him, “Who said I’m not close to men, I just have a higher eye.”

Hearing this, Pei Yucheng’s lips hooked unnoticeably, and his tight back was completely relaxed at this moment.

He almost never dared to expect that she would admit his identity so naturally in front of people close to him…

Sun Shuoran was silent for a long while, looking at the man’s face, unable to say anything to refute, the master’s eyes seemed to be a bit high .

This man’s appearance is really too outrageous. Although the car and the clothes he drives are quite low-key, the dignity of the whole body can’t be concealed.

“Wait, Master, then there is another one! The big one is Master, how about the small one?” Sun Shuoran finally remembered that there was another small one.

King’s gaze swept over Pei Li, then looked at Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng separately, and said unhurriedly, “Are you blind? This kid has all the advantages of the master and the master, who else can it be? “

Sun Shuoran was stunned by King’s words, and looked carefully at the little boy who was carved with jade.

It doesn’t matter if I look at it carefully, the more I look at it, the more I feel that the child’s demeanor and the master are carved in the same mold, and there is the shadow of the master between the eyebrows.

Sun Shuoran suddenly realized, “Master! You can hide your boyfriend from us, and you don’t even tell us when your son is so old!”

Lin Yan was directly stunned by Sun Shuoran, “You are blind! How could this be? My son!”

Sun Shuoran was scolded for blindness one after another, and he was so embarrassed. He looked at him a few more times, “Master, I am not blind, this child is obviously the same as you and your teacher! Anyone with eyes I can see it!”

Sun Shuoran said the Butcher and Langman, and found them too.

Butcher: “It’s very much like… the nose is like the master.”

Langman: “The eyes are like the master.”

Mi Xiu also found out that New World added: “The mouth is like a master, and the temperament is like a master!”

As for Yunxuan, he knew that this child was the child of a friend of Boss Xiao, and he only asked Lin Yan to take care of him, but he had actually thought about it this way…

Lin Yan was speechless, “Xiao Li is five years old. If I gave birth, I would still have a baby five years ago. Can you guys have a little brain!”

King pondered, “It’s not impossible… Back then, Master, you had disappeared for several months, saying that you were going for a closed special training… now I want to come…”

Seeing the group of bear children getting more and more outrageous, Lin Yan caught Xiao Yao who was watching the excitement next to him: “Hey, Xiao Yao, you are just saying something to explain Xiao Li’s identity!”

Sun Shuoran was stunned when he heard the words, “Why let Sixth Junior Brother explain? Isn’t this…Isn’t this child a student of you and the teacher? You were born with Sixth Junior

Brother ?” In the next second, there was a scream that Sun Shuoran was kicked fiercely by Lin Yan—”Ahhhhh! Master, I was wrong!”

Lin Yan was afraid that Xiaoli was upset when he heard these nonsense, and touched it. Touching the little guy’s head, “Don’t be angry, Xiaoli, they’re talking nonsense.” The

little guy’s expression seemed even more bleak when he heard this.

They didn’t talk nonsense…

Mom, I’m your baby…

At this moment , Xiao Yao finally stood up, took a look at Pei Yucheng, and then said: “Several brothers have misunderstood, this is my friend’s son. , Because my parents are not around, so I ask my master to take care of it.”

“Ah? Is that so…” Sun Shuoran looked at the child, still not believing it.

It’s just that the master gave birth to a child five years ago is indeed even more impossible…

At this moment, Pei Yucheng, who had been silent without speaking, suddenly looked at Lin Yan and said, “If, Xiaoli is really our son? ?”

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