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Chapter 1393 Beginning chaos and finally abandoning?

“What if Xiao Li is really our son?”

Lin Yan: “…!”

Lin Yan was directly confused by Pei Yucheng’s words.

Pei Li also raised his head in amazement and looked at the man, his eyes full of disbelief.

Is he crazy?

At the same time, the little guy’s eyes are full of expectation.

More, it is tension.

What if he is really mother’s child.

How would mother answer?

Would you hate him, be afraid of him, and not accept him…

He couldn’t even accept his mother’s embarrassed and repulsive expression.

I dare not listen, nor look.

The little guy’s face was pale, and the little hand on his side was tightly clenched into a fist, almost unable to suppress the power fluctuations around his body.

Lin Yan gave a chuckle and rubbed the little guy’s soft and cute face, “If Xiao Li is really our son, then I guess I can wake up with a smile in my dreams!”

The moment Lin Yan’s words fell, Pei Li’s cerebellum was like a sunflower. Brush up.

“Really.” Pei Yucheng’s gaze was secretive, and he murmured very softly.

A turbulent confession meeting was finally over, Lin Yan waved his hand to let everyone go back to their homes.

“No, sir, we are only halfway through this competition.” Sun Shuoran looked reluctant.

Lin Yan looked disgusted, “It’s all so late, it’s better than anything else, you single dogs don’t matter, I am different from you!”

Single dog Langbo, King, Butcher, Sun Shuoran, Yun Xuan, Mi Xiu: ” ……???”

“Let’s go bye~ See you on the court if you want to play!” Lin Yan dismissed the people quite ruthlessly.

When he was about to get into the car to flash people, King suddenly stopped Lin Yan, “Master, take a step to talk.”

“Why take a step to talk, what do you want to say to the master in secret?” Sun Shuoran squeezed over.

King slapped Sun Shuoran away and pulled Lin Yan aside.

“What’s the matter, it’s mysterious.” Lin Yan frowned.

King looked helpless, “Master, I advise you to check the identity of this child.”

Lin Yan puzzled: “You said Xiaoli? What are you

looking for !” King looked at Lin Yan’s heartlessness.

His appearance is also speechless: “Don’t you doubt it at all? Maybe this child may really be the son of you and your master.” Lin Yan gave him a white look, “Can I know if I was born by myself?”

King pinched He pinched his eyebrows and reminded: “Master, do you remember the car accident? I remember that after the car accident, your memory has always been incomplete.”

“That’s impossible, just forget about other things, it’s so important. How could I have forgotten the matter, don’t I remember all of you clearly? Don’t mess around with your brains anymore!” Lin Yan’s tone was categorical.

King raised his eyebrows, “I didn’t think about it. Master, I would advise you to remember if you have been in chaos and abandoned it.”

Lin Yan: “Beginning in chaos and finally abandoning…”

This bear boy! Can you look forward to her order!

Yunjian Water Village.

Although Lin Yan didn’t take King’s words to heart at all, the phrase “being chaos and abandoning” always lingered in his mind.

Finally, she couldn’t help calling Pei Yucheng into the living room alone.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing the girl’s thoughtful appearance, Pei Yucheng asked with concern.

Lin Yan scratched his head and tentatively asked, “Then… nothing… I just wanted to ask… Did we… know each other before?”

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