Leng’s husband chasing his wife’s mother, run away


A bonbon chocolate turns the mercenary queen into a birthday gift for the ruthless president. Ye Lingling, he left her with a surprise, but she left him with a puzzle. He found her for five years in order to solve the mystery. Five years later, she returned to him with a mission. “Who are you?” he asked. The corner of her mouth lightly raised: “I am your secretary.” When he began to recognize his emotions, she disappeared into his world again. He was mad and vowed to find her, imprisoned by his side for life. However, when we met again, she became the fiancée whom he had disappeared for many years, and everyone thought she had no bones left. “Who is you?”

He grinned his teeth and stared at her fiercely. She was still calm and calm: “Any me, it’s me.” “Mummy, who is he? How come he looks exactly like me?” The immature childlike voice pulled him into reality. A small Zhengtai who is a Q version of himself is staring at him with big black and white eyes flashing. “Damn it! This is my son!” He was angry. A certain woman had a guilty conscience, turned around and fled… From then on, she and him started the game of chasing you after me. He said, “Have you figured out where to start?” She smiled and pointed to his heart: “Here.”

Leng’s husband chasing his wife’s mother, run away
Associated Names: 冷夫追妻之妈咪快逃
Baima Fuyi
Genres: urban, romance
Year: 2020
Status: 323

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