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That’s a BL novel character


One day, when I opened my eyes, I became a beautiful girl!
… I’ve ever had a delusion.
Suddenly I became the main character of the novel!
… I also thought about it.
All delusions have come true. It was done but… … .

“Why is it a BL novel?!”

All men meet each other’s eyes and mouths,
Even if it shouldn’t be right
A BL novel that is too passionate.

What role I am…
The protagonist loses his fiance, honor, and love while disturbing the couple…
BL novel character… … .

Here and there, a world overflowing with BL couples.
Marian is only for my peace and happiness
I decided to dedicate the number of owners to the main Gong.

So I mean, fall in love quickly!
Why do you keep looking at me with those eyes?!

That’s a BL novel character
Associated Names: 저 BL소설 등장인물인데요
Genres: Romance fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 164 (Completed)

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