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To you who resemble Choi-ae


Choi Jung-in, a general of the Hwan Empire and a terrifying rumored protagonist with a different appearance.
I got to meet the imperial princess as a bride, but she is a little strange.
“Who is the guy named Choi Ae-Kee?”

Treasure No. 1 of the princess So-hye is a portrait of Raskan, the favorite girl of her previous life.
Then, she enters into a confusion with a man who resembles Choi Ae-kae, and that’s how her husband begins to be virtuous… … !
“Our boy, do everything you want to do!”

To you who resemble Choi-ae
Associated Names: 최애를 닮은 그대에게
Genres: Romance fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 120 Episodes (Completed)

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