Chapter 1 Grand birthday

At night in Paris,

this is an exotic city. In the bustling city center, quaint Gothic buildings rise from the ground. Every night, countless bright lights are lit up in turn, bringing this piece of world art The exquisite decorations are so shiny that people can’t take their eyes off.

On the Seine, a luxurious cruise ship sails slowly in the center of the river.

On the cruise ship, many glamorously dressed boys and girls coveted and carnival.

Today is the eighteenth birthday of Anastasia, the eldest of the top wealthy Williams family in F country. The father of the eldest, Duke Johnson, the head of the Williams family, specially held a grand banquet for his daughter.

The banquet invited all Williams business partners from all over the world to attend.

In the evening, all the guests boarded the cruise ship together. The Williams family invited a world-class band to play on the cruise ship. Many famous musicians and singers were there to perform. The scene was very lively!

Even many ordinary citizens of Paris crowded into the Seine River to watch. It is said that there is a grand fireworks display at night, and the fireworks displayed are the best.

For the birthday of his daughter, Earl Johnson has invested a lot of money. This birthday party can be said to be the biggest birthday party in country F in the past 50 years!

There are carnival crowds everywhere on the deck of the cruise ship.

A large group of young people from all over the world danced with beautiful music, and everyone’s face was filled with joy.

A waiter was walking through the crowd with a plate, and saw a gentleman with an oriental face standing alone in the corner, with a gloomy expression on his face, and a waiter-like person next to him was persuading him kindly. .

He quickly walked over, stood aside respectfully, and said, “This gentleman, do you need red wine?”

The waiter took a look at the waiter and said in English: “No, thank you.”

Seeing the guest refused, the waiter did not force it, and said sorry and left.

When the attendant saw the person leaving, he continued: “Master, you calm down, the master and the lady are also for your own good, and you are not young, and it’s time to get married.”

The man next to the attendant listened to his words, his expression even more serious. not good.

The attendant was even more upset when he saw the young master, so he changed his words: “But if the young master doesn’t have someone he likes, don’t worry. The reason why the master and madam insist on having you come to this banquet today is that you want you to be the best in this world. Choose among the good girls and see if you like them.”

The man heard the words and walked out of the corner. The dazzling lights from the cruise ship hit his face, setting off his handsome facial features more and more. Exquisite.

The man was dressed in a black suit, with neat short hair and meticulous care, and under his thick eyelashes there was a pair of dark and translucent eyes, exuding a bitter cold air.

His facial features are extraordinary, with those sharp eyes, just like the god in charge of killing in Western myths and legends.

When he came out from the shadows, his own aura immediately attracted a lot of attention. Such people, no matter where they stand, are the center of the crowd.

Many celebrities stood in the distance and whispered.

“Who is that handsome man? Why have I never seen it before?”

“I don’t know, Alice, look at him with the face of an Oriental. Maybe he is the heir of the big family in the East!”