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Chapter 10 is over to you!

Gu Liang drove to a two-story independent small building in a prosperous area. Ye Jingchen and Gu Liang stood at the door and looked at the surrounding environment.

Gu Liang looked at the small independent building in front of him with a satisfied look in his eyes. No matter the location or the decoration, this place met her requirements very well.


The phone rang at an appropriate time, looking at the caller ID, Gu Liang pressed the answer button, she had already spoken before she had spoken, just like the coquettish before, “Is President Gu satisfied with the place I chose?”

Gu Liang looked at the small building in front of him without delay and said, “Mr Ling doesn’t seem to be very busy, and knows exactly when I will come to see the house?”

“Zong Gu gave me such a big gift, I naturally want to be courteous, and also a gift that Mr. Gu took.”

“Then I would like to thank Mr. Ling for his kindness.”

The other end of the phone smiled, “President Gu is polite. The key is in the flowerpot at the door, I hope Mr. Gu likes it.”

Gu Liang didn’t answer her words, he hung up the flowerpot that went to the door, took out the key inside, opened the door, looked back at Ye Jingchen who was standing there, and motioned to him, “Come in!”

Ye Jingchen walked in behind her without saying a word.

Although there are only two floors, it is located in a prosperous area, and the internal space is amazing. The first floor is comparable to the area of ​​a small car show. The facilities on the second floor are also extremely complete, and there is even a private lounge.

I have to say that the place that Ling Mei chose really caught Gu Liang’s heart.

Behind Gu Liang, Ye Jingchen saw her constantly looking around. The satisfaction in her eyes could not be concealed. He was a little curious about what she wanted to do here.

While Ye Jingchen was thinking, Gu Liang stopped suddenly and turned to look at him. His eyes were clear and bright, without a trace of magazines, so pure.

Ye Jingchen had to say that these were the cleanest eyes he had ever seen in his life.

Although there is always no temperature, it is always clear and free of impurities. There is a natural attraction that can make people fall into it.

Gu Liang didn’t know that Ye Jingchen was looking at herself. She looked at Ye Jingchen and asked him seriously, “What do you think of this place?”

“You asked me to come out to see this?”

Gu Liang nodded, “What do you think?”

Ye Jingchen stared at Gu Liang’s expression and asked plainly, “What do you use here for?”

Gu Liang looked at Ye Jingchen and smiled lightly, but his eyes clearly didn’t have any temperature.

She said flatly, “I said I want to quit and do it by myself, do you think it’s okay?”

“You can set up a studio and office area on the first floor, and a meeting room with your office and a private lounge on the second floor.” Ye Jingchen said.

Hearing his suggestion, Gu Liang frowned, “Aren’t you curious?”

Ye Jingchen asked, “What are you curious about?”

“You…” Looking at Ye Jingchen’s deep eyes, Gu Liang suppressed the words in his heart, shook his head, and looked around, “Here…”

“It’s a good place, just…”

Seeing Ye Jingchen looking around with his arms around his chest, he was hesitant to say something, Gu Liang frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Ye Jingchen raised the corner of his mouth, jokingly, “It’s a bit small!”

Gu Liang looked around and couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical, “Small?”

“The office area and studio on the first floor, the meeting room and your office on the second floor, and the other pantry reception rooms have no space.”

Seeing Ye Jingchen’s endless talk, Gu Liang couldn’t help but look at him with some suspicion, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Ah! I used to work in a big company…”

Work in the first group in the world…

Gu Liang couldn’t help but feel a little distressed because of Ye Jingchen’s suggestion, “It is indeed a bit smaller to be used as a studio…”

Before she finished speaking, Ye Jingchen said immediately, “However, if you re-arrange the design, all of these places can play a role.”

Looking at Ye Jingchen’s appearance, Gu Liang asked, “Can you?”

Ye Jingchen raised his eyebrows and did not speak, which was considered tacit.

“Since this is the case, let you design the layout here?”

Gu Liang upholds the role of not wasting a talent, and has played Ye Jingchen’s role well. Although he didn’t know the origin of Ye Jingchen, judging from his appearance and speaking for himself before, he should have no hostility towards himself, the savior.

Moreover, he shouldn’t be an ordinary person by looking at his behavior and conversation, and she still chose to believe in his vision.

The most important thing is that Jiang Yunze still has some unresolved issues. Before leaving, she always has to take away the things that should be taken away.

Thinking of this, Gu Liang’s eyes were involuntarily stained with a trace of indifference, which was clearly seen by Ye Jingchen on the side.

Ye Jingchen repeated uncertainly, “Give it to me?”

“The company still has things to deal with, I can’t get out of it for the time being, so…”

Before she finished speaking, Ye Jingchen agreed, “Leave it to me here!”

After getting an answer, Gu Liang handed Ye Jingchen a card, “There is one million in this card. You will pay all the expenses here. If it is not enough, tell me, I can…”

Looking at the card handed over, Ye Jingchen teased her with a smile, “Are you not afraid that I disappeared with this card? Don’t forget, I’m in debt!”

Gu Liang put the card in his hand, his eyes full of seriousness, “If you really run away with the money, it will be the second time I saw the wrong person.”

“The second time?” Ye Jingchen raised his eyebrows, “Who did you see wrong the first time?”

Gu Liang felt the scrutiny in his eyes, and his expression suddenly became a lot sharper, revealing a trace of coldness.

“One million is not enough to tell me.”

After speaking, she skipped Ye Jingchen’s side, walked towards the door, and said as she walked, “Take a taxi and go back by yourself, and I will go back to the company.”

Looking at Gu Liang’s back, Ye Jingchen looked down at the bank card in his palm, and muttered, “Gu Liang? You really make me more and more curious…”

Gu Liang got into the car alone, squeezed the steering wheel with both hands, looked sideways at Ye Jingchen’s not very real figure, and let her mind go a little bit. She laughed at herself and said, “The person who misunderstood the first time can still Who is it?”

“Ye Lingchen, I hope you won’t prove again that my vision is really not as good as before…”

After speaking, she slowly closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, it was clear and bright, and then started the car and left here.

Ye Jingchen stood at the door, looking at the direction she was leaving, took out her mobile phone and dialed the phone, “Tangcheng, check me out for a woman named Gu Liang, who is currently the entertainer director of entertainment. I have all her information. want!”

Tang Cheng received Ye Jingchen’s order and he was shocked. He even wondered if the sun had come out from the west. Their president had taken the initiative to investigate someone? And still a woman?

“In addition, find a real estate in the most prosperous part of the city and buy it, it must be suitable for commercial use.”

After giving orders, Ye Jingchen didn’t give Tangcheng a chance to ask questions, so he hung up the phone.

Standing alone in the empty room, Ye Jingchen looked at everything around him, gradually customizing the exclusive design style for the studio in his mind.

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