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Chapter 1359 Observe and Learn

At the same time, across the ocean, WZ team.

After each important event, the major teams will hold a meeting, and the WZ team will also watch the event videos together to learn and review.

At this moment, all the drivers and crew members are sitting in the lobby.

What everyone is most concerned about is naturally the biggest dark horse in this global league, a female driver from China, and it is the first time to participate in a high-level event such as the global league, and actually won the championship!

It’s just that the girl’s driving skills seem to be very ordinary, without any extra skills, and it seems that there is no value in learning, so the few players in the hall are somewhat lacking in interest.

There were already several people who wanted to drive away in advance. However, at this moment, Langman, Butcher, K and Sun Shuoran appeared in the hall at the same time.

The other drivers and crew members saw that all four of them stood up subconsciously and greeted them respectfully.

Even the team manager was a little surprised, “Why are you here? Is there something urgent?” It’s

hard to see one at ordinary times. Today, all four of them are all available. How big is a matter for these four guys? Appear together?

Langman waved his hand impatiently, “What else can I do here? Of course I came to observe and learn!” The

team manager: “…what???”


These big players actually came to watch the video learning of the third league in the world?

“I heard that right? The wave pythons came to observe and study?”

“I must have hallucinations…”


The butcher also sat down, and glanced at the noisy people warningly, “Be quiet, I can’t hear the sound.”

K and Sun Shuoran also sat down next to the butcher and the wave python.

Needles can be heard in the entire projection hall, and the little kids who were bragging just now dare not even make a loud noise.

Everyone was whispering in their hearts, completely wondering why these great gods were here!

Although they are all in the same team, they are strictly hierarchical. The top teams like the Wave Python Butcher are similar to superstars. Both the dormitory and the training ground are the best. Ordinary members like them are usually hard to see their faces.

The people in the hall waited for a long time, trying to figure out the purpose of these four people.

As a result, I didn’t expect that the four of them were actually watching the video of the game quietly and seriously, as if they were really here to observe and learn.

The team manager was so touched and tearful. He took this opportunity to educate this group of rascals, “Look, even the predecessors who are so much better than you are studying hard, but what about you, it’s so good for you.” I don’t know how to cherish my learning opportunities and environment, so I don’t know how to cheer up!”

“Yes, yes…”

“The manager is right!”

Everyone agreed, but they were all whispering in their hearts, who knew this? What kind of wind do the great gods smoke today?

At this moment, I don’t know who was dissatisfied and whispered, “Captain, you know how to teach us, no matter what the kid Mi Xiu, he has two clubs and picks up girls without training. This is such an important observation meeting today. He didn’t even show his face…”

“Um…” Hearing the players’ complaints, the manager was speechless for a while.

Mi Xiu is a seed player of WZ. He focuses on training and is extremely talented. He is the most likely player to enter the first-tier team, but he is a little disobedient.

It’s really not that he deliberately indulged, because most of the talented drivers are rebellious, not to mention this kid is still a disciple of the wave python, even more waves than his master, he is really powerless and can’t help it!

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