Chapter 1473 Degree of Shamelessness

Chapter 1473 The degree of shamelessness

Although Pei Yucheng lived in Mu’s house for a while, at that time Pei Yucheng didn’t know that there was another sister in Mu’s family who looked exactly like Lin Yan.

Even some time ago, Mu Yu pretended to be Lin Yan and appeared in Pei’s sneak attack on him. Pei Yucheng just felt strange, not to mention Mu Yu.

As for the information about Mu Yu, Pei Yucheng now has some information from the Tianshen Intelligence Office, but it may not be comprehensive.

Mu Yu is the eldest of the Mu family and twins with Lin Yan.

Unlike Lin Yan, Mu Yu is an acquired evolve, but even if it is acquired, the evolutionary talent shown by Mu Yu is terrifying. When he was only six or seven years old, he could easily hit Mu with his spiritual evolution power unscathed. Some powerful innate evolution.

After that incident, Mu Yu also disappeared.

Within a few years, a very mysterious evolutionary organization appeared in the evolutionary world. It was based on experimental technology and successively cultivated the first generation of perfect body evolvers, the second generation of perfect body evolvers, and the subsequent generations of perfect body evolvers.

In the case of Si Bai, Si Bai belongs to the first generation of perfect evolution of his experimental methods.

The leader of this evolutionary organization based on experimental methods is called the Devil’s Head from the outside world.

No one knows the significance of this organization’s existence, and no one knows the significance of the female devil’s cultivating so many generations of perfect evolutionary bodies, and even Pei Yucheng’s Tianshen Intelligence Department can’t find out.

But Tian Amnesty’s intelligence department has figured out one thing. The leader of this organization is the eldest lady Mu Yu who disappeared from Mu’s house that year.

Today, Pei Yucheng is unaware of some situations.

The Demon Head and Mu Yu are the same person, and they are also Lin Yan’s sister. Why did they appear in Pei’s some time ago and pretend to be Lin Yan to assassinate him? Especially today, why use mental power and experimental means to completely control Lin Yan Lin Yan’s mind caused Lin Yan to return here to kill his family.

“Seven generations.”

While Pei Yucheng was meditating, a young man in suit and leather shoes, who looked extremely gentle, was actually dissolved in the wall. His body was water-like, and “seepage” from the wall beside Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yan was startled and dumbfounded.

Can people still come out through the wall? !

Go through the wall!

Immediately, Lin Yan couldn’t help feeling that the evolver is truly magical, but as an evolver, why let her a delicate girl have brute force, can’t she also give her some magical and special evolutionary power?

What kind of invisibility technique, what point of stone into gold technique, the technique of recruiting wealth and treasure, and the technique of surviving the waist… All these, she can barely accept, why give her brute force?

Obviously it is a good material to be a great magician, but it can make her a tank.

The tank is just a tank, it’s not a tank that has been hit so well…

Soon, Lin Yan recovered from the shock of the man walking through the wall. What does the seven generations of this man mean?

“For the first time, wife of seven generations, hello, God forgiveness mistress.” The man was very polite and gentlemanly, bending towards Lin Yan with a smile.

Lin Yan looked dumbfounded, completely unaware of what happened.

“Next time, go to the front door and knock on the door.” Pei Yucheng looked at the man blankly.

“Seventh generation, I’m sorry, the boss of the intelligence department has been sitting for a long time, and he almost never walks through the front door. This time it is habitual. I will definitely correct it next time. I hope the seventh generation will forgive me.” The man nodded.

As the head of Tian Amnesty’s intelligence department, some highly classified information is not obtained by going through the front door and knocking on the door, so you have to play some tricks.

Could it be possible to appear openly in a certain evolution clan that needs to steal information, and then knocked on the front door arrogantly, and said boldly, “Come on, give the information to Laozi!”

Pei Yucheng said indifferently : “The person in charge of the intelligence department should It’s monstrous.”

With the city’s Pei Yu voice down, the young man’s face instantly changed, changed, quickly said:!. “Seven generations, your words I do not agree with how the second in command, second in command to rise up and never go down that number one yet

what have monstrous , Except that he is older than me, who is better than me, besides, he is older and I am still young.

Even if he does not retire, I can kill him, then I will not become the top leader, then since I Sooner or later, I will be the top leader. What happened to me in advance to use my top leader’s rights…”

Pei Yucheng: “…”

Lin Yan: “…”

Although Lin Yan doesn’t know what this man is, he is shameless. There is no one in all, and it’s hard to find a few people who are so arrogant and righteous.