Chapter 1474 You Can Call Me Xiao Gou

Chapter 1474 You can call me Xiaogou, the

man looked at Lin Yan: “Allow me to introduce myself to this young and beautiful mistress.”

At this moment, the man ignored Pei Yucheng’s gaze and looked at Lin Yan instead. Clearing his throat, the very polite gentleman (dogleg) continued to speak: “Hello, Godmother, I am the leader, person in charge, and boss of the intelligence department of Tianxue… My name is Gou Dong, if you don’t Mind, you can be kinder and call me Xiaogou. By

the way, all the intelligence networks of Tianshan are built by my own hands, covering the information of the world’s evolvers, as well as some very rare confidential documents.

I hope the mistress I can take care of me a lot, and as the head of Tian Amnesty’s intelligence network, I can provide the most powerful convenience for my mother!”


Lin Yan looked at the man in front of him, and saw that Pei Yucheng hadn’t spoken, so he didn’t refute him.” The name “mother”, I just didn’t know for a while what the purpose of this person was, but subconsciously said: “What convenience?”

“I can help the mistress of you stare at the seventh generation, that is, your partner Mr. Pei Yucheng, this matter, Except for the intelligence department of our Heavenly Amnesty, no intelligence department of any evolutionary force can do it. The

mistress, please trust me, as long as you take care of me, then if the seven generations are outside, if you are outside, attracting bees and butterflies, I will definitely inform you as soon as possible!” Gou Dongjiu said.

Without any consideration, Lin Yan nodded immediately, “Lao Gou, the deal!”

“Mother, if you don’t dislike it, call me Xiao Gou…”

Pei Yucheng: “…”

Maybe the second in command of the Intelligence Department should be changed. Normal people do it.

If it weren’t for Gou Dong’s excellent intelligence methods, he would like to immediately let him disappear in Heaven.

“Seven generations, I am here to maintain the relationship between you and your mistress, you don’t blame me.” Gou Dongdao.

Pei Yucheng stared at Gou Dong and said blankly: “It’s business.”

Speaking of business matters, Gou Dong’s cynical expression immediately dissipated, and said with a serious face: “Seven generations, there are two things to report this time. The first thing, the information you need has basically been obtained, and I have finished sorting it out.”

After all, Gou Dong handed a stack of documents to Pei Yucheng.

“The second thing is that someone sneaked into the intelligence department late at night and was stealing confidential documents when they were discovered. This person was tortured but still couldn’t get any useful information, so I have already sent someone over.” Gou Dong continued.

As soon as Gou Dong’s voice fell, Xing Shen walked in under a dying man.

“I… I was wronged, I’m just an ordinary thief… It’s not malicious…” the man cried as soon as he entered the door.

The thief, and without malicious intent, Lin Yan looked at the man in surprise.

Lin Yan’s gaze fell on the man, his brows suddenly frowned. The man looked at him, but he was a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

As if feeling Lin Yan’s gaze, the man also subconsciously looked towards Lin Yan.

Lin Yan and the man stared at each other, and for a few breaths, the two of them were taken aback at the same time.

“Eldest Sister!” The man stared at Lin Yan with an expression of excitement.

“What is your name Wu…” Lin Yan was lost in thought, looking familiar.

“Wu Yue, I am the eldest sister Wu Yue, did you forget me? We are also sisters who live and die together…Ah no, sister and brother!” Wu Yue said hurriedly.

Seeing that Lin Yan was still a little bit confused, Wu Yue gritted his teeth: “Sister Yan, have you forgotten, when you were in the prison, you and I were daring to each other. Born to death, I am the thief Wu Yue!”

“Wu Yue, prison… …” Lin Yan thoughtfully.