Chapter 1475 You owe me money

Chapter 1475 You owe me money

“Sister Yan, we can’t do this, did you forget? I brought you out of the prison. After you came out, I was penniless and I borrowed you two thousand dollars to buy it. Cell phone.” Wu Yue said with a sad face.

As Wu Yue’s voice fell, Lin Yan instantly sat up straight and looked at Wu Yue with golden light: “Wu Yue, when I remember, you owe me 20,000 yuan!”

“Huh?” Wu Yue didn’t respond. Come over, “Isn’t it two thousand?”

“You said it yourself, ten times the return.” Lin Yan said.

Wu Yue: “…”

Gou Dong: “…”

Xing Chen: “…”

Pei Yucheng: “…”

“Did I say… No, it doesn’t matter, Sister Yan, are you familiar with them? Help me quickly, and explain it for me!” Wu Yue said with tears and tears.

“Mother, are you his friend?” Gou Dong looked at Lin Yan in surprise.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yan shook his head: “I am not his friend, I am his creditor.”

“Mother, this person sneaked into the information branch and was stealing some confidential documents when he was discovered.” Gou Dong explained.


Wu Yue stared at Lin Yan with shocked expression: “Sister, are you the mistress of God’s Forgiveness, wife of seven generations?” As

soon as he said this, everyone’s eyes fell on Wu Yue’s body.

Although Lin Yan didn’t know what Tian Amnesty was, Lin Yan was not stupid. He already knew something from the dialogue between Pei Yucheng and others.

Tian Amnesty should be an evolutionary organization, and Pei Yucheng is the seventh-generation leader of this organization, and the intelligence department is half the heart of an organization.

Wu Yue said that he was just a thief, so how did he know that it was Tian Amnesty’s intelligence department, apparently coming with a certain purpose.

Immediately, Lin Yan looked at Wu Yue: “Wu Yue, be lenient in frankness and strict in resistance. You can only help you if you tell the truth.”

“Sister, I was really wronged…” Wu Yue said anxiously.

But, I’m looking at the smoke look unbelieving look, Wu Yue but can only sigh: “Sister, I can not say, I say, might die.”

Lin smoke: “……”

does not seem to say it It won’t die the same.

“What do you have to say more.” Lin smoke Weicu brow: “You do not say they will be killed.”

When he finished, Lin Shen Xing pointed to the side of the smoke: “This child eats adults.”

Designed Xing Shen who eats adults: “…”

“He is even more terrifying, he is a murderous demon.” Lin Yan pointed at Pei Yucheng again.

Murderer Pei Yucheng: “…”

“This…” Lin Yan looked at Gou Dong.

Gou Dong looked forward to it.

“Wu Yue, just say it. It’s the same thing. I can help you only after you say it. If you don’t say it, I can’t help you.” Lin Yan said.

Gou Dong with a look of expectation: “…???”

“Sister Yan, my sister, I really can’t say that I was also instigated by others. Seeing our fateful relationship, sister, you let them go. Me.” Wu Yue looked at Lin Yan.

However, Lin Yan sighed and said helplessly: “I am not

in charge of the house.” “Sister, just now he said that you are the master of God’s house , so please don’t lie to me. You must be in charge of the house. Instigate, and I don’t know that Sister Yan, you are God’s forgiveness. If I know, just rely on our friendship, not to mention that little reward, even if you give me more, I can’t betray you, sister!” Wu Yue said excitedly.

“Mother, don’t talk nonsense with him, this person doesn’t know what’s good or bad, doesn’t know how to promote, just feed the dog.” Gou Dong said coldly.

Lin Yan looked at Xing Shen.

Xing Shen of an adult who likes to eat: “…”