Chapter 2 The focus of the audience

“Oh, my goodness, he is so imposing, he is the type I like!” said a blonde girl exaggeratedly, covering her face with her hands.

“Then you dare to strike up a conversation with him?” The friend beside the girl laughed.

“Oh! I don’t seem to dare to go over. His eyes are really scary, but they are really charming!” the girl said, and she is really full of this man now.

Heard fellow next to her a push, encourage and said: “! Then you hurry to chant, I heard that the East men are very conservative and do not look at this man looks scary, it might get along very well”

and that The girl listened to her friend and asked suspiciously: “Really?” The

friends laughed, and then said: “We don’t know, don’t you know if you try?”

The girl glanced at the man again , Looked back at the encouraging eyes of the partners, took a deep breath, brought a glass of red wine from the waiter, and then walked up.

Over there, the attendants were still persuading with heartfelt words: “Master, look, how lively the banquet is today. Today is the 18th birthday of the Williams family eldest, and everyone in the world has business dealings with the Williams family. The family company is here!

You rarely attend such banquets. Since you are here, why don’t you go to the fun?”

The man listened to the attendant’s words, but was still unmoved.

Just as the attendant was hesitating how to continue to persuade, he saw a beautiful blonde woman approaching.

She was still holding a glass of red wine in her hand, and looking around, there was no one else around, then the purpose of this beauty was obvious.

The attendant took a peek at his young master, and immediately stepped back for a while, silently.

The blonde beauty became more confident when she saw the attendant’s performance.

She walked to the man with graceful steps, smiled charmingly, and said in pure French: “Hello, this gentleman, I am the third lady of the Adams family, Alice, I don’t know if I have the honor to invite you to have a drink. Where’s the wine?” There was a

beautiful and charming girl standing opposite, the man just glanced lightly, and said in a distant yet polite French: “Hello, Miss Alice Adams, I am Xuanyuan Chen from the Xuanyuan Family of Country Z.” “

After I introduced myself, there was no more text.

The girl named Alice was about to pass the wine glass to Xuanyuanchen. Seeing that his hand had been stuck in the pocket of the suit pants, she had to withdraw her hand calmly.

Next came the weird tranquility. Xuanyuan Chen didn’t say a word, just standing there quietly, expressionless, no one could guess what he was thinking now.

Alice quietly sighed when she saw the wood-like man. She raised a lovely smile again, and broke the embarrassment: “Xuanyuan, today’s banquet is really lively. I heard that there will be fireworks in the evening. It’s really exciting!” After

Alice finished speaking, her big beautiful eyes stared at Xuanyuan Chen tightly, wanting to hear what he would say.

But she waited a long time before she heard Xuanyuanchen reply: “Yeah.”

Then? Then there is nothing.

Alice couldn’t help being a little frustrated. The man was so beautiful, but his personality was like an ice cube. She had been active for a long time, and the man still didn’t speak.

After so long in the social circle, Alice certainly knew that Mr. Xuanyuan was not interested in talking to herself.