Chapter 3 Weak Miss

She didn’t force it, she just said something else and left.

She walked a few steps, then looked back, and found that the man was still thinking about her own business, and she didn’t even look up at him, and she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

This man is beautiful, but he is so incomprehensible. With such a big beauty around him, he is still absent. It is really love and hate.

Alice walked back to her friends, everyone saw her walk back helplessly, and they knew that she must have touched a nail.

Her partner stepped forward and took her arm and comforted: “Alice, don’t be sad. I heard that Eastern men generally don’t understand these rules in the social field. Don’t be familiar with him!”

Alice reluctantly heard the words. Smiled.

Seeing that she was in a bad mood, her friend immediately began to say something else to divert her attention.

One of the girls said: “I heard that the eldest lady of the Williams family was frail and sick since she was a child. She couldn’t see the wind or the light. She had to pant for three times when she walked. She was lying in bed since she was born, and she couldn’t even walk smoothly. ! ” “

Yes, yes, I grew up grew up in Paris, participated in ballroom dancing will not know how many games, have not seen the Williams Missy. “another girl said.

“Hey, don’t you know? I heard that this eldest lady doesn’t even have time to study because she is lying in bed every day. She seems to be uncomfortable with her words!” said a brown-haired man.

Alice heard what they said and couldn’t help saying: “Really? Miss Anastasia is the only heir of the Williams family anyway. If it is really like what you said, wouldn’t the Williams family be a successor? No one?” The

others shrugged after hearing her question, who knows?

They only heard about it, after all, no one had seen this Miss Anastasia.

Over there, Xuanyuanchen’s attendant saw the blonde beauty leaving, and ran up quickly, doglegs asked, “Master, how is it? Are you in a better mood?”

Xuanyuanchen glanced at him and said nothing.

The attendant continued his efforts and said, “By the way, Master, are you not curious about the protagonist of today’s banquet, Miss Anastasia?”

Xuanyuan Chen gave him a look after hearing him mention this young lady. Then, he opened his mouth and his voice was low, but there was an addictive magic power: “Oh? Jian Qing, you are really idle.”

Jian Qing thought that his young master was interested in that Miss Anastasia. Thinking that he was bored.

Jian Qing hurriedly said, “Master, do you know you don’t want to be real? It’s really interesting…”

Xuanyuanchen gave him a cold glance, and then walked away.

Jian Qing looked helpless at the back of her young master going away.

Alas, with the young master’s temper, I’m afraid I will die alone.

The banquet on the cruise ship is still going on, and everyone is still talking about the mysterious eldest lady of the Williams family.

They didn’t know that the protagonist in their mouth was not only not lying on the bed now, nor was he an illiterate person as they said.

……………………………………… The northern suburbs

outside Paris are

full of undulating mountains. This mountain range belongs to the century-old Williams family.

On the highest mountain among the mountains, a tall and majestic castle was built, where Duke Johnson, the head of the Williams family, lived with his family.

In the castle, an old man with the appearance of an old housekeeper took a few servants through the rose garden in the castle to the training room at the back of the castle.

A girl with an oriental face stood at the door of the training room. When she saw the old man, she immediately stepped forward, bowed, and said, “Butler Davis!”

The old man nodded and said kindly: “Miss Qi .?. Missy busy yet the Duke of adults to find Missy “

Qi stained cherry hear the Duke find Missy, once said:”! turned out to be Duke of adults send you came, and I went to inform Missy “

finished, Qi Ranying turned around and knocked on the door, and said, “Miss, I’m Qi Ranying, the butler is here, saying that Lord Duke is looking for you!”

After a while, a cold voice came from inside: “Please, butler, please. Wait a minute, I’ll come out right away.”

Qi Ranying heard the words, turned her head, and said to the butler Davis: “Butler, wait a minute, Miss today’s training is not over yet!”

Butler Davis nodded Expressed understanding, and then, he stood there quietly and stopped talking.

Several people waited for about five minutes, and heard a sonorous voice inside: “Well, come here today, everyone should go back first.”

Then a group of people said in unison: “Yes! Honor! “

Then the door opened, and a large group of uniformly dressed men came out. When they saw Qi Ranying, they all leaned over and called the hall master, and then they left through the back door of the castle under the guidance of an attendant.

After all these people had left, a girl in a black tight-fitting short shirt walked out of the door.

She held a towel in her hand and was wiping her sweat. Qi Ranying saw her coming out and immediately leaned forward and respectfully said: “Miss, you have worked hard.” The

girl folded the towel and put it on the door. On the table outside, he looked at Butler Davis and asked indifferently: “I heard that my father is looking for me? What’s the matter?”

The butler Davis humbled his head and did not dare to look directly into the girl’s eyes. He stood aside and replied in a low voice: “The Lord Duke did not say it, but it should be a very important thing to think about, otherwise Lord Duke will not I came to see the eldest lady during the training time of the eldest lady.” The

girl nodded when she heard the words, and walked straight forward, saying: “I see, I’ll change my clothes first, and see my father right away.”

Davis The housekeeper saw her walking forward, and immediately followed quickly, and said respectfully: “Yes!”

Then, the girl walked through the garden to the front hall of the castle, and then took Qi Ranying upstairs and returned to her room. went.

Butler Davis didn’t go upstairs, but waited quietly downstairs.

After a while, the sound of footsteps came from the stairs. Butler Davis heard the sound and couldn’t help but look up, only to see that the girl in strong black dress had changed into an exquisite long mopping skirt.

The main color of the skirt is blue and white, and the skirt is decorated with blue and white roses, exactly the same as the blooming roses in the castle garden.

A beautiful and smooth long hair was also let down. The hair was dotted with a few rosettes. The petals swayed slightly while walking, and the tassels under the flowers fluttered in the wind. It was so beautiful that people couldn’t remove their eyes.