Chapter 4 Lord Duke

The most amazing thing is that the girl’s beautiful face seems to have been kissed by an angel. Under her slender eyelashes, she has a pair of deep purple eyes, a tall nose, pink cheeks slightly reddish, and cherry pink lips. The petals, the tender skin is like ice and snow, really icy muscles and bones, charming and natural.

However, the most attractive thing about her is her deep purple eyes. At first glance, I only feel that those eyes are shining like gems, but when I look closely, I find that there is a hidden under the beautiful appearance. Swirl deeply, as if looking at it a few more times, you will be sucked in and can’t get out again.

Her eyes are like her whole body, although charming and charming, they are also mysterious.

Butler Davis could not help sighing when he saw the eldest lady wearing such a dress. Does the Duke think he can keep the eldest lady forever?

Impossible, the eldest lady has grown up, and now even the family business is in charge of the eldest lady. Is there anything that the eldest lady can hide in this family?

The old butler sighed deeply, and then he got better, went forward, leaned forward and said, “Miss, please come with me!”

Then the butler Davis took the girl to the highest point of the castle. .

Duke Johnson was sitting on the terrace, looking at the scenery outside the window, and suddenly heard footsteps. He turned his head, with a kind smile on his face, and said in Chinese: “Jing’er, come here, come to my father. !” When

he turned around, his face instantly changed when he saw the clothes his daughter was wearing.

Yan Lijing saw her father’s expression in her eyes, without a hint of surprise in her eyes.

She walked over and sat down next to her father, also in Chinese, and said in a cold voice: “What? Doesn’t my father like it? I designed this rose dress by myself. Doesn’t my father think it looks good?”

Johnson didn’t speak. He was silent for a long time before he said, “Since you all know, what else can you say…”

Yan Lijing glanced at him without denying it.

In the next few minutes, the two of them did not speak. Butler Davis stood aside, bowed his head, not daring to express himself. This was the first time that the eldest lady had such a direct confrontation with the Lord Duke, and his heart was scared. Almost jumped out.

Just when Davis Butler felt that he was about to suffocate, Johnson lowered his head and said in a dumb voice: “Jing’er, I am sorry for your mother. It’s all because I am too cowardly. It’s all my fault… “

After that, Johnson actually cried directly in front of his daughter.

Yan Lijing glanced at him, her voice still indifferent: “You can’t be blamed entirely, I know, they forced you to make such a guarantee, I know, you are also for the sake of your mother, but it’s hard to say now…… …”

Johnson cried for a while, raised his head with red eyes, and asked in a low voice: When did you know? “

Yan Lijing said indifferently: “When she was fifteen years old. “

Johnson was surprised when he heard this. He thought his daughter only knew about it not long ago.

He didn’t expect to know it so early. He asked in surprise: “Since you know so long ago, why…”

” Why don’t you bring your mother back? “Yan Lijing asked for the second half of the sentence for him.

After that, she asked and replied: “Because I couldn’t cure my mother’s illness at that time, what can I do if I bring her back?” Will she continue to suffer? “

Johnson was pleasantly surprised when he heard his daughter’s words. He grabbed her daughter’s shoulder excitedly and asked: “Have you really found a cure for that disease?” real? “

Yan Lijing said: “Yes, I found it. I have ordered to go down. I will go back to Country A tomorrow and bring my mother back.” “

Johnson heard the words, wiped his red eyes, and said dumbly: “Good! Good! Good! Great! Our family can finally be reunited, and finally can be reunited… woo …………… “

heard the news, Johnson burst into tears like a child, eighteen years, like night and in future, even in a dream, want good-bye to his wife side, unfortunately, He can only look at the rose flowers in the garden forever, thinking silently by himself.

Blue rose, that is her favorite flower.

Yan Lijing looked at her crying father who couldn’t help herself. She didn’t say anything, and sat next to him, watching him let out the pain in her heart.

It took about an hour before Johnson came to his senses. He wiped his peach-like eyes, and his voice was hoarse and unspeakable: “Thank you, Jinger, my father is sorry, I am sorry, and I am sorry, and I am also sorry for your mother. , I’m also sorry to your uncle………………In the end, I still have to rely on you………………I am really useless, really useless…………”

Johnson held his daughter in his arms and cried again.

Yan Lijing helped her forehead, crying endlessly.

She patted Johnson on the back and said, “Okay, father, everything is over. Don’t be sad.”

Johnson heard his daughter’s words, and quickly wiped his eyes again . She was so awkward today. How can you cry so much in front of your daughter, you should fight, you should fight!

Johnson immediately suppressed his emotions and said: “Back then, they stopped me and refused to let me take your mother away. One was because they wanted to use your mother’s body for research, and the other was to torture her.

I was incompetent. There is no way to suppress the illness on her body, as a last resort, she did not bring her back. Jing’er, don’t resent me, I’m sorry!”

Yan Lijing listened to Johnson’s words and said directly: “Father, you don’t blame yourself, your choice back then That’s right. If I were you, I would do the same. If my mother’s illness is not a spiritualist, it would be difficult to suppress it. My father is not a spiritualist, so I can only leave my mother there.”

Johnson was very moved when he heard what Yan Lijing said. He hugged his beloved daughter with a gratified expression on his face.

Yan Lijing looked at her watch. It was too early. She pushed Johnson and said, “Father, it’s not early, it’s time to rest.”

Johnson heard the words and looked up at the wall clock, isn’t it, it’s almost ten. It’s two o’clock.

He immediately let go of Yan Lijing, and hurriedly said, “Jing’er, you look at me, you are all happy and confused, yes, it’s time to rest. You hurry back to sleep, and you will go back to Country Z tomorrow!”

Yan Lijing a little bit ! Head, stood up, said something to rest early, and left the terrace.

Qi Ranying saw Yan Lijing coming out of the terrace and immediately followed up, and asked in a low voice, “Miss, the Lord Duke agreed to go back to Country Z?”

Yan Lijing said dubiously, “Why would you disagree? If I was afraid of being caught by those people.” Catch it, he won’t let me appear in social situations for so many years, and even say that I am a sick child.”