Chapter 5 Return to Country Z

Qi Ranying curled her lips and said, “Isn’t it, although Lord Duke is to protect the young lady, but when I think of those people secretly saying that the young lady is a waste who can’t breathe, I can’t wait to beat them!” “

Yan Lijing didn’t say anything about this. There are too many people who don’t know the truth. Isn’t she going to explain them one by one?

What she is thinking about most now is how to rescue her mother so that the family can be reunited.

Yan Lijing’s eyes dimmed when she thought of the things she found out to her mother over the years. These people were purely looking for death!

Seeing Yan Lijing’s eyes darkened, Qi Ranying knew that she was in a bad mood, and immediately said doglegally: “Miss, don’t be angry, I will arrange now so that they will bring the wife out first…”

Yan Lijing said. said:. “no, no hurry at this time, so back to the Z state tomorrow, I will arrange follow-up,”

Qi dye Ying once said: “Yes!”


first In the early morning of the next morning, new guests came to the Williams family’s castle!

Butler Davis was watering the flowers in the front hall, and he saw a servant hurried over and said: “Butler Davis, the young master of the Anderson family is here, saying that he is here to find the lady!”

Butler Davis After hearing a joy, Brooks Anderson, the young master of the Anderson family, is Miss Elder’s best friend. She is not in a good mood these days. Today, she is going back to Country Z. Seeing this young master to see her off. Miss will be very happy!

The Davis butler immediately ordered Brooks to be invited into the living room, and then went up to call the eldest lady.

He went straight upstairs, and as soon as he walked to the door of Yan Lijing’s bedroom, he saw Qi Ranying waiting there. He immediately told Qi Ranying that Brooks had come to see Yan Lijing.

Qi Ranying also knew that her lady and the young master were very good, so she immediately knocked on the door and said: “Miss, the butler Davis just now, Young Master Brooks is looking for you!” The

voice just fell, the bedroom door She opened it, and Yan Lijing was still wearing yesterday’s blue rose dress. She tidyed up her slightly messy hair and said, “Where is Brooks?”

Butler Davis said immediately, “It’s already in the living room!”

he said. Before he finished speaking, a lively voice suddenly appeared, interrupting his next words.

“Anastasia, I’m here to play with you!” The

voice came first before the person arrived. When everyone heard the lively and cheerful voice, they knew that the young master couldn’t stand his temper and ran upstairs!

When Yan Lijing heard his voice, there was a rare smile on her originally calm face.

Brooks ran over “Cengceng”, took Yan Lijing’s hand, and ran down. As he ran, he said, “Anastasia, hurry up, my brother and I have prepared gifts for you!”

Yan Lijing heard. Weirdly asked: “Why, your brother is here too?”

Brooks turned his head, and the boy had a cute face, light blue eyes, and beige hair. It is not difficult to see from this that he is a pure Kind of F people.

He has a very active temperament, and he likes to do some weird things.

The Anderson family and the Williams family have known each other for generations, so he is also one of the few people who knows the true situation of Yan Lijing.

Hearing Yan Lijing’s words, he immediately replied: “It was my brother who said that you are going abroad to play today. It may be a long time since you will see it, so we will send you off together today!”

Yan Lijing was still a little touched when she heard this. She heard that she was going to travel a long distance, and she was so bluntly to send herself off. It is estimated that there is no one else except these two brothers.

Brooks pulled Yan Lijing down and went to the living room, where his brother Curtis was sitting in the hall drinking coffee.

Seeing Yan Lijing come down, Curtis raised his head and smiled gently at her.

Cortise, like his younger brother, has off-white curly hair and royal blue eyes, but compared to his younger brother, his facial features are softer and restrained, just like a cup of full-bodied coffee, the more tasted, the more flavorful.

His bones exudes the unhurried and elegant demeanor of a European gentleman, which makes it hard not to have a good impression of him.

Yan Lijing stepped forward and laughed: “Where did you hear that I was going to travel?”

Curtis put down the coffee cup, picked up the coffee pot, poured a cup for Yan Lijing, and thoughtfully added some milk. , Then said: “I heard what Dennis said. He said that you are going to country Z to do some things today. It may take a few months. As soon as I heard about it, I will come to see you off.”

Yan Lijing took the coffee in his hand. , Said: “It’s not a big deal, I’m bothering you.”

Curtis laughed when he heard the words, lightly nodded Yan Lijing’s hair, and said: “Between you and me, why are you so polite? Come and have a look. I give you a gift!”

Yan Lijing is completely accustomed to this behavior of Curtis. They grew up together, and Curtis is like her brother to her, although he doesn’t necessarily think so.

Curtis took a box from the servant behind him, and then opened it. Inside was a delicate rose flower brooch with blue gems inlaid on the petals. There is a fragrance of roses.

Yan Lijing picked it up and looked at it carefully, and concluded: “The blue rose on this brooch should be Mrs. Brown’s handwriting, but how do you know that I like rose flowers?”

Curtis smiled, he took a sip of coffee, and then said: “It’s not just you, but Uncle Johnson also likes roses? I often see that the butler Davis always takes care of the roses in the garden. , Even Uncle Johnson’s study room has rose flowers.”

Yan Lijing smiled slightly and said: “You are really careful to observe.”

Curtis stood up, pinned the brooch carefully on Yan Lijing’s skirt, and smiled. “I wish you a good journey! I’ll go first!”

Yan Lijing let him wear a brooch, and then said: “Thank you.”

After that, the Curtis and Brooks brothers left.

After they left, Yan Lijing said to Qi Ranying, “Tell Dennis, we will set off now!”

Qi Ranying immediately said, “Yes, miss!”

After saying that, she immediately went to prepare the car.


Here, Yan Lijing is preparing to go to Country Z, and the other person is just like her.

Xuanyuan Chen was forced by his parents to attend the birthday banquet of the young lady of the Williams family at the latest. He was in a very bad mood. In the morning, in order to prevent his parents from forcing him to meet any celebrities, he also returned home immediately.