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Chapter 7 Uninvited Guest


In the small conference room, Gu Liang sat in the center, staring at the folders in his hands, and assigning tasks to other agents in an orderly manner.

“This month, the company has a total of two TV series productions, three film official announcements, three music album promotion activities, and five brand activities. You must understand the work arrangements of the artists you bring in advance.”

Others looked at Gu Liang’s conscientious and serious appearance, and did not dare to be distracted, and wrote down exactly what she said.

In the end, when she finished speaking, she looked up from the document, glanced around for a week and asked, “There is so much content for today’s meeting, do you have any questions?”

Everyone looked at her neatly, “No!”

Hearing that, Gu Liang closed the folder with sharp eyes, “The ugly words are at the forefront. If something goes wrong, the collective will be punished!”


Bell bell bell

The phone on the table rang, and everyone looked at that phone subconsciously.

Looking at the unfamiliar phone number, Gu Liang frowned, took his mobile phone, and said to the person in the conference room, “The meeting is over!”

After speaking, she went out.

After answering the phone, he walked towards his office and gave a “hello” as he walked.

A deep and magnetic voice came from the other end of the phone, “It’s me! Ye Lingchen!”

Hearing this voice, Gu Liang raised his eyelids faintly and asked, “What’s the matter?” He was about to push the door.

“There is someone who claims to be your mother…”

Gu Liang’s hand that pushed the door slammed, his aura changed, “What did you say?”

Ye Jingchen here listened to her change of tone, frowned slightly, and looked at the other woman who stared at her like an enemy, “So you have to…”

What are you going to do?

Ye Jingchen wanted to ask if she wanted to deal with it by herself, but she heard the cold voice, “I’ll be back soon!”

“Huh?” Ye Jingchen was hung up before Ye Jingchen could reply.

Here Jiang Guo looked at Gu Liang who was standing at the door, and was a little puzzled, “Mr. Gu, aren’t you going in?”

Gu Liang looked back at Jiang Guo, and said indifferently between his eyebrows, “I have something wrong, you can arrange the schedule later.”

Seeing Gu Liang’s expression a little ugly, Jiang Guo couldn’t ask anything more, and nodded.

Gu Liang quickly left the company, took his car and ran towards his home.

At home, Su Lan looked at Ye Jingchen on the opposite side, her eyebrows were full of alert, “Who are you? Why are you in her house?”

Ye Jingchen’s legs overlapped, his fingers crossed on his legs, and his eyes fell coldly on Su Lan, who was opposite, silent.

“I warn you, this is my daughter’s house. She never brings back people with unknown directions. You’d better leave me here soon!”

Su Lan’s arrogant appearance made Ye Jingchen’s eyes a trace of disgust, and it was the first time he met such a bitter and mean woman.

It’s really ugly and annoying.

Seeing Ye Jingchen’s silent expression, Su Lan became even more frantic, “Also, don’t think you’re good-looking and just stay here. My daughter has a fiance, and they are about to get married. You’d better be more interesting and don’t force me to drive you out.”

When Ye Jingchen heard that Gu Liang had a fiance about to get married, his eyes flashed that he hadn’t noticed the cold.

Su Lan was even more arrogant when he saw that he was silent. Every time he spoke, she would stretch out her finger at Ye Jingchen, and she almost touched his face.

But Ye Jingchen looked at such a proud appearance, the cold color under his eyes became heavier and heavier.

If there was such a bitter woman around him before the change, it would have been a lesson for people to drag him to the invisible place.

Seeing Su Lan speak more and more vigorously, he slowly raised his eyes, and his icy gaze directed at Su Lan, with an imposing manner, “Is it enough?”

Even if Ye Jingchen came from a wealthy family and had a very good self-cultivation, being scolded by such a woman pointed at her nose, her indifferent and merciless temper gradually climbed up.

Su Lan was suddenly made to press the pause button by Ye Jingchen’s sudden aura, her expression was a little dull, and the hand pointing at him was a little stiff.

At this moment, Ye Jingchen was trapped on the sofa. The ink-colored pupils were extremely light, but they were indescribably cold. “This lady, if you are looking for your daughter, she will come back soon after she said. I will be with you. It doesn’t matter if you are unfamiliar, you’d better restrain your temper a little.”

Su Lan is accustomed to big names everywhere. Those people care about Gu Liang’s relationship with her and dare not offend her. After all, Gu Liang is a famous producer in the entertainment industry. Offending her is tantamount to ruining her own future, and no one dares to go. Offended her. So Su Lan always walked sideways wherever she went, and she got used to it with her arrogance. How could she bear Ye Jingchen’s words to herself?

At the moment, Su Lan was anxious, and her eyes burst into flames, “Do you know what my daughter does? She is the top producer in the entertainment industry. You offend me, do you want to mix it up?”

Hearing that, Ye Jingchen twitched his mouth without changing his face, “Fortunately, I don’t intend to be in the entertainment industry.”

“Not going to be in the entertainment industry?” Su Lan looked at him up and down, and saw that he was white and thin, his hands were even more slender, and a person with ten fingers that did not touch the sun, what else could he have except a face?

With a judgment, Su Lan curled her lips in disdain, and said with a mean face, “It’s not that I said, you have nothing but a face. You still don’t use your face to eat in the entertainment industry for a few years. Easy meal? I don’t even have my coffin when I don’t have it.”

Ye Jingchen’s eyes were shallow, and he hooked up the corner of his mouth and said, “My coffin is not enough, so I won’t bother my wife.”

The chief executive of his First Group is not even unable to take out the coffin.

“Is that so courageous?” Su Lan’s posture of the master, “Isn’t it in the entertainment industry? Is it possible that you are the little white face raised by Gu Liang? That’s why you are not afraid of the sky?”

Ye Jingchen was very keenly aware that when Su Lan said Gu Liang’s name again, his voice was clearly raised, with indescribable sarcasm, which made his brows furrow.

“Madam, if I remember correctly, just now you said that your daughter has a fiancé, and now that she is raising her, you, as her mother, are so irresponsible to her?”

If she really looked like a mother, she wouldn’t throw dirty water on her daughter here, and she wouldn’t ignore her daughter’s reputation.

Upon hearing this, Su Lan looked contemptuously, “Who is her mother?”

Ye Jingchen tapped his fingers lightly, and there was a cold glow in his eyes, “Half an hour ago, you knocked on the door and said you are her mother, aren’t you now?”

Su Lan looked strange, “What qualifications does she have to be my Su Lan’s daughter?”

Seeing Su Lan’s appearance, Ye Jingchen sneered in her heart and saw such a shameless woman for the first time.

On the one hand, he used Gu Liang’s fame to be proud; on the other hand, he categorically denied that Gu Liang was her daughter. Such a woman is really the first in his world.

Suddenly, Ye Jingchen suddenly remembered the caller ID on his phone a few days ago. At that time, Gu Liang’s expression was very ugly, Su Lan!

It’s the person in front of you!

A touch of coldness flashed across Ye Jingchen’s eyes.

“Since you are not her mother, then please leave!” Ye Jingchen stood up, his height of a little over eighteen meters and his slenderness, with indifferent eyes staring at Su Lan condescendingly.

He didn’t know why, he subconsciously wanted Su Lan to leave, and didn’t want such a woman to ruin Gu Liang’s mood.

Su Lan was shocked by Ye Jingchen’s actions, and then laughed disdainfully, “What qualifications do you have to drive me away? Who do you think you are?”

Su Lan also stood up abruptly and looked up at him, her aura no less than Ye Jingchen.

However, one is noble and indifferent, and the other is a rascal.

“If I don’t leave, what can you do with me?” Su Lan sneered. “Young man, I urge you to figure out that you are the least qualified to let me go!”

Seeing Su Lan’s appearance, Ye Jingchen gradually had a murderous intent in her heart, and for the first time she was easily angered by a woman.

He furrowed his brows and curled his fingers slightly.

“He is not qualified, what about me?”

A cold voice came from the door and the two people looked over. They saw Gu Liang standing at the door, the door was wide open, and the cool breeze from outside came in, blowing her hair…

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