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Chapter 8 worthy?

Gu Liang’s gaze swept over Ye Jingchen’s body, and then fell on Su Lan’s body, his eyes deepened again, and he walked in blankly.

When she came in, Ye Jingchen noticed that she was carrying a large handbag in her hand, and her hand had been strangled red.

At this time, she put her handbag on the coffee table and sat down.

Looking at Ye Jingchen who was standing next to her, she stretched out her hand to pull him down and sat next to her.

Then he looked at Su Lan and asked, “What can I do if you came to see me today?”

Su Lan was still in the situation where Gu Liang suddenly appeared and did not regain her senses, she regained her senses only after hearing Gu Liang’s voice.

“Tell me first, who is this person?”

Seeing Su Lan looking at Ye Jingchen with a displeased face, Gu Liang looked at her without changing her face, her tone was soothing and steady, “Who is he who is getting in your way?”

“Gu Liang!” Seeing Gu Liang dared to use this attitude toward herself for the first time, Su Lan’s voice couldn’t help being raised, just like the sound of metal scratching on glass, sharp and ear-piercing.

“I’m here, you can just tell me something!” Gu Liang said flatly, “I am not deaf!”

Su Lan saw Gu Liang’s way of being unsatisfactory to herself, a fire suddenly appeared in her eyes, “Gu Liang, what is your attitude?”

Hearing this, Gu Liang raised his eyelids and looked at Su Lan calmly and said, “What kind of attitude do you want me to treat you? Or is it the same as before?”

Su Lan was trembling angrily by her attitude, “You…”

She couldn’t think that Gu Liang, who she had said that she didn’t dare to say two, now dared to refute herself?

Moreover, what did Gu Liang look in his eyes?

Do you want to eat yourself?

Seeing Su Lan’s reaction, Gu Liang couldn’t stop sneering in his heart, and he still responded to those words. People are good at being deceived.

In the past, I saw that they were obedient to them in terms of their own nurturing grace, and what they wanted was what they wanted, in exchange for their lack of contentment, and even more of a life to pay for it. Now, she owes nothing. Why should they be insulted by them? Why should you be a cow and a horse for them?

Gu Liang’s eyes were indifferent, and his tone didn’t fluctuate, “I will give you what you want? If you want a house, I will buy you a house; now, what do you want?”

Su Lan was trembling with anger by Gu Liang’s changed attitude, and her chest was violently up and down, “Gu Liang, you…you…”

“Want to say that I was ungrateful?” Gu Liang sneered after taking Su Lan’s unfinished words.

Ye Jingchen on the side looked at Gu Liang, who was covered in thorns, his brows furrowed, and his eyes looked a little more probing.

Gu Liang looked at Su Lan with his arms around his chest, “You have said this for more than a hundred times. You are not tired of saying this, I am tired of listening.”

Su Lan looked resentful and pointed at Gu Liang and cursed, “Gu Liang, this is how you repay us? We raised you so big, and you treat us like this now? Your conscience was eaten by a dog?”

“Raise me?” Gu Liang whispered, as if he was thinking of something.

Seeing her appearance, Su Lan strikes while the iron is hot, with a look of regret at the beginning, “Your parents are dead, we have taken you over for so long, what is your attitude towards us now? I knew this, why should we support you in the first place! “

Ye Jingchen on the side understood these words in an instant. Looking at Gu Liang’s profile, an inexplicable distress flashed in her eyes. She actually had such a life experience.

“Now that you have accomplished your career, you don’t want to recognize us?” Su Lan flushed with anger, and continued with a distressed look, “Gu Liang, ask yourself, where are we sorry for you? How could you? Ruin your sister’s future?”

Hearing the last sentence, Ye Jingchen clearly saw Gu Liang teasing the corner of his mouth, his gaze slowly moved up, and fell on Su Lan again.

“Is there no place to be sorry for me?” Gu Liang repeated these words, slowly standing up, his cold eyes locked on Su Lan’s body, “Where are you worthy of me?”

“When I came to you at the age of seven, what did you do to me? I sleep in the storage room; I get up at five o’clock every day to make breakfast for your family; which one of me did not do laundry, cooking, and cleaning? What did you do to me?”

She walked towards Su Lan as she said, her aura made Su Lan couldn’t help but start to retreat.

However, Gu Liang couldn’t tolerate her to hide, his vision seemed to be locked on Su Lan’s body.

“I went to elementary school when I was eight years old. Did you ever give me a penny? Ordinary elementary school is only a few thousand dollars. Did you take it? If I skipped two grades, the school waived tuition and fees, and I continued to study. ?”

“I’m twelve years old, I’m in junior high school, did you manage me? I lived in school for three years and worked part-time during winter and summer vacations to earn tuition by myself. Have you ever cared about me? I earned the full scholarship for high school and university. Have you ever said something to me? Now that I have a successful career, what does it have to do with you?”

Gu Liang looked at Su Lan with mockery in his eyes, “Now, why are you asking me not to help Gu Suyan?”

She almost yelled at the last sentence, yelling out all the grievances and unwillingness she had suffered over the past ten years.

Su Lan was caught off guard by Gu Liang’s series of questions, and she didn’t react.

Seeing Gu Liang’s clenched fists, Ye Jingchen’s brows furrowed, and there was a bit of disgust in his eyes towards Su Lan.

“Gu Liang, we raised you so much, without credit…”

Looking at Su Lan’s angry face, Gu Liang smiled contemptuously, “Is it hard work?”

She stared at Su Lan indifferently, and asked coldly, “What else do you want?”


“Do you want me to be famous for Gu Suyan? Or where do you fancy the house? Or do you want me to block someone?”

“Gu Liang!” Su Lan had never been questioned by Gu Liang before, and the anger and unhappiness in her heart all rushed to her mind, and she began to be angry with her again, “I tell you, you must be responsible for Su Yan’s future, otherwise I… “

If it had been before, Gu Liang might still have taken care of the so-called nurturing grace, but now Gu Liang has already seen clearly that the hypocritical affection is a burden.

She smiled coldly, “How about it?”

“If you don’t care about Su Yan, I will go to your company and find Jiang Yunze!” Su Lan thought that mentioning Jiang Yunze would make Gu Liang change her attitude, but she didn’t expect…

“Then you go.” Gu Liang put his arms around his chest and stared at Su Lan coldly. “Aren’t you very diligent in looking for Jiang Yunze? How many times do you have to go with me on your back? Do I need to count them? Tell me now. Am I meaningful?”


Facing Gu Liang’s cold eyes, Su Lan felt a little guilty for a while. She never thought that after a few days of not seeing Gu Liang, Gu Liang seemed to have changed, completely different from her before.

And Gu Liang looked at Su Lan’s guilty conscience and sneered, “Gu Suyan’s future, you can go to Jiang Yunze, let Jiang Yunze find ten or eight agents for Gu Suyan to support her… “

“As long as she gets hot!”

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