A worshiper who knows the spiritual agenda.

Matik Mata: A worshiper who knows the spiritual agenda.
Book of Buddha, words, incantations, teachings from … Phra Tipitaka
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High-class worshipers learned meditation from monks … Achieve an Anakami To, along with Apinya Provide food that is suitable for all monks to achieve.

Around 60 monks studied meditation from the beginning to the Arahat in the Buddha’s house. Then traveled to the Buddhist Lent at ” Matikham “, a crowded village near the foot of the mountain Within the region of King Kosol (= Kosol) the mother of the owner of the house (Mother of the owner of the house It was a house where slaves and laborers lived. And invited to stay at the temple (near this village there is a temple where other monks used to reside, but now there are no monks) when they receive the invitation

The Great Maiden (Mrs. Matikmata = the mother of the Matikham house owner) ordered people to clean the temple where the monks lived.

Lent already Those monks made a rule that Will stay without negligence Should not be together, 2 pictures should be separated In order to perform meditation as learned from the Prophet’s office, it will combine two times: evening time to perform meditation for Phra Thera. And time for alms only ..

One evening Great servants to hold pharmacies Entering the temple at dusk, did not see a monk People who had entered the temple before then told of the rule that If you find a monk then ring a bell, and when it hits, she sees the monks coming from that way one by one. She thinks that the monks are fighting, so ask. They clarified that Did not fight But separately, she asked what was the chancellor? Please teach some The monks therefore taught them to consider the 32 symptoms ( physical consciousness ) and Vipassana.

Since that day She explained the symptoms 32 and prospered Vipassana. (Achieving a 32 contemplation in the first absorption , then meditation is Vipassana baht) would soon achieve Samak 3 3 (= is the anāgāmi ) and has Pฏisampita 4 and temporal Apinya with.

Great worshipers contemplating that Have those monks achieve success or not? Found that they had not attained contemplation and introspection at all Why is it because? I found that they had not yet received the food at Sappaya, so she took care of preparing delicious food for every day a few days later. You have attained the Arahat ready. And the 4 adoption, they know and support that Our achievements were accomplished by having great Worshipers After the end of the Buddhist Lent they said goodbye to the great worshipers.

We are going to meet the Prophet. She said, ” Well, in the meantime, let the gods come and visit me. ” Blessed He inquired about the existence of the past year. … Those monks talked about that great worshiper And receiving good support from her because she knew the agenda Prepared food that is suitable as the monks thought Making us not have any difficulty in food.

One of the monks had heard the monks praising the Great Abbas. Want to be there Therefore asked to study meditation in the Buddha’s house and traveled At the Matik Vihara and thought, ” We are very tired, we want the worshipers to send people to sweep the temple for that. ” So send someone to clean up for … You think you want drinking water … Golden rice and curry Aom in the morning … Arrange for the person to bring the offering according to all you think, you think you want to find yourself … the great worshiper came to meet him at the vihara, the monk asked directly if the worshiper knew other people’s minds or …

She admitted that ” yes. ” The monk immediately thought, ” Well , we are, we are mortals. A worshiper will know everything we can think of. We should not be here. ”Then said I asked to leave to return to the Prophet, even though she invited him to stay, he would not remain.

The monk returned to Shetawan. The Prophet asked, Why aren’t you at Matikham? He said, ” Afraid of worshipers, knowing thoughts, ” said, ” You should be there She just took a mental treatment. Only one thing is enough Because the mind is difficult to heal You can keep your mind and not think of any emotions. It is difficult to control the mind. ”Then said this proverb

The monk said goodbye to Matikham again. The worshipers also knew that That monk accepted the teachings and was traveling. Therefore, a food offering … monks can only live for 2-3 days.

One day, he thought that This great king Has it been our refuge in our priorities or not? Recalling the past, it was found that in the state of 99 (counting back from the present life), she was our wife (Norris) and she had cheated on us (The husband at that time) collaborated with the adulterous man to kill us. Oh, she had done a lot of kills before.

The great worshipers pondered that A monk who is our son Did the mission of Banchit the end or not? (= Have you attained the Arahat yet?) Knowing that he is an Arhat, then he is very grateful. And remember my life Check to see if we have been involved with this monk before or not? She thought, ” Phra Thera saw our punishment when we were at the age of 99, and we used to do a lot of karma. ” ? I remembered to find that in the 100th convention, we are wives and have given life (alms life). ” In a place where life is down from one(He did not specify what she was willing to die for, it could mean saving her husband to her own death or saving her husband. Can reach the enemy). She is glad that she used to make support for this monk And while still sitting in the house, she (used her power) said to the monk, ” Please meditate on the 100th consciousness “

Thera heard by DHIPAYA audiovisual remembered to witness and then you think, ” gratifying development. The worshipers have helped us. “Happened to show the Dharma on the 4 Paths, the 4th results to the great worshipers, and then he passed away with Anupatisees Nirvana Element

Explain Buddhist proverbs

Restrain difficult (Thunikkhas), rapid change (Luno), mental training is therefore considered good (Jittstha Thamtho Sathu), including training with the four nobles (such as Sodapatthi, etc.), doing spiritual To end the skits, it will bring happiness, that is, happiness that arises from the attainment of paths and nirvana (see Tor Kor. 1 / 290-298).