Ask something useless

Anatpoo Brahmin: Ask something useless.
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Winning is more precious than the self. Defeating all the people is not good at all. A person has trained himself The works include the age,

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The Lord Buddha showed 6 practices that did not bring any benefit.

One of the Brahmins thought that “The Lord Buddha only knows what is beneficial. Or whether His Highness knows what is not useful as well We will ask him. ”, He approached the Lord Buddha in Chetawan and asked his doubts. The Prophet replied, “Brahmin, I know both what is beneficial and what is not.” It is not useful to me. ”(Brahmin was called Anatpukha because he asked about things that were not helpful). Things that are not useful 6 Is 1. Sleep until the sunrise (Sleep awake very late) 2. Idleness 3. Ferociousness (often angry)

4. Sleep for a long time. (Without a point) 6. To eat someone else’s wife. It will be born to you, ”said the Brahmin, saying,“ Well, well, well. The best in the faculty Knowing what is good and what is not, ”the Prophet examines. Courtesy of brahmin (To preach the dharma for him to understand and inform) and asked if What job do you live with? He said, “Play Saka, God.” He asked if you lost or won? He said, “Losing and winning,” said ” Losing and winning is a small matter. And to win others is not good, whoever can conquer his passion. Winning is noble Because no one can make that win a defeat.”And spoke this proverb

Explain the Proverb : Winning others that are not good, such as winning by playing Saka, with cheating. And winning by fighting force in war, etc. But to win oneself is more superior because he has trained himself without desire, even if anyone tries to make it back to defeated desire again, it will not succeed. Because of the passions that have left with the path of prayer and will not return again, unlike winning gambling May return to being defeated (see Thor. 2/369-371).

Moral knowledge Overcome their own desires only through the path of winning Will not return to defeat