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Chapter 11 Dispute

For several days in a row, Ye Jingchen went out early and returned late for the design of the studio. Even Gu Liang didn’t leave work until midnight for get off work. The two people have barely met in the past few days.

On this day, early in the morning, Gu Liang came to the office on time. As soon as he entered, he heard a burst of noise. The surrounding employees looked at the source of the sound and whispered.

“Jiang Guo…”

Gu Liang’s temperatureless voice came, and the employees watching the excitement instantly stood upside down, turning their heads mechanically to look at Gu Liang at the door, and all of them quickly bowed their heads and returned to their seats to work.

Jiang Guo hurriedly ran to Gu Liang, “Mr. Gu…”

Gu Liang looked at the source of the sound, his brows furrowed, and a hint of displeasure appeared on his face, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Guo followed Gu Liang’s gaze and quickly replied, “It’s Broker Tian and Broker Zhou who quarreled.”

“the reason!”

“The company just issued a notice this morning about the music album in July. The notice clearly stated that it was an artist belonging to Manager Tian, ​​but Manager Zhou quit. It does not mean that Manager Tian robbed her artist’s resources. Two people If anyone refused to accept it, they quarreled.”

Gu Liang frowned and watched the two figures in the conference room shaking constantly, the two people flaring their teeth and dancing claws, the unpleasant expression in his eyes became more and more obvious, “Is the artist in charge of Tian Jingwen a newcomer?”

Jiang Guo nodded and quickly mobilized her memory and said, “I came out of the trainees last season. I have a good voice. We plan to focus on training. But Broker Zhou doesn’t know what’s wrong, so I just won’t let it.”

“Who is Zhou Ya’s artist?”

Jiang Guo glanced at the direction of the conference room, then glanced at Gu Liang, a little hesitant, “Yes…yes…”

Seeing Jiang Guo hesitating, Gu Liang understood without her saying, “Gu Suyan!”

She couldn’t help but sneered, “Since this is the case, call the two of them to my office and get me a morning notice.”

Seeing Gu Liang’s cold expression, Jiang Guo trembled and nodded quickly.

Gu Liang glanced at the direction of the conference room, a stern flickered in his eyes, and then pushed the door into his office.

As soon as Gu Liang sat down, the phone rang and opened a picture. In the photo, Ye Jingchen was standing in the distance. His back was slender and slender. There were still many workers entering the country. The decoration of the studio had begun to show results, which made Gu The corners of the cool mouth slightly drew up.

Boom boom boom!

The knock on the door interrupted Gu Liang’s thoughts, and the smile on the corner of her mouth faded instantly, and when she looked up, she saw Jiang Guo standing at the door and nodding towards her.

Gu Liang looked at the door and saw Tian Jingwen and Zhou Ya walking in, both of them still carrying unfading anger.

Tian Jingwen looked at Gu Liang, with a trace of awe in her eyes, and cautiously yelled, “Mr. Gu…”

On the other hand, Zhou Ya, her eyes flashed with obvious anger and a hint of arrogance, and she was very unkind to Gu Liang’s tone, “Gu, what do you want to do with us? I’m very busy. Just go straight to Gu if you have any instructions. Say it.”

The jealous and insolent Gu Liang in Zhou Ya’s tone was naturally heard, but she did not change the slightest, and calmly motioned to the two people to sit down, “Sit down first.”

Tian Jingwen sat upright, but Zhou Ya casually leaned on the chair, with a lot of impatience on her face.

Gu Liang did not speak, lowered his head and looked at the notice in his hand, without giving them a look from beginning to end.

As time went by, Tian Jingwen became more and more anxious, and carefully looked at Gu Liang, while Zhou Ya became more and more impatient. In the end, she simply stood up and said, “Mr. Gu, if you have nothing to do. I’ll go to work first, there are still a lot of things waiting for me over there.”

Without waiting for Gu Liang to reply, she was leaving, Gu Liang said without raising her head, “Gu Suyan, three agents, do you think you are missing?”

Zhou Ya’s footsteps stopped, and she turned her head and stared in Gu Liang’s direction, her eyes flashing with angry sparks, “Gu President, what do you mean?”

Gu Liang finally raised his head and looked at Zhou Ya with a smile, “I said, Gu Suyan doesn’t need you as an agent for the time being, so don’t worry.”

“President Gu, you…”

Gu Liang crossed his hands, “Sit down first, let’s talk about what happened just now.”

Zhou Ya sat down again, showing disdain, “What is there to say? Isn’t it just an announcement?”

“This is the first time I have heard of the announcement of the old man grabbing the newcomer.”

Gu Liang looked at the notice in his hand and put it in front of Zhou Ya. Zhou Ya glanced indifferently, “Isn’t it just a music album? What does it have? What does it matter if the old man uses the newcomer’s resources?”

Gu Liang stared at her, but asked with a smile on his face, “Do you think this is so proud of?”

“Mr. Gu, it’s not that I said that the entertainment industry is always a place for the capable. A newcomer wants to compare with an old man. Isn’t that irresponsible? Besides, isn’t this just a music album? Is it still worse than this time?”

Tian Yawen couldn’t help it anymore, his eyes fired, “Zhou Ya, don’t go too far!”

“Why am I going too far?” Zhou Ya put her hands around her chest, showing disdain, “Tian Jingwen, you are just a newcomer. My artist is Gu Suyan. She is an artist personally protected by President Jiang. Qualified to compare with Gu Suyan?”

Zhou Ya’s proud look had never thought that it was in front of Gu Liang’s face, which made a haze across Gu Liang’s eyes, and her sharp gaze directed at Zhou Ya, “President Jiang’s person?”

Zhou Ya hadn’t noticed the cold light gathered in Gu Liang’s eyes, and said, “I didn’t do anything wrong,” said, “Mr. Gu, you don’t know that Gu Suyan is the one ordered by Mr. Jiang himself. It’s your sister again, but it’s just a music album. Is Tian Jingwen so stingy?”

“Stingy?” Gu Liang leaned back on the back of his chair with his hands around his chest. “The newcomer is called stingy if he doesn’t let the old man? Is it just natural for the old man to grab resources from the newcomer?”

“Mr. Gu, I don’t mean that, I mean…”

Without waiting for Zhou Ya to speak, Gu Liang narrowed his eyes, his tone full of oppression, “Zhou Ya, have you forgotten, who did you get out from?”

Feeling the chilling aura on Gu Liang’s body, Zhou Ya was taken aback.

“Zhou Ya, let me remind you that this company is not your turn to point fingers!” Gu Liang’s eyes were locked on Zhou Ya’s body, and he said with a trace of indifference, “I don’t care who your agent is, I You are still the entertainer director of entertainment, you can only obey what kind of resources are arranged for artists, and you have no right to grab resources from newcomers!”

Zhou Ya was tightly suppressed by Gu Liang’s compelling aura. She bit her red lips and her face was full of unwillingness, “Mr. Gu, Gu Suyan is an artist whom President Jiang personally protects. You…”

Hearing her mention Jiang Yunze, Gu Liang sneered, “What? Now that you have a lot of skills? Use Jiang Yunze to suppress me?”


Gu Liang sat up straight and stared at Zhou Ya with a smile, “Zhou Ya, I can’t tell, I have been with Gu Suyan for a few days, so I am so willing to be used as a gun by her?”

“Mr. Gu, you laughed…” Zhou Ya was staring at Gu Liang and his scalp was numb. “This is my job. I will naturally try my best.”

Gu Liang raised his eyebrows and suddenly smiled on his face, “You are right, as your boss, I should indeed support your work…”

Zhou Ya raised her head and looked at Gu Liang’s smiling appearance. For a while, she was extremely puzzled, “Mr Gu…”

Gu Liang looked at the notice on the table and pushed it to Zhou Ya, “I will leave this music album to you…”

Hearing this, Tian Jingwen on the side was anxious, “Mr. Gu…”

Gu Liang ignored Tian Jingwen, but stared at Zhou Ya.

Zhou Ya hesitated to pick up the notice, looked at Gu Liang uncertainly, and couldn’t help reconfirming, “Mr. Gu, have you really decided?”

Gu Liang smiled and nodded, “Go and bring it to her!”

After getting the affirmative answer again, Zhou Ya’s face burst into a smile, and she stood up with the notice, “Thank you, Mr. Gu!”

Gu Liang raised his eyebrows and watched Zhou Ya walk out excitedly, the smile on his face faded, and he looked at Tian Jingwen, “Why? Not reconciled?”

Tian Yawen was very unwilling and couldn’t help but question Gu Liang, “Ms. Gu, why do you want to give her? This notice is clearly ours?”

Faced with Tian Jingwen’s question, Gu Liang didn’t take it seriously. Instead, he took out a folder from the drawer and handed it to Tian Jingwen, “Open it and take a look.”

Tian Jingwen opened the folder questioningly and browsed, her pupils suddenly enlarged, and she looked at Gu Liang in shock, “Mr. Gu, you are…”

Gu Liang smiled gently, “I hope you and your artist will not let me down on my expectations of you.”

Tian Yawen stood up excitedly and bowed to Gu Liang, his eyes filled with determination, “Gu, don’t worry, we will definitely not disappoint your expectations.”

Gu Liang nodded gently, “I am waiting for your results.”

“Definitely!” After finishing speaking, Tian Yawen walked out excitedly.

Looking at Tian Yawen’s back, Gu Liang couldn’t help but lowered his head, but happened to see that her mobile phone’s screen turned on. Looking at the information on the mobile phone, her eyes softened a little.

She sat in the office for a while, then took the car key and walked out.

On the other side, in Jiang Yunze’s office, Gu Suyan looked at the notice that Zhou Ya had brought back, and a touch of triumph was drawn across her delicate face.

Gu Suyan drank the coffee elegantly, a touch of disdain crossed the corner of her mouth, Gu Liang, even if you were not reconciled, wouldn’t you just let it go?

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