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Chapter 12 (Gold Medal Production)

Here, a group of fans gathered outside the booming airport. They held light signs and posters in their hands, all looking forward to it, and many remembered to wait for their goal in the distance.

Gu Liang was wearing a white shirt and jeans, and a pair of black high heels lined her slender legs. She leaned in front of the car, staring into the distance, and saw a tightly wrapped figure walking out from the corner of the airport. , The corners of her mouth curled up, she stood up straight, and watched the figure strode towards her.

Gu Liang got into the car ahead of time, tapped his fingers on the steering wheel at random, and counted silently for a few minutes before the car door was opened, and the figure rushed in quickly.

As soon as he got in the car, the figure tore off the mask, sunglasses and scarf on his face, breathing heavily, and couldn’t help but vomit, “I’m suffocating my old lady!”

Gu Liang couldn’t help but laugh, “If the reporters were to take photos of the dignified star Lu Ran so boldly in private, wouldn’t it be a headline?”

Lu Ran adjusted his messy hair and glared at the gloating Gu Liang, “It’s not you yet, you are unscrupulous. You said you want to set up a studio, but my mother flew back from Antarctica! My mother went to even penguin. I haven’t seen it.”

“There is an aquarium in the city, so you have to go to Antarctica.”

Lu Ran couldn’t help but cast a glance at Gu Liang with her enchanting phoenix eyes, “What do you workaholics know? None of the animals in the aquarium are primitive and wild anymore. It depends on the original ecology.”

Gu Liang didn’t bother to continue arguing with her, started the car, and quickly left the airport.

In the car, Lu Ran lowered his head and swiped on Weibo, and from time to time he made the voice of doubting life, “this fan is too crazy? They actually said that I have a husband and wife relationship with Bai Zheng? Where did my old lady have a husband and wife relationship with that narcissist? Can they change individuals?”

Seeing Lu Ran holding the phone with a speechless expression, the corners of Gu Liang’s mouth were always raised, “You and Bai Zheng are indeed married…”

Lu Ran’s eyes burst into flames, “Woman, I urge you to be kind, how can my old lady look at him? If that’s the case, all men on earth should be dead. No, even if you die, my old lady can’t look at him. he!”

“That narcissistic guy!”

Seeing Lu Ran curling her mouth in disdain, Gu Liang shook her head helplessly, and pulled her back to the normal track and asked, “How did you think about the things I told you?”

Lu Ran brushed his Weibo and shrugged indifferently, “What is there to consider? If you set up a studio, I naturally signed a contract with you.”

Gu Liang looked straight ahead and listened to Lu Ran’s words that she trusted her so casually. Her gaze softened a bit, but her mouth joked, “You are a big star, and you don’t sign a contract with one of the best entertainment. I haven’t signed a contract with the studio I have not established yet, don’t I feel a loss?”

Lu Ran put away his phone, leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, and said casually, “What’s wrong? Wasn’t it because of where you were when you signed the contract for entertainment? Otherwise, the old lady wouldn’t talk to Jiang Yunze. That scumbag… signing a contract.”

“This time you set up a studio, my mother will naturally support you, otherwise, what should you do if you are bullied?”

Gu Liang turned his head to see Lu Ran’s eyes closed, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious, “Are you afraid that there is no one in my studio?”

“There is an old lady here, do you still worry about no one in your studio?” At the end, Lu Ran’s voice gradually lowered, and gradually heard a steady breathing. She actually fell asleep like this, so Gu Liang did the same. Speechless.

However, Gu Liang was grateful to Lu Ran.

Lu Ran is one of her best buddies, and she has been supporting herself unconditionally since the day she entered the industry.

Gu Liang still remembers that Lu Ran signed a three-year brokerage contract with himself for his position in the company when the entertainment was just established. Although Lu Ran’s career has risen sharply during this period, she is very clear that Lu Ran has never cared about such a halo addition, and has never taken fame and fortune. Lu Ran signed a contract with Entertainment just to help her stabilize her position.

In three years, whether it is long or short, the contract period will soon come. Lu Ran has suffered a lot for himself in the past three years.

Moreover, Lu Ran has been in the entertainment industry for so many years. He has long known what kind of person Jiang Yunze is. She has no idea about others, but because she still bears it, because she doesn’t want to destroy Jiang Yun in her own mind. Ze’s image was afraid that he would be sad, so he endured it for so long!


Gu Liang looked at Lu Ran’s sleeping face, smiled silently, and then whispered, “Lu Ran, in the future, you can do what you want to do, and you won’t have to be depressed because of me…”

From now on, she will use her abilities to make the people around her live freely and freely!

Lu Ran tilted his head unconsciously in his sleep, and a tear in the corner of his eye quietly dropped into the car where Gu Liang couldn’t see it.


“Where is this place?” Lu Ran looked at the small independent building in front of him in confusion, his eyes full of curiosity.

“Your future company!”

Abandoning this sentence, Gu Liang walked in first, Lu Ran curled his lips and quickly followed.

As soon as the two entered the door, they heard noisy sounds.

At this time, Gu Liang looked around, and hadn’t seen it for a few days. The layout of the first floor was roughly visible, and the desks and chairs were all arranged neatly.

In the innermost part, there is a small studio. Next to it is a pantry. There is even a set of sofas. On that sofa sits a very good-looking man. He sits upright, and his casual clothes are worn out by him. Kind of very noble temperament.

At this moment, he was looking down at the magazine in his hand. Before Gu Liang spoke, Lu Ran screamed and rushed towards Ye Jingchen, “Woman, when did you hook up with such a handsome guy? the man?”

Ye Jingchen raised his head when he heard the voice, and saw a woman with staring eyes staring at him madly, looking like he couldn’t wait to swallow herself, making him frowned with discomfort.

Gu Liang naturally noticed Ye Jingchen’s displeasure, and quickly stepped forward to pull Lu Ran aside to prevent her from continuing to be ashamed.

“Can you pay attention to your image?” Gu Liang said a little bit of hatred for iron and steel. Although Gu Liang admits that he is Yankong, he is not an idiot.

But Lu Ran is different. She is a nymphomaniac. Gu Liang sometimes doesn’t understand. After spending so long in the entertainment industry, what kind of handsome Lu Ran hasn’t seen him? But the problem of the nympho hasn’t changed at all.

Every time I ask this question, Lu Ran always says that the male stars in the entertainment industry wear ten layers of makeup, and all of them are not pure and natural.

This answer also left her speechless.

At this time, Lu Ran kept looking in Ye Jingchen’s direction, still asking Gu Liang, “Woman, when did you find such a handsome man?”

“He is not……”

Gu Liang wanted to explain the origin of this, but Lu Ran didn’t give her a chance at all, and she kept talking there, “But let me tell you, this is the best time you have seen you since I have known you for so long.”

“You talk about you, what would Jiang Yunze do with such a handsome man? This man is definitely several times more handsome than Jiang Yunze. Look at the temperament of others, he is simply a domineering president in reality, rich and handsome! You! Don’t know if it’s wasted?”

Gu Liang watched Lu Ran’s praise for Ye Jingchen. She couldn’t help but look at Ye Jingchen and commented silently in her heart. Gao Shuai admitted that as for this rich…

I’m afraid it won’t be ranked!

Lu Ran didn’t know what Gu Liang was thinking, so he pushed Gu Liang aside and went to Ye Jingchen’s face and said, “Handsome guy, get to know, I’m Lu Ran, Gu Liang’s best friend.”

Ye Jingchen scanned the outstretched hand in front of him, glanced at Gu Liang, and saw her extremely speechless, he put down the magazine in his hand, stood up and shook Lu Ran’s hand gently, “Ye Ling Chen!”

“Ye Lingchen?” Lu Ran couldn’t help repeating it again, carefully looking at Ye Jingchen in front of him again, always feeling a little familiar, “Did I see you where?”

A dark light flashed across Ye Jingchen’s eyes, which was fleeting.

Lu Ran couldn’t remember it for a while, but Gu Liang didn’t want her to continue to be ashamed, and quickly interrupted the two people, “Lu Ran, you are enough!”

Seeing this, Lu Ran couldn’t remember and didn’t bother to think about it, turned around and grabbed Gu Liang, winking at her.

That appearance made Gu Liang want to chase her out in an instant.

But she endured it, turned her head to look at Ye Jingchen and asked, “How is the decoration?”

“Basically, it will take three days to complete the second floor.” Ye Jingchen asked after seeing Gu Liang looking around, “Would you like to take a look?”

“Yeah!” Gu Liang left Lu Ran directly, and walked towards the second floor with Ye Jingchen.

Lu Ran looked at the backs of the two people and took out his mobile phone. There were two photos with a click, “Really handsome.”

Looking at the photos on the phone, Lu Ran’s lips made a wicked smile, and she tapped the screen quickly and saw the photos sent out. Her face was full of pride, “Bai Zheng, this time I don’t see I’m mad at you!”

Abroad, the man who was taking a bath received a photo from Lu Ranfa and sat up directly from the bath, staring at his phone.

“Narcissist, your goddess has been snatched away!”

Just as the man was staring at the photo, Lu Ran sent another message, “Yes, I forgot to tell you, that man is really handsome, I don’t know how much handsomer than you…”

Bai Zheng held the phone, he could know Lu Ran’s triumphant appearance without even thinking about it.

Looking at the photo, he quickly dialed the phone, with an indifferent tone, “Book me the nearest air ticket, I want to go back to the market!”

Then, without waiting for any answer on the other end of the phone, he hung up after saying this sentence.

Lu Ran!

You wait for me!

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