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Chapter 13 (Gold Medal Production)

Since Lu Ran’s return, Gu Liang’s life has been enriched a lot. In addition, Lu Ran is also on vacation, so he has also participated in the decoration of the studio, and he has become familiar with Ye Jingchen. The foolish look made Gu Liang want to pry her brain away to see if there is nothing but the handsome guy inside.

On this day, in the office, Gu Liang was almost used to Lu Ran sending himself a picture of Ye Jingchen one day. Looking at the photos uploaded by the mobile phone, Gu Liang had to admit again that Ye Jingchen was really flawless, no matter how he took it, he couldn’t find any problems.

This made her have the idea of ​​making Ye Jingchen a superstar again.


Boom boom boom!

The knock at the door interrupted Gu Liang’s thoughts, and she looked up and saw Jiang Guo standing at the door.

I saw Jiang Guo say, “President Gu, the regular meeting is about to begin.”

A monthly summary meeting for entertainment.

Gu Liang looked at the calendar on the table and thought about it. It would not be long before the studio decoration was over. It seemed that she needed to find time to have a good chat with Jiang Yunze.

Jiang Guo at the door looked at Gu Liang, who was looking down in thought, and a feeling of uneasiness rose in her heart, and she couldn’t help but yell softly again, “Ms. Gu?”

Gu Liang raised his head and nodded towards her, “I see.”

After speaking, she stood up and walked to the conference room with Jiang Guo.

At the door of the meeting room, Gu Liang stopped suddenly, and saw Gu Suyan and Zhou Ya through the transparent glass, her brows frowned slightly.

“When can artists participate in regular meetings?”

Hearing the indifference in Gu Liang’s tone, Jiang Guo quickly understood Gu Liang’s meaning and immediately explained, “They are specially ordered by President Jiang to participate.”

Gu Liang’s gaze shot straight at Gu Suyan, and the coldness in his eyes suddenly appeared, “Special orders?”

Feeling the coldness on Gu Liang’s body, Jiang Guo trembled in her heart, carefully looking at Gu Liang’s face, and exclaiming tentatively, “Ms. Gu?”

The corners of Gu Liang’s mouth suddenly twitched, and he said to Jiang Guo, “Go and call Tian Jingwen over and let her come to the meeting!”

“Huh?” Jiang Guo didn’t understand Gu Liang’s meaning for a while, but she didn’t dare to ask when she came into contact with the weird smile on the corner of Gu Liang’s mouth. .

Seeing her leaving, Gu Liang walked in blankly.

As soon as they entered, many sharp-eyed people nodded politely and respectfully at Gu Liang, while Gu Suyan stood up directly, with a cautious look, “Sister…”

Gu Liang frowned, showing obvious displeasure, while Gu Suyan instantly lowered her head, looking injured and aggrieved.

Gu Liang sneered in his heart and sat opposite Gu Suyan without even giving her a look.

And where Gu Liang didn’t see, Gu Suyan bit her red lips, an unforgettable hatred and viciousness poured out of her eyes, her hand clenched into a fist.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Jiang Yunze arrived on time. He looked around and sat down, his gaze swept over Gu Liang’s body. Seeing that she did not look up at him, the displeasure in his eyes was obvious.

“In this regular meeting, all departments will report on your work this month…” Jiang Yunze’s eyes fell on Gu Liang, “Mr. Gu, your department starts first!”

Gu Liang raised his head to meet Shang Jiang Yunze’s gaze, and was silent for a while and then said, “Before reporting, I have a question that I am curious about. Can Jiang always answer me first?”

Jiang Yunze looked at her plain eyes, his heart was a little hairy, but his face calmly said, “Say!”

“Excuse me, President Jiang, when will the company’s regular artists also participate?”

When asking this question, Gu Liang’s slender fingers tapped on the table regularly, making a crisp sound, very regular.

Listening to Gu Liang’s question, all of them turned their eyes to Gu Suyan’s body subconsciously, and their faces more or less showed their incomprehension.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Yunze’s face was a little gloomy for an instant, and the smiley eyes of Gu Liang were obviously signs of anger.

“Does President Jiang not intend to give us an explanation?” Gu Liang smiled politely and indifferently.

“Gu Suyan is an entertainer and a shareholder of entertainment! Naturally, he is eligible to participate in company meetings.”

“Shareholders?” Gu Liang’s eyes turned around Gu Suyan’s body. “As far as I know, President Jiang has 40% of the shares, I have 20%, and the other 4 Ten is in the hands of the shareholders of the board of directors. When did she become a shareholder of the company?”

“Is it possible…Is President Jiang divided a part of his shares to Miss Gu?” Gu Liang’s voice was flat, and her emotional ups and downs could not be heard at all.

Jiang Yunze’s expression was very gloomy. He stared at Gu Liang steadily. He endured the anger in his heart, “Mr. Gu, let’s talk about the stock issue now. Today is the company’s regular meeting!”

Gu Liang raised his eyebrows, “Okay! Meeting!”

Jiang Yunze suppressed the anger in his heart and looked at Gu Liang’s profile. In addition to anger, he still had strong doubts in his heart. Why is Gu Liang so aggressive now? Don’t even show mercy to your own sister?

Gu Liang’s cold voice temporarily pulled back Jiang Yunze’s thoughts, only to see Gu Liang look at Tian Jingwen and Jiang Guo, and said lightly, “Jiang Guo, let’s start!”

Jiang Guo nodded, stood at the end of the conference table, released the data on the computer and began to say, “This month, we have signed a contract with two scripts, and we are about to enter the shooting preparations. One of them is a big, actor. We have begun to select these. There are also two music albums, one is the theme song recorded by Miss Gu for the cartoon, and the other is the theme song recorded by the trainee who has just signed for the upcoming international film. At the same time, this Both albums have been released, we count…”

Before Jiang Guo had finished speaking, Zhou Ya, who was beside Gu Suyan, screamed out, and turned everyone’s eyes away, “International movie theme song?”

Zhou Ya was stupid. She couldn’t think that she would let the big fish in Gu Liang’s hand for the resources of a newcomer.

How did she accept this?

And Jiang Guo has been with Gu Liang for three years. Naturally, she knows Gu Liang’s thoughts. She smiled at Zhou Ya and asked politely, “Broker Zhou, do you have any questions?”

Zhou Ya looked at Gu Liang, her tone full of accusations, “Mr. Gu, why don’t you give me the theme song of an international movie? Would you rather give it to a newcomer than us?”

Gu Liang put his hands around his chest and tilted his head to look at Zhou Ya and said, “Zhou Ya, have you forgotten that the theme song originally for the newcomer was you snatched it from Manager Tian, ​​and I also promised you. Request, are you questioning me now?”

When other people heard that Zhou Ya had robbed the newcomer’s resources, they all showed contempt. This kind of agent actually relied on his qualifications to grab the newcomer who had just debuted, and he still had the face to say it?

On the side, Gu Suyan gritted her teeth, feeling that the eyes around her were about to pierce her, making her feel as though she was on pins and needles.

Zhou Ya’s tone stopped, “But Mr. Gu, you never told me that there was an international movie theme song, otherwise I wouldn’t…”

“Nothing?” Gu Liang said with a cold tone, his eyes sharp, “Will not grab the newcomer’s resources?”


“Zhou Ya, do you think the agent is so easy to do? The artist wants what he wants? Do you think she runs the company? If you have that ability, it will be what it is now?” Gu Liang looked at him with cold eyes. Zhou Ya, everyone could hear it, and Gu Liang’s words were clearly aimed at Gu Suyan who was sitting there.

“If you want to be popular, you must have that ability!” Gu Liang spit out this coldly, and everyone around felt that the temperature of the air had dropped a few degrees.

Gu Suyan’s body trembled abruptly, she raised her head abruptly, and the hatred in Gu Liang’s cold eyes could no longer stop.

But Gu Liang gave her a cold look and turned to look at Jiang Guo.

Jiang Guo was also a sensible person. Seeing Gu Liang’s eyes, she continued to introduce with a blank expression, “We have counted the sales of the two theme songs. From the release to 10 o’clock this morning, the two sales were respectively Eighty-seven thousand and ninety and seventy-five thousand and four.”

The people around looked at Gu Suyan who was sitting there, with more or less contempt and disdain in their eyes. Not to mention grabbing the resources of the newcomer, but the performance is not even comparable to the newcomer. What else can be said? of?

And Jiang Yunze’s expression didn’t improve much, and there was a trace of scrutiny in his eyes looking at Gu Suyan.

“President Gu, you are targeting us at all!”

Zhou Ya didn’t care about any image, her career was questioned by everyone, and the eyes of people around her seemed to be sharp piercings on her body.

Gu Liang calmly questioned Zhou Ya last year, “For? Zhou Ya, there are some things I advise you to think clearly before you say, I am more grudge!”

“Mr. Gu, you obviously have such good resources but you watch me take away the newcomer’s resources. This is eccentric!” Zhou Ya’s eyes fired, “Also, you know that I am your sister’s agent, but you are totally eccentric! Don’t give your sister a little help. Isn’t it too cold-blooded for you to do this, President Gu?”

“Cold-blooded?” Gu Liang lowered his eyelids, repeated a few words gently, and said nothing.

Everyone watched Gu Liang’s fingers tapping regularly on the table, as if tapping on their hearts. Some people understand Gu Liang’s habit. Generally, when this action occurs, it proves that Gu Liang is real. There are signs of anger.

Jiang Guo could see it clearly, frowning, and said solemnly, “Zhou Ya, don’t talk about it!”

Zhou Ya broke the can and sneered, “What? Is Gu always getting me right?”

Gu Liang was silent for a long time, and a cold smile gradually appeared at the corner of her mouth. As everyone watched, she slowly raised her eyelids, and her voice was not loud or small but she had enough deterrent power to look at last Zhou Ya’s sight. .

“First, I can’t do things for you to talk more! Second, it’s my principle to do business in an official manner and distinguish between rewards and punishments. No one can be special with me, no one can do anything! Third, I didn’t explain the necessity to you, you You have no right to question me!”

A few words contained Gu Liang’s powerful aura, like a thunder on the ground, hitting the hearts of everyone in the conference room, including Jiang Yunze!

After speaking, Gu Liang stood up, glanced at Gu Suyan’s bitter eyes, and smiled coldly.

Then her gaze fell on Zhou Ya again, she slowly spoke, every word, enough for Zhou Ya to hear clearly, “Fourth, you were fired!”

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent, everyone’s pupils dilated, and they looked at Gu Liang in shock. This was the first time their President Gu personally fired a person, and he was still in front of all the company’s management.

Zhou Ya heard this as if she had been struck by lightning.

Gu Liang’s indifferent eyes swept over, and the indifference in his eyes was clearly visible, “I want to see, after leaving the entertainment, is there any company in Broker Zhou that would dare to take it?” After that, he left directly.

But the look in Gu Liang’s eyes before leaving made Zhou Yaru fall into the ice cave, her strength was taken away in an instant, and she collapsed on the chair.

Looking at the sluggish Zhou Ya, Jiang Yunze frowned, watching Gu Liang’s back, his heart sank a little bit.

On the surface, Gu Liang’s actions were aimed at Zhou Ya’s provocation against her authority, but in fact it was aimed at Gu Suyan at all.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yunze had a terrible thought in his heart.

Gu Liang, is it possible to know that?

He could feel that Gu Liang was not like before, she was getting out of her control step by step!

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