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Chapter 15 (Gold Medal Production)

In the evening, Gu Liang took Ye Jinchen to the Motel Hotel and learned that Lu Ran had arrived, so he walked directly into the bread box.

After Gu Liang and Ye Jingchen arrived in the private room, they saw the table full of dishes, and looked at Lu Ran, who was sitting on a chair like an uncle. Gu Liang couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of his mouth, “Lu Ran, you order this. many?”

Ye Jingchen on the side looked at Gu Liang’s speechless face, and the corners of his mouth were unconsciously aroused.

Lu Ran waved a big hand, and smiled generously, “What’s wrong? My old lady finally invited a meal, don’t you like it?”

“But…” Gu Liang looked at the whole box and there were only three of them, and the table full of dishes was a little helpless, “We only have three!”

“What’s the matter?” Lu Ran picked up the chopsticks and put a shrimp king into his mouth, and said vaguely, “I can’t finish the food and pack it, and it won’t be wasted.”

Seeing Lu Ran’s carefree look, Gu Liang also didn’t know what to say about her. He glanced at Ye Jingchen beside him and said softly, “Sit down.”

Ye Jingchen pulled the chair away and looked at Gu Liang. Gu Liang paused for two seconds before sitting down.

Lu Ran watched Ye Jingchen’s movements, and looked at the two with a smile, “Gu Liang, don’t tell me, this handsome guy is just a gentleman to you.”

Gu Liang shook his head, “What nonsense?”

“I’m not talking nonsense.” Lu Ran casually glanced at Ye Jingchen, who bowed his head and silently ate dinner, blinked, with a bit of complaint in his tone, “Your studio decoration these days, I stay with him every day. What he says to me does not exceed 20 sentences, and does not exceed 10 words at a time. He would not have seen such a beautiful lady in front of him, so he took the initiative to pay attention to you. .”

Hearing this, Gu Liang couldn’t help but look at Ye Jingchen. Ye Jingchen looked up. The two of them looked at each other. Looking at Ye Jingchen’s dark, ink-colored pupils, Gu Liang’s heart seemed to move slightly. , As light as a feather, but made her a little uncomfortable for a moment.

She quickly avoided Ye Jingchen’s gaze and glared at Lu Ran, “Eat!”

Seeing the interaction between the two people, Lu Ran’s mouth evoked a mischievous smile, and the cramp in his eyes couldn’t hide it.

Just as the three of them were eating happily, there was a knock on the door, and then the manager of the hotel came in, with a little apologetic expression on his face, “Miss Lu, I am sorry to disturb you.”

Lu Ran glanced casually, “What’s the matter?”

“That’s right, our hotel room is full today, but Miss Gu Suyan just came here. Miss Gu knows that you are dining here and knows that President Gu is also here. Can you come in and meet President Gu?”

Hearing this, Gu Liang put down his chopsticks and looked at the door, a coldness flashed in his eyes.

And Lu Ran is not a good talker. She sneered, her voice raised, obviously to the people outside the door, “Manager, let her eat in a different place when the box is full, don’t you understand this? I’m now She has the right to let anyone in when she eats here. She has to catch up if she doesn’t invite others. She has a thick skin…”

The manager was also very embarrassed. It was because he knew that the people outside the door and the people in front of him were not offended, so he had to think of a compromise. He had already consulted Lu Ran and their opinions, and he could give the people outside. It’s a mess.

“If this is the case, then I won’t bother Miss Lu with your meal. I’ll go out and talk to her.”

Just as the manager was about to leave, a soft voice came from the door, “Sister…”

Ye Jingchen looked at Gu Liang’s displeasure in his eyes because of the sudden frowning of these two words, and his eyes could not help but look towards the door.

Gu Suyan came uninvited, walked in gently, and looked at Gu Liang, “Sister, do you mind if I come in?”

The manager glanced at the situation in front of him, secretly screamed badly, and quickly backed out. Let’s call President Jiang about this matter.

Lu Ran put down the chopsticks in his hand, folded his hands around his chest, looked at Gu Suyan, and sneered, “You have already come in, so what’s the meaning of this sentence?”

Gu Suyan looked at Gu Liang, who was expressionless, and bit her red lips with a grievance, “Sister, I’m sorry, I don’t know my mother is looking for you, I brought the million, and I still…”

“It seems that you know that I will be here tonight, so carry a million with you?”

Gu Liang looked at Gu Suyan, and spit out a word coldly, making Gu Suyan startled.

“Sister, I know you are angry with your mother. Mom didn’t mean it. She was also angry. I came to apologize to you. Sister, don’t you be angry, okay?” Gu Suyan looked at her pitifully. That look makes unsuspecting outsiders feel distressed.

Gu Liang curled up the corners of his mouth coldly, “Do you think I am angry? Why am I angry? Tell me.”

Gu Suyan bit her red lip, looked at Gu Liang’s face hesitantly, and then glanced at Ye Jingchen beside her, “Mom said that there is a strange man in your family, you didn’t tell her… I know my sister. You have your own reasons. I won’t tell anyone, and I didn’t let my mother tell anyone. Sister, don’t you be angry, okay? I won’t talk about him.”


Looking at Gu Suyan’s appearance of a good sister who was thinking of herself, Gu Liang really felt sick.

“That said, I would also like to thank you for keeping the secret for me?”

Don’t you just want to say that you have something to do with Ye Lingchen? The reason for saying this is not to threaten oneself secretly, if he is not obedient, tell Jiang Yunze about Ye Lingchen’s living in his own home, so that Jiang Yunze can break his marriage contract with him and ruin his reputation at the same time?

Gu Liang, who had been in love with Jiang Yunze in the past, would definitely be afraid, but now Gu Liang would like Jiang Yunze to break the marriage contract with him!

“Sister, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean anything else, I just care about you, I’m afraid…”

“Afraid?” Gu Liang tapped his arm lightly with his fingers, “What is there to be afraid of? Jiang Yunze is protecting, and what are you afraid of?”

“Sister, I really have nothing to do with President Jiang. I know that my sister is angry with President Jiang because I quarreled with you. I really didn’t mean it. Sister, you forgive me, okay?” Gu Suyan stepped forward to hold Gu. Liang’s hands, eyes full of begging.

Gu Liang swept over her indifferently and took her hand, his eyes dropped to freezing point instantly, “Let go!”

Gu Suyan let go of her hands subconsciously when she was furry all over by Gu Liang’s eyes.

Gu Liang stood up, the pressure in her bones dared to make Gu Suyan’s hands tremble slightly, her palms were sweaty, her eyes were too scary to even look at her, she couldn’t help cursing in her heart, when did this bitch Gu Liang have Such momentum?

Looking at Gu Suyan’s unsightly face, Gu Liang smiled coldly, “I think your mother might not have told you before you came, that one million is not a hush fee, it is to draw a line with you. It’s over, so Gu Suyan, remember clearly, I’m not your sister!”

“From now on, don’t let me hear the name sister again!”

After speaking, Gu Liang took the bag and walked out. Ye Jingchen glanced at Gu Suyan who was still there, a shadowy bird flashed across his eyes, and followed Gu Liang blankly.

Lu Ran looked at Gu Suyan’s clenched fists and walked in front of her carelessly. His slender hand picked up Gu Suyan’s chin and forced her to look at her. The clear words spread throughout the box, “Gu Su Yan, I urge you to put away your dirty thoughts. I didn’t move you because I looked at Gu Liang before. It doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Gu Liang is the only friend that Lu Ran recognizes. If something happens to her, I will kill you at all costs!”

The cold eyes made people feel hairy, and Lu Ran’s charming phoenix eyes flashed with suffocating cold light at the moment, “Don’t think that no one can cure you if Jiang Yunze is protecting you…”

Lu Ran’s red lips pressed against Gu Suyan’s ears, and the hot breath was like a snake wrapped around her neck, as if she could kill her at any time.

Before leaving, Lu Ran said a few words in Gu Suyan’s ear, which made Gu Suyan freeze in place. She said, “Play with me, you are still a little tender!”


After Lu Ran left, Gu Suyan slammed a fist on the table, a vicious snake shot in her eyes. She squeezed a few words from her teeth, “Gu Liang, I want you to be ruined!”

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