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Chapter 16 Adulterer?


Early in the morning, the entertainment employees looked at the voices coming from Gu Liang’s office, and couldn’t help but shrink their necks. They looked at the direction of the office curiously, and were beaten back by Jiang Guo’s indifferent eyes, honestly. Went to work.

Jiang Guo stared at the news on the computer with a cold face. I don’t know how many times the news about Gu Liang and the mysterious man entering and leaving the hotel has been rolled out. Public opinion is still fermenting.

Gu Liang is an influential figure in the entertainment industry and has always said one thing. Her news is naturally hot. Whether it is a positive report or a false news, it will cause a sensation in the entertainment industry. What’s more, this is the news about her and other men?

Maybe the company will be implicated.

Even President Jiang…

Jiang Guo glanced at the office, and there was a touch of helplessness in his eyes, Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu, don’t you come to deal with it?

“Jiang Guo, come in!”

The voice in the room was full of anger. Jiang Guo glanced at the phone. It was the text message that Gu Liang had just arrived on. He just took a two-sentence vacation and put off business.

Jiang Guo took the phone and walked in, and saw Jiang Yunze with his back to him, “Mr. Jiang…”

“When will she come?” Jiang Yunze tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart, but his eyes were bloodshot, and he stared at Jiang Guo and asked, “I ask you when will she come?”

Jiang Guo stepped forward and handed him the mobile phone, and the report was on business, “Mr Gu said that she is going to take a vacation and will not be here for the time being.”


Jiang Guo’s mobile phone was severely smashed to the ground by Jiang Yunze, and the screen was separated from the mobile phone.

Jiang Yunze was in anger, and a soft voice came from the door, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Guo frowned when she watched Gu Suyan walk in.

Jiang Yunze looked at him with a harsh tone, “Why are you here?”

“I saw the report last night, and I was a little worried about my sister, so I wanted to come and see her.” Gu Suyan looked around and asked, “Is my sister not here?”

Jiang Yunze sneered, “Does she still have a face?”

Gu Suyan smiled softly, stepped forward and took Jiang Yunze’s arm naturally, softly soothing, “Yunze, sister is not that kind of person, things must not be what you imagined, we will ask sister to ask the truth about the matter, and then follow The media will explain it clearly.”

Jiang Guo watched Gu Suyan’s actions like no one else, and a touch of disgust flashed across her eyes, and she said coldly, “Mr. Jiang, it’s okay, I’ll go to work first.”

After finishing speaking, she went out without waiting for Jiang Yunze’s reply. Now, she probably understands why Mr. Gu left the company!

Jiang Yunze looked at Gu Suyan’s gentle smile, regained her senses a little bit, and shook her hand, “You are right, now it is time to resolve this matter as soon as possible to prevent the company from being affected.”

“I have checked. My sister didn’t go anywhere. She should be at home. Let’s go to her house and ask.”

“it is good!”

A weird smile appeared at the corner of Gu Suyan’s mouth. Her mother said that the man lives in her house. This time, in front of Jiang Yunze, what else can you say?

On the other side, Gu Liang did not go there. She sat on the sofa at home and watched the news. Then she glanced sideways at the straight man sitting next to her. She raised her eyebrows. This man was really impeccable. The back is so beautiful.

Her gaze fell on his well-knotted hand, and seeing him gently tapping the keyboard, she couldn’t help being a little curious whether he saw the news.

Seeing his fingers swiftly operating the computer, she turned her head to the side, looked at the picture on his computer, and frowned, “Is this the design of the studio?”

Ye Jingchen turned his head to see her profile face, the delicate collarbone faintly revealed under the slender neck, and his unique fragrance made his eyes dark.

Gu Liang didn’t get Ye Jingchen’s answer, so he couldn’t help but raised his head, and broke into Ye Jingchen’s dark eyes. His eyes seemed to contain the sea of ​​stars, so deep, bright, and with fatal attraction. Let her not recover for a while.

What drew her back to her senses was a violent rage, “What are you doing?”

Gu Liang frowned, looked towards the door, and saw Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan standing at the door, carrying the light behind them, making the room a little dark.

Her gaze fell on the set of keys in Jiang Yunze’s hand, and a touch of chagrin flashed in her eyes, and she forgot to change the lock.

Thinking of this, she glanced at Ye Jingchen and smiled lightly, “Make an appointment for me to change the lock and let him come here as soon as possible.”

Ye Jingchen naturally noticed the set of keys in Jiang Yunze’s hand, and there was a trace of displeasure in his eyes. Hearing that she was about to change the lock, he nodded directly.

Jiang Yunze’s expression became more gloomy when he heard Gu Liang’s words.

And Gu Suyan looked at Ye Jingchen and sneered in her heart. See what else you have to say this time.

Jiang Yunze looked at Ye Jingchen next to Gu Liang, and a sense of crisis and low self-esteem arose in his eyes. He had to admit that this man did have the capital to be liked by Gu Liang.

Invisibly, he has been crushed by this man.

Seeing Jiang Yunze’s increasingly gloomy expression, Gu Suyan smiled inwardly, but her face was shocked, “Sister, he has really lived here! Mom told me about this before, I still don’t believe it. , Sister, how can you do this?”

The message from Gu Suyan’s few words is that Gu Liang has lived with this man for not one or two days. She was bumped into by her adoptive mother before, but she didn’t converge. Now it’s still being photographed. What kind of face does Gu Liang have? appear?

Obviously, that’s what Jiang Yunze thought. He clenched his hands into fists and asked, “You lived with him a long time ago?”

Gu Liang raised his eyebrows, “You can say so!”

“Gu Liang, do you know you are my fiancee!”

Jiang Yunze is about to lose control, he can’t wait to choke the woman in front of him now.

“Fiancée?” Gu Liang smiled, “I have no objection to you to dissolve my marriage right now.”

“Are you going to break the marriage contract with me? You are crazy!”

Gu Liang shrugged, “Not crazy, very serious!”

Gu Suyan on the side’kindly’ persuaded, “Sister, you can’t be so impulsive for this man, Yunze is so kind to you, what does this man have? Sister, you can’t be confused.”

“Yunze?” Gu Liang looked at Gu Suyan holding Jiang Yunze’s hand and said meaningfully, “So close?”

As if something had been discovered, Gu Suyan lowered her head and let go of Jiang Yunze.

“Gu Liang, I warn you, if you want to dissolve my marriage contract for this adulterer, don’t even think about it!”

Watching the angry Jiang Yunze wave his hand away, Gu Liang sneered, then looked at Gu Suyan and asked, “Is it satisfactory to watch this play?”

“Sister, it’s really wrong for you to do this!” Gu Suyan looked at Ye Jingchen’s direction with a bitter attitude, and turned to chase Jiang Yunze.

Gu Liang shrugged, turned his gaze to the unaffected man, sat down beside him, and said mischievously, “You have been treated as an adulterer, so there is no response?”

Ye Jingchen stopped the movement in his hand and turned to look at Gu Liang, “How should I react?”

“You are considered by the outside world to be my little boy, don’t you want to clarify?”

Seeing Gu Liang’s clear eyes reflecting his body at this moment, with a bit of cunning, he slowly said to Gu Liang’s eyes, “I’m more willing to make fakes come true!”


As soon as he said this, Gu Liang was stunned. Looking at his profile, she almost suspected that she was hearing a hallucination.

what did he say?

Fake it?

He means……

Realizing this, Gu Liang stood up abruptly, all expressions on his face faded, and he went upstairs blankly.

Ye Jingchen looked up at Gu Liang’s back, and a deep touch of ink flashed across his dark eyes. He looked at the photo on the table. It was Gu Liang’s portrait. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised. He decided, this woman, he wants to decide. Up!

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