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Chapter 20 (Gold Medal Production)

“Hey, have you noticed that President Gu doesn’t seem to come to the company much recently.”

“I heard that President Gu had a quarrel with President Jiang two days ago, and he didn’t come to work much in the past two days.”

“I also heard that it seems that it was for the press conference two days ago. Gu Suyan didn’t get the script, so Mr. Gu was replaced by a newcomer. Mr. Jiang quarreled with Mr. Gu because of Gu Suyan.”

“If you want me to say it, so is President Jiang. It is obvious that President Gu is his fiancée, but he has chosen to protect Gu Suyan. President Gu is so good, beautiful and capable, how can President Jiang…”

“Is there enough discussion?”

In the pantry, the gloomy voice interrupted the discussion of the employees. The employees looked back at Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan standing at the door, bowed their heads with a guilty conscience, and hurried out.

Gu Suyan squeezed her hand tightly, the resentment in her eyes could almost burn people, but she still endured it tightly.

Jiang Yunze walked to Gu Liang’s office with a sullen face. Jiang Guo greeted him, politely and unfamiliarly, “Mr. Jiang, Mr. Gu is not here, what can you do?”

“Where did Mr. Gu go?”

Jiang Guo smiled politely, “This is Mr. Gu’s personal matter, and it is not convenient for me to ask.”

“As her secretary, you don’t know her schedule. That’s how you work?” Jiang Yunze’s voice was full of reprimand, and his eyes revealed great dissatisfaction.

“The secretary’s work is limited to the company. I don’t know the personal affairs of Mr. Gu!”

“Jiang Guo, it’s not that I said you. If your boss didn’t come to work during work hours, and you don’t understand, you said, what are you doing with the company?” Gu Suyan looked at Jiang Guo with a smile, and the accusation in his tone was silent. Yu.

Jiang Guo’s eyes fell on Gu Suyan, and smiled in a signature style, “Miss Gu, I only accept Mr. Gu’s criticism of me, and you are not my boss.”

“According to you, President Jiang is not your boss anymore?”

Gu Suyan secretly looked at Jiang Yunze’s face while provoking divorce, seeing that his eyes became more gloomy, and there was a weird smile on the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Guo has been with Gu Liang for a long time. No one has seen it before, so she naturally heard that Gu Suyan was instigating discord. She smiled and said, “Miss Gu, I don’t mean anything, please don’t over-interpret it. .”

The anger in Jiang Yunze’s eyes slowly gathered, and looking at Jiang Guo’s signature smile, it was as if he had seen Gu Liang, making his anger more and more prosperous. Gu Liang can’t move for the time being, but a secretary, he can still move!

“Jiang Guo, as President Gu’s secretary, you did not perform your duties well, you don’t need to stay in the entertainment, go to the finance department to settle your salary and leave!”

Hearing Jiang Yunze’s words, the others around were shocked, staring at the scene in front of them with wide-open eyes.

And Gu Suyan’s smile grew wider and wider, “Jiang Guo, don’t blame President Jiang, who made you fail to do your job as a secretary?”

Jiang Guo still had no expression, and nodded calmly, “Okay, I’m going to resign!”

After that, Jiang Guo turned around and was about to pack her things. Her appearance made Jiang Yunze even more angry. Jiang Guo’s appearance is no different from Gu Liang, and she is still unwilling to subdue her!

Jiang Guo watched everyone packing up her things, and walked towards the door without saying a word, but stopped at the door. The sound from her ear made her suddenly raise her head, “Mr. Gu…”

“Where are you going holding things?”

As soon as Gu Liang’s voice sounded, everyone present except Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan breathed a sigh of relief, as if they had found the backbone and looked towards the door one after another.

Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan also looked at them. It didn’t matter if they looked at it. Seeing the scene at the door clearly, Jiang Yunze had a murderous heart.

“Wow, the man next to Mr. Gu is so handsome!”

“They two match so well!”

“Is he the same man on the Internet some time ago? The one with Mr. Gu?”

“Really handsome!”

An endless stream of admiration sounded around Jiang Yunze’s ears, like thorns, piercing his heart fiercely.

And Gu Suyan was also stunned for a few seconds, and she never thought that Gu Liang would dare to bring that man out in a fair manner!

Gu Liang and Ye Jingchen stood at the door, looking at the starry eyes that his employees showed to Ye Jingchen. He glanced at Ye Jingchen helplessly, his eyes were filled with speechlessness, and he told you not to come. Is it coming?

Ye Jingchen understood the expression in Gu Liang’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help raising, and he was fascinated by a large number of them.

He looked at Gu Liang and his eyes were full. I didn’t see you buying so many things and not getting them back, so I sent you back.

“Mr. Gu…” Jiang Guo looked at Gu Liang, her eyes flushed, her tears were held tightly by her, but she still cried in her voice.

Gu Liang patted Jiang Guo on the shoulder and put the things in his hands on the nearby table, “I bought coffee for everyone, and come and get it by myself.”

For a moment everyone forgot about the existence of Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan, and shouted happily, “Thank you, Mr. Gu!”

“Mr. Gu, during work hours, you didn’t go to work, where did you go?” Jiang Yunze suppressed the anger in his heart, just now Gu Liang was making eyebrows with the wild man, thinking he was blind?

Gu Liang, do you know that I am your fiance?

Gu Liang pulled Jiang Guo behind and walked in front of Jiang Yunze and Gu Suyan, “Mr. Jiang just meant to fire me?”

“Sister, you can’t blame President Jiang. Jiang Guo didn’t perform her duties as a secretary, and President Jiang fired her. You…”


Loud slaps rang through the entire office, and everyone almost forgot to breathe at the same time, staring blankly at Gu Suyan’s face and slapped Gu Liang severely.

Gu Suyan reflexively covered her cheek and screamed out of control, “Gu Liang, why are you hitting me?”

“Gu Suyan, this slap is to tell you that I am talking to Jiang Yunze, you are not qualified to interrupt!” Gu Liang’s compelling aura directly crushed Gu Suyan, his cold eyes locked on her body, “You three After committing twice or less, my patience is also limited!”

“Gu Liang, what do you mean?” Jiang Yunze guarded Gu Suyan behind him, “This is the company!”

Gu Liang sneered, “Do you still know this is a company?”

“Jiang Yunze, I think you want the whole company to know about her trouble with Gu Suyan and you.” Gu Liang ruthlessly punctured the relationship between the two of them, not giving Jiang Yunze any face.

“My man, even if you are the president of the company, you are not eligible to be expelled! It is not even her turn that an uninfluenced third-rate celebrity is here to show off her power!”

Jiang Yunze’s fire couldn’t be suppressed, “Gu Liang, are you going to oppose me?”

“From the day you betrayed me, it’s impossible for me or you! I can’t rub the sand in Gu Liang’s eyes!”

“You…” Jiang Yunze waved towards Gu Liang out of control, but was stopped in the middle.

Ye Jingchen’s face was gloomy, and the pressure on his body caused the air to stagnate for an instant.

“You are not qualified to move her!”

Gu Liang looked at the person in front of him, and couldn’t help but touched his heart, looking at Ye Jingchen’s back with a sense of loss.

Jiang Yunze looked at the man in front of him who exuded a dangerous aura. He couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. He broke free of his hand and tried to make himself not inferior to him in front of this man. “What right do you have to control? My business with her?”

“She is my fiancée, you are not qualified for the matter between us!”

Thinking of this, Jiang Yunze had some confidence inexplicably, and looked at Ye Jingchen mockingly.

“Fiancee?” Ye Jingchen narrowed his eyes with a dangerous light, “Then I will tell you for her, your marriage contract with her is terminated!”

“Huh?” Gu Liang narrowed her eyes behind her and made a questioning voice. She poked Ye Jingchen’s back, “Should I not talk about this matter?”

Ye Jingchen looked back at her, smiled lightly, “What about you?”

“Um…” Gu Liang pondered for a while, then raised his head, “No, since you said it, then take it as I say it!”

Looking at the interaction between Gu Liang and Ye Jingchen, other people have long forgotten what the situation is like now. Only envy and starry eyes are left. They are full of idol plots of Gao Fushuai and Bai Fumei, so handsome!

Very impressed!

Knocking! Knocking!

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