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Deity Descension War

The Continent of the Goddess is divided into two realms, the Xuan, Ao, and Ling tribes are gods in the sky. The human beings who have awakened the soul wheel can summon the gods to inhabit the gods in their bodies and become the goddess masters! Song Xiaoliu, a young man from the border town, possessed peerless talents and was tragically assaulted. He was judged that he had no destiny for his life, but because of fate he would summon many peerless gods to descend from the earth, and then embarked on a journey of surrendering against the world…

Deity Descension War
Alternative Name: 降神战纪
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance
Author: Steam Animation Studio
Release: 2021
Status: ongoing
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