To me at age 20


This work includes a description of coercive and violent behaviors and relationships, and relationships with multiple people.
Also, please note that there are many vulgar expressions related to the body.

“We, Seoyoon, can do whatever I want. Anything for me. right?”
okay. I was such a kid. If it was for her, I was willing to tear up raw flesh. For the one you love… He was a kid who couldn’t do anything.

When I was 20, everything was awkward.
With’Han Seo-yoon’ who was able to throw himself away for’Roun’, the whole of the world.
‘Benefit’ that only one person in the world,’Seoyoon’ wanted to possess.

If it were self-harm, it could have been close to it. The way he and I heal each other’s wounds seems to have been close to self-harm.
I needed a bigger wound than my stolen chest. Another pain was needed as much as it could cover the pain. He and I have always covered the wounds that way. I wanted to get sick that day as if I was dying.

Stroke Childhood,
Who had to heal each other’s wounds in their own way
‘A crazy love story’ between Han Seo-yoon and Lee Eun-eun.

To me, 20 years old.

To me at age 20
Associated Names: 스무살의 나에게
Genres: BL, romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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